I won‘t succumb to piracy: Marabini

Jeys Marabini

AFRO Jazz musician Jeys Marabini said he will not be pressured by piracy to sell his newly-released album Ntunja Mbila for cheap and has put a-$10 price tag for the project launched last week at Bulawayo Theatre.


Jeys Marabini

Marabini partnered with experienced performers such as drummer Sam Mataure, Nathaniel Oktopus; a bass player and album producer, percussionist Othnell Mangoma and Rodwell Roda from Oliver Mtukudzi’s Black Spirits to add a touch of class to the album.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, the seasoned singer said his music was original, rich and would stand the test of time hence, he would not sell it for cheap.

“My sound is rich, original and will be listened to by the next generation. I can’t spend two years making an album and incurring expenses that come with production and after that I sell my CD for a dollar,” he said.

“My music deserves to be sold for $10, that is its worthy and that is what the Jeys Marabini brand is worth. Some may say selling a CD for $10 won’t work out because of the high levels of music piracy, but I don’t agree. I know they are real music fans out there, who are willing to buy and support the art.”

Marabini said Ntunja Mbila, is a “prayer” about changing the fortunes of common people.

“Ntunja Mbila is a rock where people go into when they are in trouble. It protects them from harm and difficult times, and when one leaves the same rock, they leave with good luck. Ntunja Mbila is a strong rock, a rock of hope, it never dies.

“In other words, I am saying Jeys Marabini has been a strong rock in the music industry for the past 28 years. I am still there, and I am not going anyway despite these harsh economic challenges.”

Marabini said the support he got at the launch was amazing.

“We had some people who said we had overpriced the launch event, but together with my team, we knew that we were going to fill up the venue with real music fans, and I thank Bulawayo for supporting me and my band from the first album till date,” he said.

At the launch, Marabini left guests clamouring for more following a stellar performance.


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