Tours planned to revive business relations with US

US President Donald Trump

Local think-tank, CEO Africa Round Table, says it will be touring the United States to revive company-to-company business relations with the world’s largest economy.


The US imposed economic sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 through the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (Zidera), in terms of which US Presidents have passed and extended executive orders that provide for the imposition of financial and other restrictions on designated entities and individuals linked to the State.

Chief executive officer Kipson Gundani, in an interview with NewsDay, revealed that US investors had expressed interest in doing business with “legitimate companies” in Zimbabwe in spite of sanctions imposed on the country by the US.

“I spoke about those partners we are working with, which I said are membership-based and we take their sentiment as a reflection of the sentiment of their people,” Gundani said.

“In the communications that we are doing, there is a huge interest in Zimbabwe despite existence of Zidera. In their own words, Zidera does not stop them from having business with legitimate Zimbabwean companies. Investment is one arm, but most importantly, we want to promote business. It could be investments deals.”

Gundani also revealed that CEO Africa Round Table would tour the US, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in a bid to revive business relations with them.

He also said the think-tank aimed to groom and nurture CEOs in the country.

“What we are doing at the CEO Africa Round Table is to try and nurture responsible CEOs who are able to balance and significantly grow their business,” he said.

“Ultimately, we think that micro-growth by companies will then aggregate into economic growth and development.”