Gomba elected Harare mayor

ONE of Harare’s longest-serving councillors, Herbert Gomba, has landed the city’s mayoral post, taking over from Bernard Manyenyeni, who opted not to contest the July 30 general elections.


Gomba, who is MDC Alliance’s Glen Norah councillor, was unanimously elected the capital city’s mayor yesterday.

He promised to decongest the city, among other changes meant to bring back the metropolis’ sunshine city status.

“The current review of the Harare master plan should take into consideration the need to decongest the city and prepare a roadmap for future construction of ring roads, spaghetti roads, overhead highways, in the near future when resources are available,” Gomba said.

“We will set out the agenda and we will show our intention to the public and that is to decongest the city by coming up with innovations that are being used by other countries.
The city has to come up with a transformational agenda in order to arrest the problems being faced by the city, therefore, our transformational agenda will be hinged on the need to increase revenue and contain costs.”

After serving Harare for two terms, Gomba said he now had a better understanding of the challenges the capital city was facing, key among them, a dwindling revenue base and uncontrolled vehicular traffic.

“I gladly accept the responsibility to be the mayor with intention of being a servant and listening mayor to all. Allow me to itemise some of the problems being faced by our city and they range from water shortages, roads which are in dire need of sealing and construction, deaths which are ballooning due to high unemployment rates, congestion and uncontrolled vending,” he said.

Gomba will be deputised by Mufakose councillor, Enock Mupamawonde who retained his post.

The new mayor said government should remit 5% of the National Budget to local authorities as enshrined in the Constitution to enable councils to run effectively.

The swearing-in ceremony was conducted by acting town clerk, Hosea Chisango, under the supervision of the provincial administrator, Cathrine Kampila.

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  1. Comment…VaManyenyeni makagona nekupawo vamwe mukana. Ndimi mumwe wevashoma munepfungwa dzekupa vamwe mikana. VaGomba, ndinovimba muchagadzirisa zvinetso zvakatarisana neGuta sekuvimbisa kwamakaita. Ndinoti makorokoto.

  2. welcome new guy and do not be like your predecessor who failed to fix the roads in the suburb he lives maybe he was taking after morgan who equally failed to fix the road leading to his mothers homested in buhera and was only sorted by chinos when he became mp, depart from these under performers and set an example of how good mayoralship is all about.

    1. disastrously flawed thinking. consistent with corrupt minds. the job of mayor is not for self service but public service. You fix all other places and yours last when you are a public servant. if you were clued on how your Harare administration was and has been persistently blocked from any semblance of development and progress by the national government Zanu PF ministers, saviour kasukuwere and the other land crook, Ignatius chombo you would understand why Harare doesn’t not have permanent Town Clerk and the new mayor Gomba is demanding the releasing of the 5% national budget to the cities which was deliberately blocked for the previous Zanu PF ministers corrupt and for partisan objectives. Putting some shine back in the Sunshine City will be tough job. Thanks for holding back the crooks as best as you could former Mayor Manyenyeni and wishing you all the success new Mayor Gomba.

      1. you are wrong you former mayor apologist the truth is you underperformed and this story of kasukuwera will not hold water if that was the case the whole mdc crew should have thrown in the towel hence the fact that there held on i am sorry there cannot be exonerated from blame, and infact the rude lesson to be learnt now is take care of the community where you live first and then look yonder if resources are scarce and now look chinos is getting all the credit and this is what we are telling the new guy in town leave an impression in your area for people to remember when you are out of that position.

  3. I expected more on his profile not only that he served 2 terms in council

  4. We welcome you Mr Mayor l hope as a resident of Glen norah you are going to solve Mbudzi Roundabout issue as well as the branch road from Amalinda rd to easy traffic congestion.

  5. My suggestion to Mayor Gomba, to ease traffic into the CBD, consider introducing metro trains from all directions – North, East, South & West. A number of areas have rail lines and only need rolling stock. This will do away with the combi menace. Fares will be a lot cheaper and sustainable.
    S Mapa

  6. kid marongorongo

    Nothing comes from MDC suffer continue unotoona neface yacho kuti tiri kuwira mugomba apa. paachada mari yekutengawo imba kumadale dale suwage richingodhuuka vana vacharamba vaachingonzi vana Tamamanenhamo

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