Juntal launches album freely


IN a world where fans often have to pay their way to witness their music idols’ unveil new albums, Rhumba musician Farai ‘Juntal’ Serima has opted to do things differently.


In a bid to please his fans and possibly attract new followers, Juntal will open wide the gates at the launch of his second album, Kwatinobva, at Pagango Truck Inn on Saturday so that fans can come in free of charge.

The event is scheduled to start at 3pm till late.

The singer told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that it was “payback time” for the loyal fans keen to enjoy his live performances.

“I have denied my fans free access to shows for a long time. They wanted very much to see me performing Mutupo, but this was fruitless so I am doing this to please them. It’s payback to my fans who have been so hungry for my live performance,” he said.

“This is also to attract all those who have heard of me and longed to hear my music and watch me performing live.”

Juntal said he has roped in fellow musicians, including Franco Slomo, Progress Chipfumo and Tongai ‘Greatman’ Gwaze to support him.

The self-proclaimed rhumba king said the eight-track album’s title is meant to challenge people never to forget where they came from.

“The title serves as a reminder that people should not forget their roots or the life journey they would have travelled. We should be proud of our lineage and stop pretending to be Americans. Let’s be proud of who we are and where we come from,” he said.