Mnangagwa delivers first Sona‚ MDC Alliance legislators walk out

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa delivered his first State of the Nation (Sona) address during the opening of the ninth session of parliament in Harare on Tuesday.


Legislators from the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC Alliance)‚ however walked out as soon as Mnangagwa began the delivery of his state of the nation address.

The MDC Alliance legislators walked out in protest over claims of a stolen election in favour of Mnangagwa after the Constitutional Court upheld his win in the July 30 election.

They chanted songs outside parliament building before making a return inside the National Assembly.

The walkout by the MDC Alliance legislators follows scenes of heckling last week by chief justice Luke Malaba and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson‚ Priscilla Chigumba‚ during a session to elect the speaker and deputy speaker of the National Assembly.

Despite the walkout by the opposition legislators‚ Mnangagwa proceeded with his address in which he pledged that his government was alive to the economic challenges faced by ordinary Zimbabweans. Ads

“My government will continue ongoing efforts to address the economic situation and we will continue to use the multi-currency system until fundamentals are right to bring the local currency‚” he said.

His newly appointed finance minister‚ Mthuli Ncube‚ has advocated before for the adoption of the South African rand – given the high volume of trade at over $2-billion annually between the two countries.

Ncube earlier on Tuesday told journalists that he was working on a “transitional stabilisation programme” which he would unveil next month.

Mnangagwa also read the riot act to ailing state enterprises and said they needed to “operate profitably and not continue to drain the fiscus.”

These parastatals notably include national airline Air Zimbabwe‚ the National Railways of Zimbabwe and the Grain Marketing Board among others.

During the current five-year tenure of parliament‚ several bills are set to be brought before it.

The bills include amendments set to be made to the companies act‚ citizenship act and the broadcasting act‚ child justice bill and marriage act.

Turning to the cholera outbreak that has claimed the lives of 30 people and resulted in about 4‚000 being hospitalised‚ Mnangagwa said his administration was “concerned” with the outbreaks of the disease.

The government yesterday officially launched an appeal for $57-million to fight the outbreak.

A state of emergency has been declared and several public gatherings have been cancelled as authorities attempt to curb the spread of the disease.

The local authority‚ the Harare City Council‚ which is controlled by the MDC‚ has appealed for $6-million to overhaul its water reticulation systems in the townships of Glen View and Budiriro – the epicenters of the cholera outbreak.


  1. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    ndoozvinongo zivikanwa. pamunhu mutema nhamo haiperi zvakadai. like what mandela famously said, zimbabwe seriously lacks leaders both in in zanu and mdc. the actions of our mps across the political divides speaks volumes.

  2. YESSS magona ngaazvizive kuti ndipresident wezanu nejunta not for the pple

    1. Point of correction Zanu Pf has a majority in parliament. So walking out and denigrating the person of the president is never going to make Chamisa president now. My biggest problem is the failure of MDC Alliance to transform itself from being agitators to a formidable opposition. This behaviour of name calling hayibatsire chinhu. Continue boycotting and walking away and you are playing into their hands. Always relying on the anger of the people to win an election does not work. Put party structures and mobilise kwete kushaya hunhu!! Hapana zvema honourable apa!!!

  3. Doing the obvious to walk out. Hameno nemapoliticians edu aya.

  4. Your Name (required):Special Black

    You still dream that votes were stolen? Continue protesting we dont care. Some of you have not yet open their mouths in parliament. Hey hatidi kuti mukanganise basa muparliament muchivhara kusaziva kwenyu.Work for the people or else you wont get the second term. People have started regretting voting for you. Mukangononga vanhu ndozvazvinoita. Shame on you boys.

    1. which people are you referring too?

  5. Hey this is time for business and move on,NOT echoing politics in parly!! That act of walking out of parly by mdc is uncalled for at all! If you really are a party with pple at heart like what you call yourself,you should be the first ones to enter the parly since you say you are the ones who knows how to lead….manje izvi zvenyu zvekuramba muchivukurira mavotes akapfuura kare will only subtract legitimacy from you,come nxt election,you won’t make it there! Hatidi kutambisirwa nguva!!!

  6. trying to copy EFF style,Kenya style obviously did not work out as planned.

  7. its a bit selfish that they ignore the fundamental ethics of being elected to represent a people,naturally there is a debate on the S.O.N.A, wht contribution will they make if they walked out,is wht the voter wanted them to do once in parliament, whose consent do they have to active in such manner? if they so appalled by ED’s presidency it would be better if they migrated in protest, that would be a better statement, and refuse cars,salary and other perks from an”illegitimate president and government”

  8. Was this parliamentary debate was there any legistilation that was being discussed or it state of the nation address or opening of parliament by the thieves of zanu pf ready between lines not just comment . What did his speech mean to nation besides talking we are going to do this and that .thats the zanu of way of doing things talking too much bt nothing came out the talk .you cant ridge the economy people do not respect you and you dont respect them so nothing will move.

    1. Nyararai vanhu vemdc munonyepera kuziva keep on day dreaming vamwe vachienda mberiComment…

  9. Comment…imi ava vanhu vambori anani ndivo vakatisika here sure kuswero titambudza kumba kwavo hakuna kana nhamo chamisa na dambudzo zivai kuti mwari ariko and mese muchafa sesuwo moyo yenyu hairwadzewo here nekutambura kwedu

  10. These immature MPs are eagerly awaiting to abuse the constituency development funds, they are expecting vehicles which will gobble 200million dollars of the fiscus. They are not even prepared to pay tollgates. The ZANU PF bought vehicles for each and every constituency during elections. They should award these to their MPs , and scrap out the parlamentary vehicle scheme. This will save funds and deny the MDC alliance an opoturnity ” to legitimise the illegitimate” as they say

  11. I hope that when it comes time for their allowances they will refuse them. Is this why I gave them my vote. I feel very betrayed by them.

  12. Am i the only one who noticed that all the proposals made by Finance Minister Prof Ncube for currency reforms seems to have been shot down. He had indicated that by December bond notes should have been demonitized but ED in his SONA said the current set up will continue for a while. If so it means there are tough times ahead for the minister as he faces huddles of convincing conservatives in the politiburo whenever he wants to bring in new ideas.

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