Gospel songbird prays for unity

Martha Shonhiwa

FAST-RISING South Africa-based Zimbabwean gospel diva, Martha Shonhiwa, has urged local gospel artistes to be united and emulate the love that exists between their compatriots across the Limpopo, who are quick to uplift each other.


Martha Shonhiwa

Shonhiwa told NewsDay Life & Style that she was currently in the country to promote her new single, Africa.

“I can’t say there is something wrong in Zimbabwe, but we need unity. There is more unity in the music industry in South Africa, particularly when they do their collaborations,” she said.

“Sometimes the experienced (local) artistes will look down upon you, while if you want a collabo in South Africa, they appreciate the fact that you like them.”

Shonhiwa said the song Africa, which is a prayer to heal the strife-torn continent, came after the regrettable xenophobic events that occurred in the neighbouring country a few years ago.

“Africans must seek God’s face in prayer. We are going through more or less the same problems across Africa: religious intolerance, Christians fighting Moslems and Moslems fighting Christians. There is hunger, wars and fights,” she said.

The musician recorded the single in Zimbabwe and did the video in South Africa, where she said breaking the ground was not easy as competition is stiffer.

“God opened doors for me after my second album, I find myself in newspapers, radio stations, including one of the biggest television channels, One Gospel,” she said.

Shonhiwa, who has two albums under her belt, recorded her debut Ndauya Kuzomutenda soon after relocating to South Africa in 2011.

However, it was the video from the track Makanaka Jesu, off her second album, titled God’s Grace and released in 2017, which raised her profile after it was played all over Africa.