Cholera torpedoes Chamisa ‘inauguration’

HARARE’s deadly cholera outbreak, that has so far claimed 25 lives, yesterday forced opposition MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa to postpone his party’s 19th anniversary celebrations that had been scheduled for today.


Reports claim Chamisa had wanted to use the celebrations to mark the birth of Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party in September 1999 under the tutelage of the late labour leader Morgan Tsvangirai to stage the inauguration of “the people’s president” as part of his continued protest against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s slim election victory in July.

MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora yesterday confirmed the anniversary celebrations had been deferred to a date yet to be announced.

“We have postponed the anniversary, given the police ban on gatherings in Harare. We also thought that it is not unreasonable given the fact that institutions such as the University of Zimbabwe, which are further away from the epicentre of the cholera menace, have had to shelve their graduation ceremony,” he said.

Early this week, police announced a blanket ban on all public gatherings in the capital, including funeral processions as well as church meetings, as part of efforts by authorities to deal with the killer waterborne disease ravaging the capital and threatening to spread across the country.

The police ban triggered an angry reaction from the opposition, which argued that the government was projecting a “holier-than-thou attitude” and targeting its programmes.

The MDC-T also argued the Zanu PF administration had been rattled by Chamisa’s show of force as “tens of thousands” received him in the cholera-hit high-density suburb of Glen View during a visit.

But yesterday, the opposition seemed to have made a volte-face and accepted government was right after all.

Mwonzora said the cholera outbreak was a national catastrophe that required all stakeholders’ input.

“We should all be seen to be fighting this cholera menace. It is a crisis that our country is facing and affects our people. The cholera outbreak does not discriminate along political lines. It has no political allegiance. The MDC is a reasonable party with the people at heart,” he said.

“Our actions, as a government-in-waiting, must always be beyond reproach and should never be seen to be insensitive to the plight of the people we seek to represent,” the Manicaland Senator said.

“We cannot be seen to be politicking with people’s lives. Power for the sake of it and especially at the expense of innocent lives because a dangerous vocation.”

Early this month, the MDC-T approached the High Court for and won an order forcing police to allow it to hold a rally in Kwekwe after its request had been turned down over a typhoid outbreak detected in the Midlands capital of Gweru, about 65km away.

Chamisa has rejected Mnangagwa’s victory, arguing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission had connived with Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa to rig the poll.

The opposition leader approached the Constitutional Court seeking to overturn the election result, but the petition fell flat after the country’s apex court argued he had failed to prove his claims.

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  1. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Inauguration zvozodiyi? Ko adiyi kumirira congress. Marii iyoyo ngayipiwa vakamusarudza ishandiskwe kurwisa korera

  2. Infact Chamisa is supposed to appologise to the nation for the failure by his party to keep our cities clean , with clean running water . This cholera is because of the MDC’s failure to run the council .
    Newsday , you do not seem to understand simple matters . You refer to Mnangagwa ‘s win as slim when the constitutional win only requires just one vote above the fifty percent .
    As for the Chamisa inauguration , dream on . Mahumbwe . Matope . You then expect to rule this country when you are a joke of a party . You mean to tell the nation that the whole MDCa can not see that you are in a dream . Wake up and smell the coffee .

  3. Musataura zvisina basa chamisa ane future

  4. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Asi mari yemaCouncils arikufambiskwawo nemazvo here neHurumende, nekuti Gurukora ndiro riwona nezvazvo. Atadza basa Gurukota rodzinga. Gore riya Morgan Tsvangirai akada kudzinga vakanga vatadza basa Chitungwiza akadziviskwa naChombo. Local Government inoshanda seyi mayererano nehochekoche neCentral Government nhayi va

  5. Comment…why konke okuwrongo kuthiwa mdc akula muntu onga funa ukuthi abantu bagule or bafe ??,

  6. This Odinga-scripted not-so-funny circus has to stop. It might end in tears and sorrow!!

  7. A house built on the sand shall not stand. Electoral processes founded on democracy still in the intensive care SHALL NOT STAND. A house 38 yrs at FOUNDATION STAGE.! No defensible electoral process trivially implies no defensible electoral outcome until nation has come of age on the democracy discource. International community shall naturally continue with essential roles in motivating construction of our missing modern day credible democratic institutions. More apt, if urgent national agenda, OUR MISSING FUNCTIONING NATIONAL DEMOCRACY ENGINE, is what Mr Chamisa is placing on the table for the serious attention of the more responsible ‘guardian'(patriotic) electorate. More suscinctly our direly needed, but sadly missing national culture of political fair play.

  8. Nyika yedu ndinovona ichigadzirika iyi easy. Dai tangosarudza nhamo imwe chete pambiri idzi dzinoti, nhamo yezhara nenhamo yetsika. Ndookuti tigovonao kubetsereka. Handivoni hangu Roman Dutch or English law zvichinyatsotibetsera pa nhamo yetsika kwadzo. Varungu vanopembedza manyepo, zvokanganisa kuvakika kwovukama bgechivanhu nokuregererana wabvuma chitadzo chake. Asi kana takatoremadzwa hedu zvachese pakunyepa ngatichiitai mbiri yokurima zvokuzadza matura nokuti tikazochema zhara chaiyo tiri shasha dzokureva nhema vanoda kutibetsera vanoti izhara yemanyepo, siyanai navo. Asi ndinoonao zviine hucnenjeri hazvo kuti vabereki titsvage kusiira mhuri nhaka yamatura maviri. Dura rechikafu(huhurudza) nedura retsika dzinoyemurika, dzinokwezva anasahwira vanovaka. Asi chikurusisa chekutanga idare guru revakuru rekuvaka musha wedu neku mutsidzira neKusimbisa nhaka yetsika dzakachena dzatakasiirwa nemadziteteguru. Kupembedza hunhu hwedu hwakanaka; necessary agressive traditional cultural foundation reconstructions FOR POSTERITY.

  9. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Inauguration? I think this word is being misused. We dont want Kenya style here. Why cant you wait for the congress? Celebrate your unverssary peacifully when cholera is gone. This inauguration thing cannot be done by losing presidential candidates in Western, Asian and African countries you will be slapped with treason charges which attract death or life sentences. Play safe youngman politics is like coal fire, kana moto wemakwande.

  10. are these decisions held in consultation with the electorate? and how much do they cost.curious

  11. Does brighton above suspect CURIOUS claim by candidate who won UNDISPUTED 81 per cent of the CLEAN national urban vote?

  12. @ One-One, it’s a no-brainer that extreme suffering and poverty brought about by US sanctions imposed at the instigation of the MDC swung the urban votes towards the opposition….

  13. this is a test tube disease. mdc alliance is playing around with our feelings and minds. motiuraireiko vakomana. inga ndisu takanyanyokuvhoterai wani kunana glen view. hutsinye hwenyu hwakanyanya varume. cholera haingonyuki semota. ine kwainobva kuuya panzzvimbo. cholera after defeat in 2000. cholera after defeat in 2008. cholera after defeat in 2018. mati tadii varume. jecha racho madii madira kumwe kwete kutiurayawo vakomana. inzwaiwo tsitsi.

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