Dump politics: President

LOCAL authorities, which have become political battlegrounds and havens of gamesmanship that has affected service delivery, have been told to shelve ways of the past and serve residents and ratepayers in a non-partisan manner.


Speaking at a luncheon to mark the opening of the First Session of the Ninth Parliament hosted by the Local Government ministry, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said councils were engines of development and could, therefore, not afford to be side-tracked by political games.

“Let us put aside our political party inclinations and work collectively in unity, love and harmony for the good of our people. I equally urge our traditional leaders and the whole sub local governance structure to continue preaching peace, love and unity within our societies,” Mnangagwa said.

He said government would soon introduce changes in the Urban Councils Act to ensure councils had more power in discharging their duties.

“Devolution means the delegation of power or authority as central government decentralises its governance, service delivery and representative role to the provinces, districts, local and sub local government structures. It amounts to delegating roles, time, apparatus and accountability,” Mnangagwa said.

“As I have pronounced, the requisite pieces of legislation will be amended to align with the Constitution. Thus the constitutional provisions on devolution which emphasise on efficiency and effectiveness, inclusivity, participatory and sharing of local national resources will be upheld and enhanced.”

Local Government minister July Moyo reminded mayors, councillors and provincial councils that even as they held power in their jurisdictions, Mnangagwa remained in charge.

“Zimbabwe is a unitary State and, therefore, what we derive from the national executive, national Parliament and the judiciary is cascaded to all the provinces and all the 92 local authorities of our country,” he said.

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  1. ED is missing something. In fact he is missing everything. People cannot and will not ignore politics. Politics provides the context in which nations progress and prosper. In fact, whenever there is good politics or reasonably good politics nations prosper. Politics is generally how a nation is governed including how decisions are taken by institutions mandated to do so. For our economy to kick we need good and properly run institutions (judiciary, legislature, executive). We need fair regulations and laws and we also need incentives that trigger all economic agents to work to benefit themselves as well as to benefit society in the process. All these ingredients are missing in the Banana Republic of Zimbabwe. (Incidentally the first non-executive of Zimbabwe was called Banana. That is where the curse originated).

    1. Depending on which definition of politics you take up up ED is right. The politics as you describe it is the good definition and nations do prosper on good politics; the politics being alluded to by the president must the one that i define as ‘the art of gaining and retaining power’, this is the kind of politics that needs to be dumped altogether (especially after elections) if we are to progress

  2. Zanu pf is known for meddling into the affairs of municipalities. Zanu pf forces mayors, town clerks and city treasurers to part ways with revenue collected as to fund events like Independence, Heroes day, defence forces day, 21 february movements, unity day etc leaving councils without money to deliver services, pay workers, buy fuel, chemicals etc. Zanu destroyed councils long back and even now Harare workers are yet to get their february salaries. Harare workers do not have stands bv Zanu land barons are parceling out more stands to Zanu card holders, THATS BAD. LEAVE COUNCILS TO DISCHARGE THEIR DUTIES WITHOV YOU ZANU PPLE MEDDLING!

  3. Zanu must stop meddling into councils affairs. You tell residents not to pay rates. How are councils gonna buy chemicals to treat water. At the same time you force councils to cough up a large chunk of the revenue collected to fund national events. You Zanu politicians have got plenty of properties around Zim but you dont pay even a cent to local authorities. VANHU VE ZANU MUNODA ZVEMAHARA SE HONYE. NXA!

  4. in a country where everything is politicised by his party? kuwana munda kunoda card rezanu, presidential input scheme inoitwa pachirohwa slogan, command agriculture the same. kanzuru ndiyo yonzi ngaisaitwa matongerwe enyika nekuti mumaguta hamuitwe chiZANU?

    1. @Mish. Wabaya gudo mumahobi. Keep it up!!!

  5. Your local govt minister is not active.

  6. @Mish, well said.

  7. @Mish, well said Mish.

  8. E.D is right and well timed that some intervention method be put in place to ensure that Councils are run without Partisan politics but addressed to serve the residents in an orderly and safe manner.
    however while residents and most people take to blame Councilors I stand to differ as I have realized that Town Managers have taken advantage of this confusion, to create a situation where residents and Councilors fight while like a Hare they survive the eyes of poor service delivery.
    Managers i.e Town Clerks have made residents suffer at their expense. there is poor service delivery in almost all Towns but show a Manager who has not issued with a state of art vehicle.
    for what ? POOR SERVICE DELIVERY . besides these new vehicles the ones they replaced they were given at low costs.
    Munganetsana henyu but most of these Town Clerks havashandi and are varikutofara nekurwisana kwe hurumende ne makanzuru nokuti hapana anozovatarisawo.
    show me 1 Town clerk who has saved his council well besides, Kanengoni, moffat Ndou, mhangami, Aisam, MUTARE

  9. Comment…Kkkkk”without Partisan politics…” Tell that to Chief Charumbira nasabhuku vako tione mukabva muchiwirirana.

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