Get your priorities right, Mr President

WE would want to understand the predicament that President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his executive team find themselves in.


Zimbabwe is in a dark hole and they are, indeed, groping for answers to fix a broken nation. It’s no easy task, but one which has to be done.

Add to this dire situation a deadly cholera outbreak and you have an explosive situation that no government just coming into power would want to find itself in.

Now this is the time to show commitment to the cause of our country and it should start not with citizens, but those in positions of authority, with Mnangagwa as our frontman.

The President is our best foot forward, or is it? Is it not astounding that a government that shelled millions to give new off-road cars to traditional leaders thinks it can reverse the cholera menace with a measly $1 million at a time when a single corporate has chipped in with $10 million?

Mnangagwa has just appointed a new executive team and it needs no rocket scientist to hazard a guess that preparations are underway to buy them all the trinkets that come with their new lofty positions. At what price, if we may ask? ads Ads

Our plea to the country’s number one citizen is: Please, get your priorities right. You promised to be a listening President and now, please, listen: The health of the nation is more important than a top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz for your minister or top bureaucrat!

Listen again Mr President: There is no government without people. There are shouting billboards still standing from your election campaign promising things that you could start to implement now.

Mr President, you want to create a legacy and this is the time. Again, get your priorities right because indications are they are for now a bit skewed!

We would want to support your agenda. No father relies on donations from outside while they drink their salary at the local beerhall. It’s exactly the message you are sending.

You Finance minister has begun a crowd-funding initiative to help save lives. He wants money from the very same citizens who are dying of cholera while he gets the best cars money can buy under the sun. Surely, you can do better.

Of course, we understand our economy is in trouble, but your actions should not be indicating left while you want to turn right.

Get your priorities right, then your commitment to the motherland will not be questioned. For now, we are tempted to think that your allegiances lies elsewhere.

How much did our government led by Mnangagwa spend on former First Lady Grace Mugabe and at her mother’s funeral? By the way, citizens perishing at the hands of a medieval disease are getting paupers’ burials at the extreme end.

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  1. On point my guy.

  2. Your Name (required):Special Black

    You sound like a person who splash chilli into the eyes of somebody and start shouting at the farther accusing him of neglecting the child. Chiefs were given vehicles coz it was on gvt programs. We know your forefathers did not recognise chiefs. Cholera is a desease that was brought by then MDC now MDCA because of poor service delivery by uneducated and uncaring councillors who just found themselves in urban areas. The President is a caring and listening leader. Why are you quiet about councillors.

    1. the mdc Councilors are responsible of running of Harare municipality and those who are affected most are not Zanu Pf suppoters but of MDC remember its your stronghood and two Two a minister cannot drive a funcargo or a scorchcart

  3. Special black you have a short memory.
    Do you remember the gvt forcing city council to write off debts.

    How many commissions have been running the city usurping the power of elected officials

    Do you remember ministers blocking appointments of town clerks.

  4. Macomments evanhu veZanuso hayas…benz pamberi peupenyu hwevanhu….Tichati baba

  5. in cases like these even the opposition can take initiative[i have not heard their contribution],churches,schools and corporates,even individuals through ways like information dissemination.we are a nation and if we have to move forward its time people developed a sense of responsibility.on a sideways note our journalists should learn to use palatable language.

  6. Who cares who did what? What we know now is the government is planning to purchase 20 million in new vehicles while cholera only garners 1 million. I guess the poor people don’t matter. What matters is that those “in charge” continue to profit while the rest suffer. Oh, wait. Wasn’t that why Zimbabwe became an independent country? Because those in power ignored those in need? Wow. Perhaps the wisest choice would be to purchase inexpensive cars for the ministers and use the rest of the money to begin the reconstruction of the sewage system in Harare. THAT is expected to cost around 500 million…and then they complain because the sanctions are not being lifted…

  7. Your Name (required):Special Black

    You may not be aware why the gvt removed council debts. Let me tell you my friend, all bills came out of none service delivery, they were fraudulent bills. Any way, what we want to focus on now with the new gvt, is to make sure every office holder is busy all the time. We should go back to basics. If all councillors take all msgs sent by the MoHCC put them together they will now know the dangers of leaving garbage uncollected, failure to give people clean water and having night soils everywhere.

  8. Your Name (required):Special Black

    One more thing, apart from reporting sewer burst to council, the ministry of local gvt should have a desk ,hot line in every town where residents report sewer pipe burst, unavailability of water and garbage collection so that those are not working in council are removed. MoHCC should revive the services of health and enviromental health technicians. EMA should also work up and start working, all city councils that uncollected garbage everywhere should be made to pay fines. Dont take away people’s rights.

  9. This is not the time to play the blame game Mr. Editor, people are dying and all possible resources need to be mobilized to help our people. This is not the time to play cheap political games to score points and attack each other, real people are dying. The appeal for help echoes loud and clear here in the diaspora and Zimbabweans are putting aside political differences to mobilize funds to help our fellow country men. Crowdfunding is a great idea and if you have one Mr. Editor put it forward and more importantly swing into action for talk is cheap.

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