Gospel musician sings against corruption

BOTSWANA-BASED gospel musician, Mary Mhiribidi-Zinyimo, has released a new track, Ita Woga, condemning immoral behaviour, including corruption, nearly a month after dropping her second album, Mwari Huyai Muone, onto the market.


Mhiribidi-Zinyimo, who is affectionately known as Mai Zee, said the title Ita Woga ironically tells people to have an upright conduct.

“The track encourages people to shun immoral behaviours, chief among them corruption, which has destroyed our nation. I named it Ita Woga to say if somebody invites you to do wrong, tell them that it’s not your thing.
“Let the person not involve you. When you are doing your wrong thing, do not involve others,” she said.
“Gossiping, hatred, killing one another should be shunned. It starts with an individual to end corruption.”
Mai Zee said her music was being appreciated, especially by people from her church, Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa.

“Gospel music lovers, especially at my church, liked my latest offering. I felt it necessary to release this single because of the message it carries and as a bonus track to fans. As we are talking of rebuilding Zimbabwe, we need to strive for righteousness,” she said.

The gospel musician, who started as a songwriter in 2013, and then recorded her first album, Tambira Jehovha, last year said she was planning to have some shows in Zimbabwe by end of this year.

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