Econet set to launch loyalty programme

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has confirmed that it has developed a loyalty programme designed to reward customer usage of its wide product portfolio.

“Yes, we are in the final stages of piloting our loyalty programme, which will be formally launched soon,” Econet’s Media and Communication Executive Fungai Mandiveyi said.

He said the programme used a “digital pass” or ID to identify the loyalty club members, and the pass grants a member access to a rich array of benefits from a an wide network of loyalty club partners.

The benefits, he said, included discounts at restaurants, gyms and fitness centres, vehicle companies and many others.

“We are excited at the opportunity to reward our customers through this programme and are looking forward to fully unveiling it soon”, Mandiveyi said.

He said a loyalty club digital pass, or ID, appears on an eligible customer’s mobile device to indicate the category of benefits that a customer is entitled to enjoy.

“These range from Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze, to identify the category of benefits that a customer can enjoy – with Platinum being the highest and most generous of the categories,” Mandiveyi said. ads Ads

He said customers on the loyalty programme would enjoy up to 50% discounts at selected partner outlets, adding that any customer could be a member of the programme through consistent usage of Econet’s products and services over a period of time.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s product portfolio includes mobile telco voice, data and SMS products, and digital as well as Fintech products – including the popular mobile money EcoCash services, EcoSure insurance products, EcoFamer, Steward Bank products, and many others.

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