Mugabe in major climbdown over Mnangagwa

Former President Robert Mugabe yesterday made a major climbdown, saying said he now recognised President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s leadership after the latter won the July 30 elections.

BY Everson Mushava

Mugabe, who on the eve of the election dumped Mnangagwa and endorsed opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s candidature, said he did so because the Zanu PF leader still had outstanding legitimacy issues following his coup last November.

Speaking at the funeral wake of his mother-in-law, Idah Marufu at his Borrowdale mansion last night, Mugabe said the just-ended polls had now corrected the legal issues surrounding Mnangagwa’s leadership.

“Everything is now in order. It can no longer be disputed,” Mugabe said.

“He (Mnangagwa) has now been elected by the people. The wrong that happened last November has been erased by his victory in the July 30 elections. We now have a government born out of the Constitution. I now accept his leadership and he now deserves the support of every Zimbabwean.”

Mugabe added: “Even opposition parties should now behave responsibly and wait for the five years to challenge him, but as of now, Mnangagwa won the elections.” ads Ads

He said he could not attend Mnangagwa’s inauguration ceremony last month because he was not feeling well. Mugabe said he decided to send his daughter Bona and her husband, Simba Chikore to represent him.

“I decided to tell you where we used to stand and where we now stand. Before the elections, I did not support him because he came through illegal means which violated out liberation values that politics lead the gun,” Mugabe said.

He said he had planned to resign at the party’s December congress and endorse former Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi as his successor because the latter joined the party first, but the “cunning” Mnangagwa used the military to take over power.

The veteran politician chronicled how Mnangagwa and Sekeramayi joined the party.

Addressing the same gathering, Grace said the Mugabe family was always in close contact with Mnangagwa since last year, contrary to media reports that they had been put under house arrest.

She said Mugabe communicated well with Mnangagwa who was very supportive of his predecessor.

“He has been helping look after us. He is footing all our bills and he has been very helpful at my mother’s funeral,” Grace said. “If the death of my mother was making it possible to go back to our old relationship with Mnangagwa, and then let it be.”

Grace said she was in Singapore where she underwent surgery and when he mother passed on, Mnangagwa chartered a plane to bring her home. She said Mnangagwa consoled the family during its time of grief, and assured her that Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga would look after the family’s needs while he was away in China.

“He loves us because he knows we love him. We pray for him because it was God’s will to make him President,” Grace said. She revealed that Mugabe was not feeling well.

“Pray for him, he is not feeling well. But we are comforted because he is well looked after. Mnangagwa has promised to give all we want. They lie that we are under house arrest, it is not true.”

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  1. ED has taken his bootlicking of the Mugabe’s way too far, his desperation to be seen as a good man is a vain attempt to cover up for his past misdeeds & will cost us dearly

    1. TRUTH, you are too naive for politics. Why don’t try the priesthood?

  2. Some of us always said ED was the right guy to lead this country,even during the Mugabe rule. After Mugabe was gone, the Mugabe’s kept demonising ED. So it needed a free plane ride for them to change their minds?

  3. You will keep your sixteen farms and Robert Mugabe International Airport will not be changed its name

  4. Mugabe and Grace’s endorsement of Mudhara Ngwena does not change the fact that the people’s vote was stolen, it is their democratic right to support whoever they want.

    1. Indeed this will not change the stolen election which is now the born of contention we want the election legality restored. He is not going to govern this nation well.

    2. Unsubstantiated claims and by virtue of court ruling, your comment is rather irrelevant in the greater discourse of unity and progress as per the will of the people. Your time to believe like Paul did in the Bible that Emerson
      Mnangagwa won freely and fairly and is the legitimate leader of Zimbabwe will come one day. i pray in the meantime you help defend your country. Your pseudonym choice however makes me think otherwise. Remember that in the Matrix, 3rd movie, the Oracle says her purpose is to bring imbalance to the Matrix, while the Architect tries to do the opposite.

      1. no matter what good you can say about ED it will not correct his bad relationship with international community; it will not stop him from being a lier that he is supporting the will of the people when he shoot people to death in a daylight in the streets; it will not attract investors to come and do business in ZIM; it will not restore confidence in him which he himself tarnished; it will not cause some of your relatives who do not have jobs to have jobs just because you and only you, with others like you have said ED is a ligitimate leader yet he is not.

      2. @ The Architect. Have you and your ZANU ever substantiated that Nkomo, Dabengwa and Lookout Masuku created and led dissidents? All we have heard are claims too – nothing more than that. Thats how your Zimbabwe is; so keep quiet!!

  5. There are no permanent friends or permanent enemies except permanent interests in this dirty game of politics.

  6. its all about trying to save the phd,16 farms and the airport name but we will need the voice of war vets on this one to give the neutrals the wayforward, something is not right by this spectacular u-turn by the mugabes and it has to be followed with suspicion

    1. Naive academic politics again appealing to “the neutrals” who won’t change anything either way.

      1. remember they are the same lot who paved way for chiwengas and game to upsatge the previous status quo so on the same token what these ex-guerillas say at times sheds light on the wayforward and any future political partnerships and thats for sure


  8. this also means that those who believed Mugabe as opposition have been betrayed.A leopard will never Change its skin. Mugabe Mnangagwa same same.

  9. If you take seriously what a 95 year old says about our current political situation then you need to pay a visit to a Psychiatrist.

  10. The people to be thanked are the taxpayers, Munangagwa did not use his personal monies. Yes ED but ultimately thank the people of Zim. If he is not well the u-tur is also designed to curry favour for heroes burial next to Sally.

  11. This business of ED playing a ‘generous messiah’ by abusing our tax dollars must come to an end. If he wants to please the Mugabe’s beyond normal then he must do so out of his own pocket. While Grace Mugabe was sipping champagne & enjoying caviar on that private jet 6 people died of cholera in Harare & the government says it is too broke to buy basic medicines

  12. Comment…@che, you are very correct and the chinjas fell for a sucker punch as the events leading to the change of guards on 18 November 2017 was planned and executed by Zanu-pf and endorsed by mdc. It was known that ED would replace RGM because of old age. Chiwenga will replace ED after ten years as zanu-pf will rule this country forever, as it was in the begining so shall it be forever and ever, amen icho

  13. Its good when our leaders find each other. Good for us and good for the country.

    1. jonso must be reeling with jealous he nearly succeded to destroy from within

  14. The country now is at the mercy of vultures. It used to be 1 lavish Mugabe, now we have three:
    1. Mugabe Robert
    2. Mugabe ED
    3. Mugabe Chiwenga

    The poor Zimbabwe will bleed while plundered

  15. Hapana zviripo apa busy kufadzana apa the whole economy is imploding no drugs in hospital, unemployment and inflation hitting the roof. They are just busy looting the national resources.

  16. What the hell – what climb down bantu? I thought the Gukurahundi previously said he wants elections so that “politics should lead the gun” and not the other way round, and this is exactly what happened, hence his latest stance? Sometimes I really dont understand how these Zimbabweans reason. This is why there is so much hate in that country. We never allow facts to come in the way of our fixed positions – no matter how silly and stupid those positions might be. A very stupid nation indeed!

  17. Kukandanwa chanezuro nehope by ED, hiring a celebrity jet its unheard of even Grace by her own submission was shocked with the luxury she was subjected to by an incoming President who is not even his husband, what is going on here, can this blundering man deliver the ecnomy out of the current mess, this and other questions are beginning to yawn for answers and there are many more of this dubious decision coming watch this space.

  18. jonathan moyo has been left alone on tweeter politics is a dirty game

    1. very very dirty game and its about time jonso start to spew dirty about the muganbes

  19. its a lesson for chamisa and his accomplice to learn, politics should not make people enemies in a democratic country, you differences at last should bring an economic solution to the country.

  20. Mugabe is matured enough how can he say Mnangagwa is not a legitimate president when he won resoundingly in the just ended election which have been endorsed to be free and fair by both AU and SADC.

  21. Clever BOB even on his death bed,lookin out fr his family so tht non of their illgotten wealth will be forfeited,vakangwara havana nhamo amana,kuSofta Garwe so tht it wont take its earlier stance but instead look after the very same pple who wanted it dead,its so disheartenin tht pple are dyin of diseases tht can be contained by the money tht is been channeled towards the already luxurious lives of the Mugabes vachiyita zvekupfatsura zvavo,mxm,God forbid wooo ,in the strongest terms

  22. @kid marongorongo. Did Chamisa say the Butcher of Matebeleland is his enemy? I thought they are just Political opponents and Chamisa is simply playing the role bestowed on him by the country’s Constitution as an opposition leader. Your problem is that you dont understand multiparty democracy – you expect Chamisa to praise Mnangagwa the Butcher of Matebeleland. That is not his role – thats the role of you the supporters, not the opposition. It is Chamisa’s right to criticise ZANU. It doesnt matter whether that makes you happy or not – he is doing his job and he must not stop. Praises and praise singing never builds a nation; instead it destroys and the Mugabe era is a case in point!

  23. Clever BOB even on his death bed,lookin out fr his family so tht non of their illgotten wealth will be forfeited,vakangwara havana nhamo amana,kuSofta Garwe so tht it wont take its earlier stance but instead look after the very same pple who wanted it dead,its so disheartenin tht pple are dyin of diseases tht can be contained by the money tht is been channeled towards the already luxurious lives of the Mugabes vachiyita zvekupfatsura zvavo,mxm,God forbid wooo ,in the strongest terms

  24. How can the war vets be crying Mugabe is a traitor & baying for his blood on one hand while on the other ED is busy treating Grace to the finest luxury money can buy? The way these zanupf politicians treat us citizens like kindergarten kids is unbearable

  25. Chenjerai Makudo

    This is what people call POLITICS.

    Who was saying Grace is uneducated???

  26. He did not pay for your trip and all the other things you are saying. Its tax payers money.

  27. ED should distance himself from these thugs, they wanted him dead for starters and mugabe publicly denounced ED on the eve of election as way to taint his image. surprisingly, he is said to be loved, its a shame. where are ED’s advisors because if he continue to deal with grace and Bob, then he is not a leader we think he is.

  28. but to be honest who is paying tax in zimbabwe?

  29. I think the chief justice was correct in saying that it is not for the courts to decide elections but that ideally the people ought be allowed to speak again thru more transparent, freerer and fairer election rerun where their original voice has not been audible enough or disputed.

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