Muchinguri plots to doorstep ED

ZANU PF national chairperson Oppah Muchinguri yesterday vowed that she would doorstep President Emmerson Mnangagwa on his return from China this week to protest the politburo’s decision to deny national hero status to the late nationalist Kiliyon Sonke Bhebhe.


Oppah Muchinguri

Bhebhe succumbed to renal failure at his Nyakarange Farm near Chinhoyi last Tuesday and was buried on Tuesday. He was 90.

Speaking to NewsDay after visiting the family farm to pay her condolences yesterday, Muchinguri said she would demand that the decision be revisited, saying it was an insult to just provide a State-assisted funeral to such an eminent nationalist.

“I’m not happy with the decision taken by the politburo. There are young people who do not know the contribution of some of the members like Bhebhe. They are too young to appreciate them,” she said.

Muchinguri said she would force Bhebhe’s issue to be deliberated again when Mnangagwa returns, insisting that a national hero status was the only befitting honour given his
contribution to the liberation struggle.

“President Mnangagwa, who knows Bhebhe more than most of us here, will have other ideas on his status. Bhebhe’s hero status was not conclusively dealt with,” she said.

Muchinguri, however, tried to play down the rift among senior and junior Zanu PF top officials.

Chiefs’ Council president Chief Fortune Charumbira also expressed disappointment at government’s failure to declare Bhebhe a national hero.

Addressing mourners in Chinhoyi on Tuesday, Charumbira said: “It is unfortunate that some of these young people don’t know the contribution of people like Bhebhe. These are true heroes.”

A family member, Kizito Bhebhe, expressed disappointment by the way his uncle was treated in death.

“Surely this man fought in the liberation struggle more than some who are buried at the national shrine,” Kizito fumed.

Bhebhe was born at Hogo in Lower Gwelo district on May 1, 1928 and engaged in political activism at a tender age.

He joined African National Congress (ANC) in 1957 and later joined National Democratic Party when ANC was banned in January 1960.

Bhebhe was arrested in 1964 and restricted to Gonakudzingwa before being moved to Gwelo Prison in 1966, but finally joined the liberation struggle in 1977 in Zambia, where he was roped into Zapu’s War Council, a post he held until independence in 1980.

He is survived by his wife Alice, 12 children, 40 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren.

In a related matter, war veterans in Bulawayo have called on Mnangagwa to accord national hero status to the late Slayi Masuku who died last week after a short illness.

Bulawayo war veterans’ provincial chairperson Cephas Ncube said Masuku was one of the pioneers of the liberation struggle and an outstanding Zipra cadre.

“We have considered him and we are requesting from our superiors that he should be considered for the national hero status. Masuku can be declared or given the status no matter where he is buried,” he said.

Zanu PF provincial chairperson Christopher Sibanda described Masuku as an unwavering and loyal party member befitting national hero status.

“I was with him and he was a devoted and determined man. He came to the front in 1968 and from that time till 1980, he was at Khami Prison. Masuku managed to study and he was a retired teacher. He fell ill and we did not know about it. He died in his late 70s and we are preparing for his hero status,” he said.


  1. also protest against the splushing of funds on hiring former first lady a private plane to fly back home which is reminiscent of the way funds were misused during the mugabe era

  2. Elisha please also protest against frivolous spending done by government of isuzu trucks on chiefs 5million that would have bought critical medical drugs in the country

  3. For a moment I thought she was planning to protest against rising prices & other critical emergencies, oh what a waste of a news headline

  4. Comment…It seems Erisha has built himself some following who miss him if he doesnt comment. Nothing has really changed and this calling of the new dispensation and second republic is hogwash as zanu-pf is like a leopard’s skin which doesnt change its spots. The events of 18 November 2017 was nothing but the change of guards, planned and executed by the zpf. Mugabe is still the boss.

  5. Mama Muchinguri, you and Munangaza etc have reached past the expiry dates. Its high time you should let new blood in. We are sick and tired of these old and tired Zanu politicians who have nothing new to revive our economy.

    1. NACIDO RICO, but that so-called new blood keeps on losing elections.

  6. these zanuoids dont cease to boggle peoples minds. ED Pfeee gave traditional leaders and war veterans cars in areas where roads are in a shame state.

  7. Comment…madzishe nema war vat ndivo vaivhundusira vanhu saka arikuvatenda

  8. nekuti izipra haupihwe hero status kana vakarambira comrade Lookout Masuku ko vamwe ava hero ndeye zanu nezvainomirira

  9. Progressive Zimbabwean

    Lookout Masuku is a national hero and has had Llewellin Barracks on the outskirts of Bulawayo named after him by the Mnangagwa administration.

  10. @Bonjisi, which world do you live in? Dont you know that, Zanu is known for rigging elections especially in rural remote areas where electorates are always intimidated? EITHER YOUNGSTERS ARE GIVEN A CHANCE OR WE HIRE WHITE EUROPEAN POLITICIANS AS ADVISORS OR LEADERS OR ELSE! ZIM WILL REMAIN A SH!T HOLE FOR MANY YRS TO COME.

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  13. The things that concern Muchinguri are of no value at all. Instead of protesting about issues that concern the majority of the people she is just concerned about things of no use. What if he gets buried at Heroes?

  14. KKKKKK…I can see now that slowly but surely Elisha is beginning to see the light and view the duplicity, double standardness and impunity! Wati wadii, uchanyatsoona hako kkkk

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