Vice-President in adultery storm

VICE-PRESIDENT Kembo Campbell Duggish Mohadi, is embroiled in an adultery storm which has seen his estranged wife, Tambudzani Bhudagi Mohadi (nee Muleya) petitioning the High Court seeking $1,5 million in damages from his alleged current girlfriend, Juliet Mutavhatsindi.


Beitbridge Senator Tambudzani Mohadi

Mohadi and Tambudzani are in the middle of a nasty divorce and the matter is still pending at the High Court.

However, on Wednesday, the Zanu PF Beitbridge Senator filed summons against Mutavhatsindi, who is yet to enter an appearance to defend.

Tambudzani, under case number HC8792/18, and through her lawyers Scanlen and Holderness, said she was still married to Mohadi in terms of the Marriage Act.

Mohadi, who is currently the Acting President while President Emmerson Mnangagwa is attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the United States, has said he married Tambudzani in 1981 and they lived together before separating in 1999.

“Since July 2017, the defendant [Mutavhatsindi] unlawfully and intentionally committed adultery with the plaintiff’s husband [Mohadi] and inflicted contumelia on the plaintiff; she alienated Kembo Mohadi’s affection for the plaintiff and caused plaintiff’s loss of Kembo Mohadi’s companionship, comfort and service,” Tambudzani said in her declaration.

“As a consequence of the defendant’s conduct, the plaintiff has suffered damages in the sum of $1 500 000 made up as follows; (1) contumelia inflicted on the plaintiff by the defendant — $250 000 and (2) alienation of affection, loss of comfort, society and services of Kembo Mohadi — $1 250 000.”

Tambudzani also said she was claiming interest thereon at the prescribed rate from date of judgment to date of payment plus costs of suit.

Early this month, Mohadi was granted a protection order by a Harare magistrate, barring Tambudzani from issuing threatening messages and influencing the couple’s children to turn against him.

In terms of the court order, whose details have been kept a secret by court officials and Mohadi’s lawyers, but were confirmed by Tambudzani, who said she has also been barred together with her children from selling the couple’s matrimonial property before finalisation of the divorce.

The granting of the protection order in Mohadi’s favour followed his petition urging the court to determine the case as a matter of urgency, saying he feared for his life because Tambudzani had been calling him on his mobile phone and issuing threatening messages.

In September last year, Mohadi approached the High Court in Bulawayo seeking nullification of the couple’s marriage, claiming their marriage had irretrievably broken down.

On August 10 this year, Mohadi petitioned the court in Harare seeking a protection order against his wife on the basis that violence against him had escalated to an unprecedented level.

He said he started witnessing harassment and violence just after Tambudzani received summons seeking divorce against her.

Mohadi said Tambudzani had even gone to the extent of influencing the pair’s children to turn against him and to dispose of the couple’s matrimonial property.

Meanwhile, the Vice-President has also decided to transfer his divorce matter from Bulawayo High Court to Harare, where the case has been allocated a new case number as it awaits determination by a Harare judge.

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    1. True. There is not even any adultery issue here. Nonsense headline to suggest a “storm”. It’s all sour grapes but Tambudzani who is hurt at being divorced. She must accept his decision and move on.

  4. Mohadi,a VP,afraid of threats from Tambudzai…my foot.Its the case of the cat being afraid of the rat….SHIRI YABVUTA REKENI.

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  8. But the case doesn’t make sense, they separated in 1999 and she expects him to stay alone forever, silly?

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    1. How many in Zanu PF and its surrogates lead by example?

  10. Its a good case as the ruling will be used as case law in future.

    Surely if they have been on separation since 1999 then VP Mohadi is entiled to get sex form somewhere else.
    Ko ivo senator Tambudzani since 1999 vaishandisa dildo here or vane murume waairara naye.

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