Ethiopia taps into Zec system

A FOUR-MEMBER team from the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is in the country taking notes from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) as they move to transform their own election management system.


NEBE chairperson Samia Zekaria Gutu said her country was impressed by the manner in which Zec came up with a biometric voters’ roll (BVR) in a short space of time and had come to take notes.

“I am a new chairperson for the electoral commission, so we are trying to modernise our election just like Zimbabwe. We are trying to learn, share experience from you guys. How did you go about it, especially this biometric voters’ registration? That is our interest, but we have to go through all the processes,” she said.

Ethiopia, which does not have identity cards, said it currently had a manual voters’ roll which is updated every year at a huge expense.

“We have been doing it manually, we have to produce it every time. So if we are going to go into this BVR, we will have to do it continuously and maybe updating it from time to time, but the ones we used to have is just periodic. Whenever there is an election, we do a fresh thing,” she said.

Zec’s acting chief elections officer Utoile Silaigwana said the visit by the Ethiopians was a huge boost for the commission’s credibility in the manner in which it ran the just-ended elections.

“We have a delegation of NEBE who have requested to come to Zec and learn how to professionally conduct elections,” he said.

“This follows the visit by the former Prime Minister of Ethiopia who, in fact, was the head of the African Union delegation. He got impressed by the professionalism displayed by Zec in terms of the technical aspects of conducting elections.”

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  1. thank you for recognising the sterling work done by zec spear headed by the indefatiguable priscilla

    1. And also ask her how to cook up figures in favour of one party in the contest.

      1. Zimbabwe is going to contaminate the whole continent’s electoral systems.

    2. Nxa kusanyara !!! Sterling work kudiii? Vauya kzotora marigging notes.

  2. Leadership crisis in Africa the the reason why the people are the poorest despite the continent being the richest in resources.Obvious the notes are titled,”How to steal an election when the opposition is having the majority vote”.

    1. You are the poorest because mungozvara kunge tsuro.

  3. Zimbabwe is on the verge of contaminating the whole continent’s electoral systems.

  4. Ava ndivo vakopa dofo manje

  5. Ethiopia has never been able to complete a census… it brings a lot of questions as to what they want to do now…

  6. They have not been able to complete a mere census in decades… what more elections?

  7. Mese macommenter pano mune pfungwa dzenguva yaSmith aifunga kuti vote yemurungu is the only valid vote. You think urban vote is the only valid vote. What exactly did Chamisa do to woo the rural vote, NOTHING and u expected him to win. ndimi madofo acho who are selfish thinking munhu wose thinks like u. Kune vakavhurika who did not n
    vote for change for thesake of it but kuongorora kwaienda zvinhu. ZANU yakaondokonga full time mazuva aRGM but it managed to transform itself. ED is not Mugabe and maitiro ake has ligh. hamisa is too childish and ane mukanwa makaumburukwa nechidembo. ZEC did wonderful work in registering voters in a very short period of time. I got hold of the voters roll and i marvelled although pictures and print needed a little bit of enlargement. The way elections were contacted was excellent. Rigging was in the mind of the opposition and there was no need for it. ZANU did not contest against MDC but poverty and MDC got protest votes. Zvikanaka chete MDC is buried. mark my words. handisi weZANU but ndinoona from a neutral position.

    1. If this is what is called a neutral position, then something is wrong with the definition of ‘neutral.’ what’s wrong with coming out in the open because it’s your democratic right. Democracy isn’t neutral, its specific.

  8. Its plausible regrettable that Ethiopia has no Identity Cards for its citizens, surely in the 21st century?? For a Country that was never colonised one would expect them to be miles ahead when it comes to basics like ID cards. Their coming to ZEC has more to it than reported, perhaps there intelligence operatives looking for Mengistu. The last name of the NEBE chair..Gutu.. leaves a lot to be desired.

  9. so then those that think ours is the worst electoral body, where do they get that from?the opposition should just mature and stop holding zimbabweans at ranson. this testimony i find it far reaching

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