Money changer faces 7 counts of fraud


A 31-YEAR-OLD Harare money changer appeared before a Guruve magistrate on Thursday facing seven counts of fraud after selling US$100 counterfeit notes to vendors in Mvurwi.


Tapiwa Mbofana, of house number 5537, 1st Street, Glen View in Harare, pleaded guilty to all the charges and was remanded in custody to October 2 for sentencing by Guruve resident magistrate, Shingirai Mutiro.

Public prosecutor Spiwe Makarachi told the court that Mbofana and two accomplices, who are still at large, tendered fake five US$100 notes to Ruvarashe Gandawa and Benina Tengemhare in exchange for bond notes on June 20 this year.

They repeated the trick again to Esthere Barara on July 5, to whom they sold three fake US$100 notes at $120 bond notes each.

Mbofana’s luck ran out on Tuesday this week while trying his luck with a third would be victim, but was caught by vendors who handed him over to the police. His two accomplices escaped.


  1. he probably works for RBZ, if rbz can print fake bonds that are 1:1, why cant he print fake usd? he will be free soon!

  2. These money changers where are they getting these bond notes and US$ whilst we are told that there is no money in our banks, but lots of cash in strets.

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