Court denies Biti access to foreign treatment

A HARARE magistrate yesterday dismissed MDC Alliance vice-chairperson, Tendai Biti’s application for a temporary release of his passport to seek treatment at a South African counselling service unit.


Biti wanted his passport in order for him to undergo post-traumatic stress disorder treatment and counselling after he allegedly endured torture at the hands of security agents when he was arrested trying to seek asylum in neighbouring Zambia recently.

He is facing charges of violating the Electoral Act after he allegedly announced that MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa had won the July 30 presidential poll. The Harare East MP is also accused of border jumping.

In passing his ruling, magistrate Francis Mapfumo said it is too risky to release Biti’s passport as it was the only tool they have to secure his attendance. Mapfumo said it is on record that Biti wanted to go to Zambia to seek asylum and if granted the application, may abscond.

“It is on record that the accused person wants to go to Zambia to seek asylum and it is the court’s view that it is risky to release the passport for him to travel to South Africa and Tunisia as it is the only tool which the court has to secure his attendance and the application is hereby dismissed,” Mapfumo said.

Biti, who wanted his passport back until October 23, is expected in the same court on October 3 for his ongoing trial.

According to his lawyer, Harrison Nkomo, he is also supposed to attend a Pan African Lawyers Union conference in Tunisia after being seconded by the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights.

Michael Reza appeared for the State.

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  1. Comment…He mustnt be allowed to leave the country as he wont return. He must enjoy the music. He encouraged his party’s supporters to their death on 1 August 2018 but want run away. He has already attempted to run and if granted he wont return

  2. Hanzi biti akupenga, biti akupenga kkkkk pooooltics hadzide dzungu.unomhanya bani kkkkkkkk.rigitimesi inoita se ino gadzirwa kumba kwabiti.system akati ndazviona nekuwanza hasha.hasha munodziwanza tsano munofa nestress marohwa nezvehusiku.kkkkk zanu chiororo.

  3. Mirira nguwa Biti you reap what you sow.

    Nero seems to know how deep you are in trouble nenyay yekupa wafana doro nekuwa furira kukonzersa zhowezhowe musi wa 1 August. Nero might have decided to appoint you deputy chair (a less influential post) beocz he suspects you might skip the country or chose to to stay and wait for prison time.

    Ma politicians munondishamisa how can you taem up with Mashayamombe and that former youth leader we Zanu PF kunofurira wafana wemusmbodhiya kunopara mhoswa surely how can you trust a long time enemy just becoz they have been fired. You woes are mounting and your partners in crime may not be tried as they are going to try you sonn.

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