Mnangagwa breaks with Mugabe tradition

President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the United States, on Wednesday night

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s maiden address to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Wednesday night shied away from the confrontational approach of his predecessor, telling global leaders that Zimbabwe will accept criticism and advice from observer missions to the country’s election held in July.


President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressing the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the United States, on Wednesday night

Mnangagwa, who took over as President when Robert Mugabe was forced to resign in a de facto coup last November and won the disputed July 30 election, is trying to rid the country of the pariah status it acquired under the former leader.

“We are grateful to the UN and other member states for sending election observer missions and for the technical assistance received by our election management body. The recommendations will be taken into account as we deepen our democratic and electoral processes,” Mnangagwa said.

“We shall continue to entrench constitutionalism, democratic traditions and norms, peace unity and harmony; for it is indeed under such conditions that sustainable development, inclusive economic growth and prosperity can occur.”

Mnangagwa also told his contemporaries that unlike Mugabe, he had opened up the democratic space in Zimbabwe to allow for unfettered opposition participation.

“Following my deliberate and conscious decision to open up the democratic space and emphatic call for peace, unity and tolerance of divergent views amongst our people; political contestations, election campaigning, voting and counting processes were conducted freely, peacefully and transparently,” he said, adding he regretted the August 1 killings by the military and that he had set up a commission of inquiry on the matter.

Where Mugabe would have ranted and angrily kicked out at “enemies” sponsoring regime change in Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa appealed for the removal of sanctions.

“We call for their immediate and unconditional removal,” he said .

Mnangagwa said now that the elections had come and gone, Zimbabwe was now focusing on economic development, as the country seeks to enhance its modernisation and industrialisation programmes.

Mnangagwa said in tandem with the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the African Union Agenda 2063, his government had outlined its vision to become a middle-income economy with a per capita income of about $3 500.

“This will bring on board increased investment, decent jobs, broad-based empowerment and a society free from poverty and corruption by 2030,” he said.

Mnangagwa said the country was presently undertaking a raft of economic and political reforms to ensure an environment that facilitates inclusive and sustained economic growth.
“We have put in place institutions and instruments that maximise land utilisation and increase agriculture productivity,” he said.

“Equally, strategies are in place in the various sectors of our economy, to enable my country to enter the global value chains. The development and modernisation of our roads, railways, airports, energy and ICT infrastructure is being accelerated in line with our regional and continental quest for enhanced connectivity and integrated infrastructure.”


  1. ED is trying too hard to always say the right words & do the things all in a vain attempt to appease the guilt of his coup & theft of elections. Unfortunately what he doesn’t know is that once you sign a deal with the devil you will never retrieve your soul again, it’s just a matter of time

  2. ….the preoccupation with criticism of ED is both regrettable and ill-advised…we should move on in terms of the socio-economic and political space the ED has brought in. opposition views are welcome but pane pazvinotanga kufinha…lets look at the bigger fellow counytrymen….chiramwa hachivake nyika imiwee !

    • You are right Hurukuro. Its very unfortunate that we have some who are surviving on destructive criticism. Their pay is coming from those hate opposing forces not opposition. So it will be suicidal for them to appreciate anything done by ED irregardless of how good that thing is to the development of this country. They must be seen to be playing their role of making sure we never work together as a nation, its a shame.

  3. Silly, there’s no such thing as too much criticism in politics, if ED or anyone for that matter doesn’t like criticism then they have no business being in public office, who ever heard of such a thing

  4. The so called World Leaders are laughing their lungs out now that the jongwe has come in cirles.Taking land from the minority whites 18 years ago and proclaiming it can do it alone and seeking for engagement.They will use the Libyan template

  5. This is a big joke. Per capita income of $3,500 by 2030? Worse than what Zambia is at present ($3,900)? And many miles behind what South Asfrica is right now (about $12,900). I cannot believe why we can be so narrow in what we aspire for the future. Remember per capita incomes in USA and Japan are $58,000 and $43,000 (roughly) respectively. I think we could aspire to be much higher than the paltry $3,500 that we are parading at big international conferences.

    • Go back to your source again and check Zambia’s per capita income kuti maUS$ here kana maKwacha. If every Zambian can have US$3 500 including babies then it shouldnt have been as poor as it is.

      • Lodza didn’t say ma USD, but ma$. That $ is an international dollar or Geary-Khamis dollar which is just a hypothetical unit of currency commonly used by the World Bank and the IMF to determine the PPP & GDP of various countries. Ine the same PPP that the USD has @ a particular point in time. So, if u want to convert that $3900 to Zambian kwachas u must use Zambia’s PPP exchange rate used to arrive @ that $3900, not the current market exchange rates. Per capita inongova average income per person, not kuti everyone has that amount.

    • This is Totally not achievable with thieves and Thugs who take aid of Idai Home. we will remain below $500 bond iyoyo.

  6. We are following the vision, we are supporting. At some point we will the figures that are desired by some people but we have to start some where. At the moment we want realistic figures campaigning is over now.


    • The issue is that he has a habit of stealing and now we are fed up. We made it clear that the task is too big for him and he turned a deaf ear. Let him tonga kusvika aneta.

    • Mdhara izvi zvasiya kaa. zvinechekuita nesu the future generation. for how long shall we hold best paying degrees while at home wakangoritarisa. We tried to move on but you cant see the prices. even today you still have to save 12 moths kutenga sofa, working for food only haaa itai srs mdhara kasi imim mukutambira mari chaiyo.

  8. Wamba1 don’t be crazy, this is not a football match to compare with, peoples futures are at stake here because of ED the thief

  9. This “let’s move on .. let bygones be bygones” is a ruse which no longer works. 2030 is only 12 years away. Zanu PF failed in their 38 year rule to improve lives now they expect to reverse that in the next 12 years. With their rural single-minded approach to issues I doubt that they can achieve that. Kill people today and tomorrow say forget about yesterday? This sucks IMHO

  10. Thanx R Chidza for this article which is void of bitterness. ED is trying to mend and patch up stuff in a progressive posture. I am impressed by his approach. May God bless him and may He bless Zimbabwe.

  11. You can talk and talk of building Zimbabwe but those anti 1980 majority rule granies, fathers, sons grand sons will not rest they want to make sure that Zimbabwe suffers through their toothless mouths with the lies they say to innocent youths. I am happy because a lot are surrendering neck cards with their leader and cds to join a party with vission ZANU PF. regai vanosara vasare. Every party has leaders with different vissions imomo menyu mune vanotokunda wenyu kufunga zvimwe chete na HE ED, has new ideas.

  12. Inin im neutral n not devoted to any political party. Ndikungorwadziwa so if someone continues to support failing person, ruling a country is not learning. you cant test your leadership in ruling a country. Leaders are born leaders and are seen achikura. if from my own perspective this government owes us money…starting from mugabe’s era. how can somebody introduce tissue paper to say they are 1:1 with us dollar and suddenly they say people can open Foreign currency account to save their monies in us dollars and they say heee hee bond notes are export incentives yet it was their plan to loot the US$. Now we are facing all these plethora problems. God will not forgive people who are minded like this. Plus ndezvepasi izvi zvosara.

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