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Redcliff MP lays down vision


NEWLY-elected Redcliff MP, Lloyd Mukapiko — the undertaker who “buried” President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s top ally, Local Government minister July Moyo in July 30 elections — said he will work hard to end the perennial water shortages in the resource-rich town.

by Brenna Matendere

The MDC Alliance legislator said he had mustered a robust programme of action to turn around the vast constituency which consists of urban wards and others from rural areas. His vision would also include bringing back to life the government-owned but now-defunct Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company (Ziscosteel).

Mukapiko’s constituency was mainly Kwekwe prior to the 2008 general election, but now encompasses Redcliff Town, Ripple Creek, Komera and parts of Silobela, Shungu and Mlezu in Chiwundura.

“My constituency is peri-urban, but I have plans of development for both the rural and urban areas. In the urban areas of Redcliff, I would want to immediately advocate for an end to perennial water challenges,” Mukapiko said yesterday.

“Redcliff gets its water from Kwekwe Municipality, but owing to the huge debt that Ziscosteel has to the town, we get erratic supplies. So I would want to push the government who own major shares at Ziscosteel to pay up the bill and also ensure that we utilise nearby dams so that we use water from own sources, not Kwekwe,” he said.

Mukapiko also said he wanted to see through the unfinished construction of key infrastructure and set up recreational facilities in his constituency.

“We have the Redcliff Polyclinic that must have its construction completed. Crime rate is high here because youths lie idle, but I would want to see recreational facilities being set up while also opening up space for sports facilities so that those talented can survive from their natural gifts,” he said.

The MP highlighted that re-opening of Ziscosteel would be his top priority.

“We have heard of the false reopening of Ziscosteel in the past because no one resolute from this area has been representing Redcliff in Parliament.

“It is time we push for real investors to come and open this lifeline for thousands of people,” he said.

In the rural wards of Redcliff, Mukapiko said educational programmes would be prioritised as well as road rehabilitation and sanitisation for the mining area.

“We have resettlement areas which do not have secondary schools at all. The schools must be opened there with high technology like internet and computer facilities being rolled out. The roads are so bad as well and so it is another area I will look into. The mining sector must be regularised so that artisanal miners are not harassed. Mining claims must also not be politicised,” he said.

The opposition legislator said he would call for an all-stakeholders meeting so that plans of implementing his programmes are laid out with possibilities of inviting investors and partners from non-governmental organisations.

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