Chamisa to pile pressure on govt

The Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance says it will soon announce its shadow cabinet and that it will maintain pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF party to dialogue over the problems faced by the country.


The opposition party has refused to recognise Mnangagwa as President despite Chamisa losing a challenge to his victory at the Constitutional Court.

After initially refusing to engage Mnangagwa, Chamisa now says he wants dialogue and claims that the ruling party has snubbed his overtures.

“The party is going to roll provincial assemblies to give direction to make sure that it keeps the State on its toes. We want everyone to know how the election was rigged and that they know the sitting President is an illegitimate one,” MDC Alliance vice-president Morgen Komichi told journalists yesterday.

“The party is going to have various programmes and activities to make sure that the pressure continues to mount. The party also resolved to increase its activism, especially in Parliament. This is an arena that we must pursue in view of the stolen election.”

He added: “We are not going to rest until we bring this to order. We will be pursing various means and our president is going to announce his [shadow] cabinet very soon. We will embark on an international offensive and to make sure that political activism will be rolled out, we will be connecting the entire networks so that they understand our position.”

Komichi said contrary to speculation, the party was not planning a mock inauguration for Chamisa.

The party’s spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Chamisa highlighted the need for dialogue to resolve the issue of legitimacy, reforms, international engagement and resolving the economic crisis.


  1. Your Name (required):Special Black

    We now know the anti 1980 black rule of this country, chamisa and your party. What preasure are you going pile except defacing the country’s image and calling for more sanctions in order to render Zimbabweans poor, sick, hungry, disgruntled and helpless so that they vote for you. If you come up with ideas to take Zimbabwe forward that will be welcome, but if your plans are to hurt Zimbabweans, God will see who the real devil is. You may shout but God knows why you lost elections. So dont go against HIM.

  2. Chamisa won the elections. Mupei chigaro chake. Mazanu makaba ma elections. You are the ones causing all prob in Zim. Hatichadi zvechi zanu isu. We are sick and tired of Zanu behaviour. Please free us from this Zanu Govt.

    1. If he won the elections why doesn’t he simply pack into State House and take over!! Does the fact that he failed to prove the alleged rigging in court mean anything to you? Why didn’t he produce his own V11s showing that he got the 2.6 m votes he claims to have garnered?

  3. Mava kuda kumamiswa manje

    1. You just exhibiting poor phiolosophy and poor thinking
      Luke Malaba by just looking at him, it was all clear which side was he on. The sheriff and the registrar refused to issue a subpoena to MDC. Dont just support rubbish…Zanu iZanu…what has only changed is the driver and not the bus…

  4. Elections debates in 2023 please taneta….. ngatimboshandira nyika. anything that does not help improve our lives is not welcome.

  5. pfutsek muamar uridofo foolish people like u are dangerous

  6. funny how chamisa is saying we need dialogue to address this illegitimacy sounds all too familiar. in march mugabe came out guns blazing telling the world he was ousted via coup d’etat. he said mnangagwa needs to engage me to address this illegality.what did bob say recently ????
    don’t worry chamisa soon you will be singing a different tune. right now you on stage 3 of 5 of electoral grief – BARGAINING.
    two more to go

  7. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Wanga uripo here paivoter uyo newoyo kuti ugozoti chamisa akawiner? MDCA munonetsera pakuti munoziva zvose kubvira kumadzisekuru enyu. You lie too much. You know what Zimbabweans fear God, but they are twisted by those who say the dead have nothing to do with the living, but you know what, they put pictures of their dead forefathers on bank notes. Men of God turn a blind eye, pray for offerings of same bank notes. Let Zimbabweans decide their destiny. They have reasons why they rejected chamisa.

  8. You are fools, everyone is working the make the economy better whilst you are bizzy politicking. Nxaaaaa l wasted my vote on you, you are a shame Chamisa

  9. The pressure Chamisa is talking about is meant to make Zimbabweans hungrier, so that they rebel against Mnangagwa. Why sacrifice the people?

  10. Hahaha. If I can ask, which country says elections were rigged in terms of changing numbers. And which is saying ED is illegitimate. Chamisa has a potential but needs robust and intelligent advisors.

  11. you are still talking of elections which is the past kamodyiwa moti zanu yabira

  12. Chamisa iduzvi redhongi.

  13. Comment…tseki maZanu mose apa

  14. mukovhe wa tshilidzi

    shadow cabinet of the obvious fools and acolytes of his: empty komichi; clueless chibaya; nomadic mutseyami; motor mouth thabitha; kkkk seka zvako mukovheeee!

  15. Darkness will never prevail over light.You will not continue using the same modus operandi of rigging elections, only time will tell .Pachishona tinoti ,CHISINGAPERI CHINOSHURA uyezve RINEMANYANGA HARIPUTIRWE-(We must never legitimise the illegitemate ).

  16. Most zanu pf members do not understand that economy can only be turned around under a legitimate government…You need to stop being hypocrites…the world over no country has managed to revive the economy as long as elections are stolen or when the government is illegitimate.If you don’t know that the previous elections have been stolen, it means you are a hypocrite at excellence…ZEC and Concourt are captured institutions.

    Wake up from your slumber and denial-why since 2000 zanu pf government has failed to revive the economy? If you think its because of sanctions, why sanctions in the first place? Sanctions are put on illegitimate governments, and are an attempt to correct serious human rights abuses by such illegitimate governments.I don’t need to lecture you to be aware of the concept of sanctions. The problem in Zimbabwe currently is existence of people who shy away from simple logic and truth…and partly is due to questionable education system. The government must account to the people. The rot in the economy must be properly accounted for…For instance Munangagwa has been in government since 1980. He is part and parcel of the system that destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy because of wanting to be in power.Here is a simple logic: good government grows the economy and looks after its people, especially the vulnerable(children, students, the elderly, disabled etc). bad government does the opposite of the above. Judge for yourself if Zimbabwean government is a good or bad one.

  17. famba Chamisa famba dzamara tatora nyika yedu

  18. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Chamisa got MDCA leadership through back door whilst Tsvangirai was still alive and tried to kill the congress norminee. When Thokozani Khupe wanted the leadership of the party contested through congress an illigitmate chamisa refused. Now he is busy removing legally elected mayors replacing them with imposed mayors. Manangarwa went to congress, called for elections monitored by international observers and won. So now who is illigitmate? Chamisa is now jobless, he thinks people will follow his instructions.

  19. kana mbavha ichabirwawo sokubawo kwayakaitawo kuna mugabe

  20. CHAMISA can not believe kuti he is jobless. CHAmisa ibenzi just ignore him and his few followers Anoputa mbanje mufana uyu. lets move on.

  21. Pakaipa padare nhasi.Pari kupisa,kkkkkkkkkk!!

  22. Pakaipa nhasi padare.kkkkkkkkkk

  23. Chamisa stole power from Khupe, and the election was stone from him. Fauir game handiti. Chamisa says ED is illegitimate people he stole power, but he is equally illegitimate because he also stol;e power from Khupe.

    I like poli(ri)tics – what goes around n comes round

  24. we are hungry guyz, why don’t we talk something better that brings food on the table.

  25. Comment…ed must gooooo

  26. The problem with people of Zimbabwe is that we are selfish. Any sensible person with the right senses will never support Zanu pf, a party that has a bad history of bringing the economy down. Now in this comatose economy, Zanu pf leaders are busy dreaming of purchasing luxury cars using the taxpayers money. Shame on you, all those who support Zanu. Shame. Now the rate of the $US is spiralling beyond expected proportions, solve it, you don’t want, it’s ok solve the cash crisis which has bedeviled economic growth in the country, u don’t want. What about solving issues to do with Cholera? Still you want to beg for aid. So you just think that to rule the country means to be appointed president? No… It is about solving problems that the people have please!

  27. Your Name (required):Special Black

    You are talking of the value of USD which is not yours. Only those who have discovered whats in ZANU PF will support the party till donkeys grow horns. Some anti 1980s, MDCA have not yet discovered that, roots and interests. The infiriority complex you have makes you sell out by asking for punitive sanctions. Now you talk of cholera which is your creation. You have almost all urban areas since 2000 thats when I started seeing night soils in Harare and other cities lying around like sausages. Hasiyazi.


  29. Zanu izai rakaora . No ZANU again taramba haticheuki nekuti ukatarisa munhu anoti SZWANU baba na mai varikufa nenzara kumusha . Kurwara kurwara No Pills ,even panador haro kuma clinics hakuna toti ZANUAID taka yo duty now they refuse only calling PWAMWISA PAMWISA !!! handi makahwina why are you call a childless person if you promise before votes maiti TICHAKUPAI 15 birioon jobus pe 1 company !! hamuna kumboti NA VACHAMISA TICHADAI !! do it by yourselves mhani kwete kutinetsa mungatukirira munhu wamaka bira uye wamunoziva kuti ii useles haa nyangwe nemi

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