Potraz promises Maranda improved services

POSTAL Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has urged mobile operators to be visible in all areas and to provide consumers with a wide range of products.


Addressing thousands of consumers at Maranda shopping centre in Mwenezi over the weekend, Potraz research executive Phibion Chaibva said the regulatory body was going to take up the issue of non-availability of service that was raised by community members.

In Maranda, there is only one service provider, Econet, and community members said they want to be spoilt for choice as they feel a competitive environment will produce the best out of the service providers.

“We have heard what you have said on wanting many players in this community. Your appeal is justified and we are going to ensure that other service providers come to service this area. It is well within your rights,” Chaibva said during the consumer rights’ awareness campaign.

Many people complained about the unavailability of other networks, terms and conditions of service providers, channels to follow when lodging their grievances, among others issues.

The interactive awareness campaign brought together thousands of people from the rural Maranda area. Their plight on having only one service provider has been shared by many other people in different parts of the country, particularly in rural areas.

Chaibva encouraged community members not to vandalise telecommunication property.

“The service providers are for you and their services must satisfy you as consumers. We encourage you to utilise the services that are coming to you, and you must protect the infrastructure that is in your area. Please, don’t vandalise the base stations because at the end of it, it will be to your disadvantage,” he said.

Legislator for the area Priscilla Zindari Moyo said the communication centre in Maranda that was provided by Potraz will come in handy to school going children, youth and other member of the community.

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  1. Can PORTRAZ consider amalgamating State Mobile Service Providers (Netone,Telone), mobilizing resources to provide competition and eliminate M-Commerce monopolostic High rate practises, and foster better service provision while spoiling citizens on choice

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