‘Fifty-seven murdered in SA everyday’

South Africa recorded 20,336 murders in the last year, an increase of 1,320 murders compared to the same period the year before, Police Minister Bheki Cele has said.


“This means 57 murders a day. It borders on a war zone,” the visibly angry minister said.

Police records show that murder rates have increased in the past six consecutive years.

Francois Beukman, who heads the police oversight committee in parliament, described the numbers as “alarming and totally unacceptable”.

Admitting that the police haven’t done as well as they should have, Mr Cele said the security officers had “dropped the ball.”

“South Africans must not take it as a norm that they can be hijacked, robbed and killed every day. We have to pick up the ball and change the situation for the better.”

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He promised to work hard to change the situation: “Our bottom line is that this situation must reverse,” he said.

The motives and circumstances behind killings range from gangsterism to vigilantism.


  1. This is undeniable corollary of political freedom. Post colonnial Africa is littered with similar painful, if ignonymous, expressions of a peoples’ freedom to HUNGER and THIRST for any CAUSE less honorable than the biblical righteousness. For first time in history the people of Cape Town suddenly found themselves with no water to drink this year. If the rest of Africa could seriously take valuable lesson from SA’s notoriously increasing crime rate and realise that the ball is always squarely within every political administration’s court, to avoid nurturing social problems with such predictable catastrophic consequences, Colonnial Africa’s administrations remain legitimate benchmark of modern day African citizen’s minimum expectations from government.

  2. What in the hell are you bubbling about??? Like honestly did you even think before commenting or are you on drugs or something probably suffer from a mental condition

  3. “The Man” above appears perfectly describing ‘himself’. South Africa’s record breaking 57 lives, daily-loss murder rate in non-war zone is patent cause for concern. Same tragedy trivially exposes liberated Africa’s undeniable unsightly dreadful challenges of self-rule, vis-a-vis the legitimate expectations of the liberated majority. ‘The Man’ is in the circumstance at perfect liberty to step forwad, ONLY IF with REASONABLE suggested solutions to the above observed continental challenges.

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