Dialogue a necessity: Chamisa

OPPOSITION MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to “come to the negotiating table” or face the real prospect of driving the country down the abyss.


In an interview with NewsDay yesterday, Chamisa, who came close to upstaging Mnangagwa in presidential elections two months ago, losing by just over 6% of the total votes after the Zanu PF leader was declared winner with a slim 50,67%, said while his party was girding for “peaceful protests”, he still believes his nemesis should engage him to avert a national crisis.

“You have heard that we are consulting our supporters in order to roll out a programme of peaceful protests as part of efforts to nudge Zanu PF towards the negotiating table, but we believe this is a very unnecessary exercise,” he said.

“We have a wounded nation. We are leading a divided nation, a people divided in every facet of life from the church to family. Our country needs healing and President Mnangagwa must understand that the idea of a political zero-sum game will not help anyone. Our country needs dialogue,” Chamisa said.

The youthful opposition leader challenged Mnangagwa’s victory at the Constitutional Court, arguing that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had connived with the ruling party to rig the July 30 poll in the Zanu PF leader’s favour, but the country’s highest court threw out his petition for lack of merit.

However, Chamisa has insisted he won the presidential election and has challenged dozens of results won by Zanu PF in the legislative polls. Yesterday the MDC leader said he was ready to talk and had five points of departure.

“Dialogue is a national necessity. I must warn Zanu PF and Mnangagwa that the zero-sum game will not work. Our country needs legitimacy, we need time-bound comprehensive reforms, peace building, nation building and national healing around human rights, international engagement to rid ourselves of the pariah tag, as well as an emergency economic rescue package.

“Our people are suffering and once we are agreed on all this, we can take this to the international community and say this is what we are going to do as Zimbabweans. This could help open up lines of credit, increase international confidence in the country and allow for the removal of such things as Zidera (the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act),” Chamisa said.

But the government yesterday scoffed at Chamisa’s proposal, with Information deputy minister Energy Mutodi saying Mnangagwa will not “waste time” negotiating with the opposition.

“The country does not move on the basis of dialogue between winners and losers, rather it moves because the institutions of the State are in place. I can tell you these are already in place and working. The President recently appointed his Cabinet that will help him formulate and implement government policy over the next five years.

“He doesn’t need legitimacy from a losing presidential candidate. Chamisa is only one of 22 candidates who lost in the election. He is desperate for a Government of National Unity (GNU) kind of arrangement, but the President is on record saying it is not necessary at the moment. President Mnangagwa is busy running the country, he has respect for the opposition, but honestly, he has no time to waste,” Mutodi said.

Mutodi said Chamisa should use his party’s legislative representation to push for reforms.

The Donald Trump-led United States government enacted Zidera in 2003 to force then President Robert Mugabe to reform and respect human rights.

A few months ago, the law was amended to add signposts that Mnangagwa’s administration must meet before the sanctions are removed.

Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo last week indicated the amendment was a “step in the right direction” and Zimbabwe will continue to engage the US in order to have the restrictive measures removed.

Chamisa called for help at home and abroad to bring the political protagonists to the negotiating table.

“I am calling on the international community and the church to help resolve the political crisis. I am not saying Mnangagwa must hand over power to me right away, but I am saying he cannot ignore a party that has 112 representatives in the legislature, controls 81% of all urban local authorities, challenging the result of the presidential election as well as the two-thirds majority claimed by Zanu PF,” the opposition leader said, arguing talk of a GNU was premature.

“There has to be a discussion on the fundamental issues affecting Zimbabwe. The idea of a Government of National Unity should be a result of dialogue. Any talk of this now will be a case of putting the cart before the horse.”

Zimbabwe’s economic and social problems seem to have deepened after the disputed election exacerbated by a devastating cholera outbreak.

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  1. This is the time we, as Zimbabweans learn to swallow our pride and work together for the good of the Nation. Dialogue is indeed a way forward and not this l know all approach while people are dying in dozens with no solution. We can not all be flown to SA or Singapore for medical attention because all our medical institutions are noone fuctional whilst we fight for political supremacy.

    1. Chamisa was not ready when Mnangagwa was trying to reach out to the opposition after the ConCourt verdict. Can we only move on only when Chamisa is ready to move on? Surely we can’t be held to ransom because we have already moved on. When he was still crying like a baby, we were already looking to the future. It took him too long to think about moving on.

  2. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Chamisa is struggling for relevance with this useless cheap talk. He is talking about a political crisis which only exists in his mind when the whole nation has actualy moved on except him, and a few mulcontents and their western imperial handlers. Surely, Ngwena can not be blackmailed with the so called peacefull protests as Chamisa is surely bound to get himself in serious trouble for nothing. He should not blackmail Mnangagwa with Zidera because that part of american policy will only effectively exist on paper only in a few months to come. So, Chamisa, keep your dialog and your ZIDERA and your Coons and we will keep our Zimbabwe, its land and other natural resources, our genuin friends, our John Mangudya and our Mthuli Ncube.

  3. There is no point beating about the bush about OUR COMMON KNOWLEDGE SINGLE NATIONAL ELECTORAL PROBLEM; OUR HIGHLY VULNERABLE, CAPTURED RURAL VOTE. In the circumstance mixing of rural and urban votes is like attempted mixing of water and oil. LEGITIMATE inference of political party popularity can only be made from the undisputed urban vote. UNTIL ITS CLEAN ENOUGH, OUR RURAL VOTE OUGHT REMAIN NOT FIT FOR DEMOCRATIC HIEGENIC INFERENCE, THE BALL COMMON CAUSE REMAINING IN RULING PARTY’S COURT, COURTESY OF ANY EVIDENCE OF RULING PARTY’S RESISTANCE TO SUGGESTED ELECTORAL HIEGENE. AS A CONSEQUENCE OUR NATION IS HOUSE ON FIRE WITH BALL TRIVIALLY IN ZANUPF’S COURT. UNDISPUTED OR USABLE ELECTORAL RESULTS SHOW CHAMISA’S 81 PER CENT URBAN CONSTITUENCY NATIONAL POPULARITY. Our nation does not merit electoral system condemnable on common sense, or rudimentary fair play, basis. Chamisa’s guardian call merits serious audience of the guardian electorate.

  4. you were thrashed and live with that only a handful of your guys will be on government pay chamisa

  5. This is well said Chamisa. We need to negotiate as Zimbabweams. Mutodi’s comments are senseless, the issue is not putting cabinet in place because we have been having these cabinets in place but doing nothing. There is no industry functioning right now and unemployment is at 90% as we stand now and you refuse dialogue to map the way forward.

    1. Mnangagwa reached out to Chamisa a long time ago. But at the time, Chamisa was not willing to interact with him. He avoided Mnangagwa calling him all sorts of names. This is actually on record even on the NewsDay and other publications. Can we honestly move on only when Chamisa is ready? That’s unfair.


  6. Maiwee… mbudzi yadya masese!! Yangove mee mee! That which you so much desired is now but an illusion. You can only dream about it. Too bad sonny! Nigerians will tell you “Move on..move on”..

  7. Maiwee… mbudzi yadya masese!! Yangove mee mee! That which you so much desired is now but an illusion. You can only dream about it. Too bad sonny! Nigerians will tell you “Move on..move on”..

  8. Chamisa should just relax and chill. Victory in heaven is greater than victory on earth. There’s no need to negotiate with election thieves and murderers. The ED government is hopeless & despite the empty rhetoric & propaganda it’s really headed nowhere & will self destruct sooner or later.

    1. That’s the truth, Truth. There is no need for Pastor Chamisa to sound so desperate bending backwards to accommodate the junta. The kleptocrats are busy looting and there is no time for them to listen to “Little Chamisa”. The time of reckoning is just around the corner and they will run to Nelson on their own. Mark my words.

      1. If Chamisa is a pastor, then he should know what the Bible says about threats of violence and disrespect for those in authority. Kudenga kwatingoramba tichitaura uk, let us be very careful because tinosimudza hasha dza Mwari because of our selfish endeavours.

  9. The first dialogue should start with you Chamisa by accepting the results and let the nation move kwete chindini chauri kuita

  10. Chamisa seeking relevance. MDC can implement its reforms through the councils they are running. Then they are in parliament and can establish their concerns there. So Chamisa is implying that without negotiating with him sanctions will remain in place. To Chamisa, may you keep your sanctions with you. we are ready to shed our blood in defence of our resources, land and peace

  11. Comment… ndizvozvo chaizvo wakudakuzo kuramunin’ina.


  13. mukovhe watshilidzi

    why now nero? this boy is more unstable than Mugabe. better not listen to him at all. mdc and Zimbabwe are much much bigger than you. the moment you know that otherwise just get prepared to be chiwengas bridesmaids come 2023…. uchingovukura macllr emdc achingoba and come 2023 you are voted out of the towns again. very unstrategic.

    1. i used to love mdc chamisa only to discover my error when I had him barking like a little dog everywhere……pora bra politicx needs maturity chimbokura….fro the blessed tycoon

  14. KKKKK this Chamisa guy must grow up you were called for dialogue by E.D and you snubbed him and now you are talking of dialogue, with who. You pretend to love people when you are just after gaining your own political millage. If you had people at heart you were not going to behave the way you are doing. You are proving to be young and immature to be in politics. You are good as an activist in students affairs not a politician.

  15. chimuvondo kushugo

    Honestly, elections are a waste of both time and resources.

  16. Political Strategist

    Chamisa needs to go behind the scenes for a while, digest the fact that Zimbabwe and the people are moving on. Very soon the base which he thinks he is standing on will soon give in and evaporate. And if he is not careful, he will fall.

    More and more evidently, he is beginning to show evidence of lack of coherence, lack of clarity of thought, and tragically, lack of strategy. It is becoming more and more evident that he is realising that the ship is about to hit the waters, and he is fully aware that, if he is not in it, then the future is leaving him behind.

  17. “The Donald Trump-led United States government enacted Zidera in 2003 to force then President Robert Mugabe to reform and respect human rights”- Get your facts right Newsday, you standard of journalism is dropping by the day

    1. we need a gud zim

  18. Chamisa is now accepting reality that ED is the president of Zimbabwe. He needs to swallow his pride and approach the president. He doesn’t care about the millions of Zimbabwe he is working his survival.Mr Chamisa is needs to be mature

  19. Munin’na Nelson, you lost fair and square. Why is it taking you so long process and accept this reality? I’m absolutely sure you know where or how to find Ngwena if you are really serious about dialoguing. Stop playing to the gallery, babamunini Nelson!!

  20. Regai dzungu Ra chamisa rimbo pera. Achakabatwa ne chindee. Whenever he is in his own senses, he will kneel down and ask for forgiveness, then we start from there. As for now, no need to negotiate ne chimbwa-mupengo

  21. ummm maPrices akwira vanhu weeeeee

  22. Ko months wakanzi my door is open to talk ukati handina zvekutaura na ED. Wadzikama ka ukaona maface acho akutoenda ne bhora mberi without you wakuda kutaura now?

  23. I find it very amusing that some people still think these elections were disputed. Did you want a 4,770,000 to 0 margin to accept defeat? Please note that in an election a person should garner just 50% plus 1 vote to win. This means if 4,7 million people voted, Mnangagwa or any winner needed just 3, 385, 001 votes to win. So ED did exceptionally well because he got an extra 100 000 votes on top. There should be no dialogue with a loser at all. Kana maSanction achigara let it be so but come 2023, the majority will again vote for a party which fights in the corner (Zanu PF).

    1. 2 385 001 votes you mean?

  24. Taurai na Chamisa

    now buying bread at $1,10
    bond to rand $10 you get R75
    3700 Cholera cases reported
    Cement now a scarce commodity…..
    and still counting

  25. Chamisa, Chamisa what on earth do you now want. Zimbabwe is now moving ahead without you. I think you are mislead by those who lie to you that you hold the Zimbabwe economy. You are now a failed politician seeking uncecesary relevance. Even the MDC Alliance has no role to play in the politics of this country for the next five years. VamaWelshemn Ncube who have not single support on the ground. The MDC Alliance has gone to the dogs. Chamisa go back to the drawing board and sort out things in your party with your shadow government and let those in power to take us forward. ED extend an olive lead to you first and you refused so what more to you want If you want dialgoue with ED, please go and knock on his door instead of using the media. I agree that the majority age to stand for presidential elections must be raised to 50years to get rid of childish people like Chamisa who do not have respect for women!. Mukomana uyu haana mumuromo mhani he is worse than Grace Mugabe!!. He is now annoying many! Even his own Wife Chamisa did not vote for him and never wants to be seen with him in public and does not attend MDC Alliance rallies. The media is also not doing this fellow Chamisa a disservice, as you keep making a public fool of him and damaging his political career by writing useless things about him that are only tarnishing his image more. Chamisa must now focus on his party and shadow cabinet as a watchdog to ensure that the ZANU (PF) government works and not to try to hold this nation at ransom. This young man is no longer relevant to Zim Politics and I doubt very much if he will represent the MDC Alliance in 2023. They need a new face and a new person not this dramatic clown.

  26. pfeeee and pfeeee to the looo now with your burning big a……

  27. Only time will tell…

  28. Chamusa is obviously illusional, and will never get any talks or meeting with ED with his attitude and outrageous demands. He thinks he has some power or control when, He has non. what he doesn’t know is THERE ARE A LOT MORE ZIMBABWEANS WITH EXPERIENCE TO IMPROVE OUR COUNTRY. well maybe he spend too much time being the smart one surrounded by yes man, uneducated thugs and now believe we are all like that. Why would ED want any negotiations with him? what crisis is He talking about?

  29. president Chamisa siyanai nevingororo iri iwe campaign n fight for electoral reforms take to court take it to sadc take to au take it to un if need be at present start campaigning in the rural area make ur urban vote count

  30. Put a sock in it Nelson. Noone is listening!!

  31. Nero kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Wadii wamboita congress tiziwe paumire chaipo ipo ucharoita munyama iwe.

  32. the question is how will zimbabwe get debt relief ,engage with international and bilateral lenders to provide relief needed to ignite economic civilisation? this ping pong between elites for the control of zimbabwe won t solve a thing. neither the opposition nor the ruling elite can save the situation without relief from outside. the wise thing is for the ruling elite to satisfy the demands of purse holders…

  33. the question is how will zimbabwe get debt relief,engage with international and bilateral lenders to provide relief needed to ignite economic civilisation? this ping pong between elites for the control of zimbabwe won t solve a thing. neither the opposition nor the ruling elite can save the situation without relief from outside. the wise thing is for the ruling elite to satisfy the demands of purse holders…

  34. Kuwiriranakwakanakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…@ISHE tawura hako. Zvino chiyi chakonzera izvi, SANCTIONS zve here?

  35. Zvino chiyi chakonzera izvi, SANCTIONS zve here? Chiyi chayita kuti mari ipere mumabhanga izare mumigwagwa? SANCTIONS here? Chiyi vakapedza mombe dzenyamamombe dzemukaka, mari yezvicherwa. Chiyi chaita kuti miigwagwa yedu izare makomba nemakoronga? SANCTIONS? Chiyi taita kuti varikuba vasavharirwe? SANCTIONS? Chiyi chakonzera tsvina, kuyerera kwesewage? SANCTIONS? Chiyi chayita HUWORI husvike danho iri? SANCTIONS. Chiyi chayita vanhu vavakire munzizi, makomo, pamusoro penzizi, mumapani? SANCTIONS? Chiyi chakonzera CHOLERA? SANCTIONS. Chiyi chatikudakutengesa kunze chichirwambwa? SANCTIONS? Chiyi chayita mvura ibude yakasvipa mupombi? SANCTIONS? Ndiyani ati vanhu makasununguka kutengesera pese pese, kana pasina zvimbudzi? SANCTIONS? Chiyita mahwindi abhadharise mari combs
    votora mari? SANCTIONS? Chiyi chaita tisawane mari yecherwa? SANCTIONS? Ndiyani ane PAJERO ikupa mari mumigwgwa? SANCTIONS? Chiyi chayita titadze kurima? SANCTIONS? Ngatiwongorore zvikonzero zvaita musoro uteme. Togadzirisa chikonzero chaita musana ubande.

  36. chamisa abvuma kuti ndakarohwa akudawo basa kuna ED kkkk

  37. I now hate this MDC for installing shona councilors in Byo. That never happened under 38 years of so brutal mugabe.

  38. Let ZANU deliver like they promised. Musavakanganise

  39. Our country is on a crossroads, gas vanished in the country.

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