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Sekuru Banda joins cholera fight


A HARARE traditional healer, Kamwelo Banda, popularly known as Sekuru Banda, has joined the fight against cholera and pledged support to people affected by the epidemic.


Medical attendants disinfect Sekuru Banda (in black jacket) during his visit to Glen View Polyclinic cholera treatment centre on Thursday

The traditional healer provided over 100 families in Glen View, the epicentre of the cholera outbreak, with groceries that included cooking oil, sugar, rice, maize meal and toiletries like soap, water as well as disinfectants, washing powder, detergents and toilet paper.

On Thursday, Banda took time off his busy schedule of meeting his legion of clients, who come with various problems and ailments, to visit the sick at Glen View Polyclinic cholera treatment centre.

He applauded the government for declaring the outbreak a state of emergency as this allowed various stakeholders to pool resources to fight the disease, which has so far killed at least 32 people countrywide.

“I am pleased by the response of the corporate world, the donor community and various stakeholders who are assisting those affected by cholera. I am sure my small gesture of donating to the various families will go a long way in alleviating cholera,” he said.

Apart from assuring the bed-ridden patients that they would walk out of the treatment centre strong and energetic, Banda donated an assortment of hygienic materials to the sick and their families.

“This visit on a hospital bed, especially from a stranger, should be applauded because it gives us hope for life despite being diagnosed with cholera,” a middle-aged patient who identified himself as Charles said.

“I know he is a popular traditional healer and what he has done to me and other families is a huge show of compassion and philanthropy and for that, I am very grateful.”

Banda also visited the Nyamweda family to pay his condolences following the death of Jane Mandaza Nyamweda, who was one of the first victims of the current outbreak.

He said he studied traditional medicine at Ghemsa University in Ghana and claims to have power to treat various ailments and unite broken families.

The traditional leader also says he promotes faithfulness by prescribing concoctions that prevent partners from having extra-marital and promiscuous affairs.

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