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Mnangagwa, Chamisa challenged to bury hatchet


A CIVIC group has challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF and the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance to end their fight over the outcome of the July 30 elections as this was now taking a toll on citizens who want quality service delivery and development.


#This Constitution leader Abigail Mupambi said now that the elections have come and gone, it was time to look beyond the political curtain and begin to build a critical mass towards building a national consensus to ensure sustainable development.

“The major stakeholder before, during and after elections is the electorate which is the masses. This positions the people as the rallying point of any political leader,” Mupambi said.

“Therefore in any case the best interests of people have to be valued and prioritised. No politician is worth dying or suffering for, for any reason.”

She said it was now time for Zimbabweans to redefine their struggle and refuse to be limited by the political curtains as there was a universal problem which needed a collective solution.

“The people’s struggle is centred on bread and butter issues. It hinges on the service delivery question. It is in this struggle where we belong. Political leaders should never be allowed to rope in the masses in their individual fights. Whenever two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers, so is the Zimbabwean situation,” Mupambi said.

“The prolonged political fight between Zanu PF and the MDC Alliance is fast suffocating the masses. We lose lives often in such fights and this cannot proceed unchecked. One painful reality is that whoever wins or loses in such fights, they are assured of going back home alive and masses pay even with their lives.”

She also called for tolerance.

Chamisa has labelled the Mnangagwa administration illegitimate despite the Constitutional Court confirming the Zanu PF leader’s narrow win against him in the July 30 elections.

The economy has continued on a tailspin despite the appointment of a new Cabinet amid calls by Chamisa to dialogue over the political stalemate.

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  1. Chamisa should use his failure as a springboard to his future instead of becoming memorials.
    Its not how far you fall but how high you bounce back that makes the difference.
    Lets build the nation at the expense of this protracted grief over electoral loss.

  2. why bury the hatched the two are just like oil and water the antagonism must continue unabated its for the good of the country

  3. There is no political stalemate in Zimbabwe.A stalemate only exists in the eyes of an inmature opposition leaders.President Mnangagwa won the elections and his party has a clear majority in both houses of Parliament.

  4. According to ZEC, ZANU-PF has a clear majority in both houses. So what is needed is for them to provide leadership, by implementing effective policies, as they promised. The MDC Alliance should focus on formalizing their reunion into a party, crafting a shadow cabinet and representing the interests of their followers in parliament, and fine-tuning their own rescue plan…. because if the last 38 years are anything to go by, they will be called upon to intervene in the near future.

  5. Chamisa declared himself a winner even before the election was held and continues to conduct himself with such nauseating arrogance. He has dictatorial tendencies and needs to know that Zimbabwe is not his pet project. The President extended an olive branch to this boy to come join his hands with him and work to deliver economic prosperity to Zimbabwe but he continues to pout and sulk like a spoiled child.
    Politics is for grown men and it is time for such sidelined men as Elias Mudzuri and Douglas Mwonzora to sit this boy down and help him to come to grips with his political reality.

  6. Parliament should craft laws to do with, age of person aspiring to contest as President, member parliament and those calling for sanctions. All what we are facing is as a result of childishness. We want Zimbabwe to move farward. Hey tinoda kuseva soup inosvika mugokora kwete kuzviruma zvigunwe uchidya kanyama kana mutetenherwa. Miromo yenyu maererano nenyika ndiyo irikukanganisa investment. Asi chero zvodini ZANU PF will pull us through.

  7. Chamisa should just have the nation at heart if he is a true democrat. Remember, it is God who appoints kings. If God allowed the elections to be rigged, He had a purpose. Chamisa, I believe you are a pastor in your church, thought you knew your bible but am now doubting. I wonder what you preach to your congregats. I am not condemning you. We need to move forward for the sake of our country. I wonder if you or your children also participate in demos.

  8. Those who won must fix the economy, period. Why do they want to drag Chamisa into their illegitimacy. Handei tione

  9. What was the the reason of having the election which almost everyone knew was to going to have a disputed outcome if one knew they were suppose to work with someone.Ahwina ngatonge tione.Please don’t make me believe Zanu pf is a trapped leopard.

  10. Surely we will fix it because we believe in Living God. munhu wenyama cannot dictate how others should live. When you wish for bad things to happen in Zimbabwe the God of Zimbabwe blows it back to wishful thinkers. ZANU PF and progressive people of this country have no apetite for spoilers or giants from lusifa. We know anti 1980s are at work. All what is needed now is to protect peace loving people those rogue elements will realise their mistakes when supporters desert them, like what is happening now.

  11. Mnangagwa has 2thirds majority and he said he won as president ngaatongeka cabinet ngaiise order kueconomy.you can rig the election but you cant rig the economy

  12. Mnangagwa arikuzogadzirisa nyika manje manje rambai makatarisa ruoko rwaMwari rwuri pamusoro pake…chamisa aida kutitengesera nyika masikati machena netunharwo twake tusina basa utwo…munhu ndeano bvumawo kukundwa kwete kuita kunge pwere kudaro

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