Marange – The imprisoned community set for launch

Farai Maguwu

CENTRE for Natural Resources Governance (CNRG), an organisation that promotes and protects the rights of communities affected by the extractive industry, is set to launch a human rights violations documentary titled Marange — The imprisoned Community featuring State and non-State actors in Marange communal lands, next month in Harare.


The Marange — The Imprisoned Community is a non-fiction, true to life and fact-based film telling the most unfortunate story of how the extractive sector can be a curse for the people and communities living in areas where there are precious minerals.

CNRG director, Farai Maguwu , said Marange, which is under the Protected Places and Areas Act which inhibits the freedom to move for community members and visitors alike, is the best example of what is meant by the term “resource curse”.

“The documentary Marange — The Imprisoned Community is a film documenting the thoughtless attack on people’s rights, like the right to life, right to human dignity, environmental rights as well as violation of the people of Marange’s freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment,” he said.

“Marange represents the epitome of failure of liberation movements where political rhetoric is used to cover up for murder, resource plunder, land grabbing and catastrophic environmental pollution. Marange tells a sad story of what is wrong with Zimbabwe and what needs to be done to make Zimbabwe safe and prosperous for all its citizens.”

Maguwu said the launch of the documentary is a precursor to this year’s edition of Operation Hakudzokwi commemorations to be held in Marange in November, in memory and honour of the fallen and bruised community martyrs when government first moved into the area to start diamond mining in October 2008.

Operation Hakudzokwi was first exclusively carried out by the Zimbabwe Republic Police, but panning activities continued. Operation Hakudzokwi Part 2, which was violent and bloody then commenced shortly after and was officially announced by the then Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister, Chris Mushohwe.