Chamisa reshuffles MDC top leadership

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has announced a raft of changes to the leadership of the opposition party, including the appointment of Welshman Ncube and Morgen Komichi as vice-presidents in a move seen as trying to consolidate his position ahead of the elective congress next year.


MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

Ncube, who was among the MDC founding members and served as secretary-general before an acrimonious fallout in 2005 with party leader, the late Morgan Tsvangirai, was part of a grouping that contested the July 30 election as MDC Alliance.

Komichi, who took over as chairman when Lovemore Moyo quit the opposition party in the run-up to the elections and formed his United Movement for Devolution (UMD), was appointed as one of the three vice-presidents.

“Senator Elias Mudzuri remains vice-president, Senator Morgen Komichi, previously national chairperson, is appointed vice-president. Professor Welshman Ncube is appointed vice-president and Honourable Thabita Khumalo, previously spokesperson, is appointed national chairperson and Honourable Tendai Biti will be deputy chairperson,” said Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda in a statement yesterday.

Biti broke ranks with Tsvangirai following the 2013 elections loss and formed the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
Khumalo will be the leader of the opposition party in the National Assembly.

Mudzuri will head the opposition in the Senate and will be deputised by Komichi.

Chamisa’s appointments, Sibanda said, were guided by instructions from the national council and resolutions made by the party’s national executive.

The 40-year-old opposition leader also appointed Jacob Mafume, a Harare City councillor, as the party’s national spokesperson.

Party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, who is believed to be a likely challenger for the presidency, remains in his position despite reports suggesting he could be purged.

“The president is also working hard to return the party to its original strength by integrating members of the MDC Alliance into the MDC,” said Sibanda, adding that the opposition party wants to be identified by its original name.

“It is important that we underline the fact that the name of the party is MDC. Both MDC-T, MDC Alliance and other names that have been used in the past were simple electoral vehicles and were not the legal names of the party. The party that everyone is integrating into is the MDC,” Sibanda said.

Following the break-up with Ncube in 2005, the Tsvangirai party began using the moniker MDC-T to differentiate his group from Ncube’s party, which went under the name, MDC-N.

Chamisa has also been locked in a bitter tussle for the use of the party name with former vice-president Thokozani Khupe, who now leads a breakaway group using the MDC-T name.

Sibanda said Chamisa had also appointed Sessel Zvidzai as secretary for local government and devolution, with Clifford Hlatshwayo as his deputy.

Biti’s former deputy at the PDP, Kucaca Phulu, is now secretary for constitutional affairs.

Long-serving party chief whip Innocent Gonese was replaced in the post by Prosper Mutseyami.

Analysts said Chamisa’s appointments were meant to deal with possible threats to his position, with loyalists now in key positions and allowing him to control the party’s direction in both Houses of Parliament in his absence, a move they said was undemocratic.

“Chamisa should have allowed congress to elect the leaders as its ethos and values ought to show. The move is divorced from the grassroots and going forward, the MDC is now being run by elitists, a far cry from a people’s movement they portray,” political analyst Alexander Rusero said.

“It is more telling that Tendai Biti, despite all he did during the past elections, he has been made a deputy to someone. I don’t expect to see a strengthened MDC, but Chamisa consolidating his power base and so far he has managed to push Biti away from the power base.”

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  1. mukovhe watshilidzi

    kanopenga aka and with this type of attitude to democracy will never rule this country

    1. possible challengers with better characters swayed away mudzuri mwonzora nembiti

    2. KKKKK! Kanopenga kamunhu aka!

  2. welshman and biti desserted morgan on the 11th hour and its very surprising that the young politician decides to bring back the back-bitters and i bet tsvangsion must be turning in his grave

    1. I thought it was Tsvangirai who brought back Welshman to the fold when they signed an MOU to form the alliance! I stand to corrected.

      1. for convenience prior to elections and chamisa has now baptised the process by presenting him with a permanent post

  3. Nero the clown. Master of secret weapons kkkkkk.

    During the election court proceedings I felt pity for a work mate of mine. He was so convinced MDC Alliance legal team were going to produce evidence in court. When Mpofu was told your time is up and he asked for more time l heard my work mate saying “budisa evidence mhani iwe ukutambisa nguwa”.

    He was so worried and concerned and you see that he felt betrayed by Nero. The live broadcast of the court proceedings have done more harm than good to Nero, you have been exposed boy.

    By the look of things and your latest appointments your political life will not last for more than 2 years. Mbiti vice chair kkkkkkkk unless you consluted him and he said yes Nero l am not feeling well and may not live long so give me a lesser position but if you didnt consult him Mbiti will surely strike back.

  4. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    We are already rigging the congress. How do these people get appointed without a congress. What is the urgency?

  5. Comment…Vatevedzeri vatatu. Ko Makurukota enyu anozova mangani? Apa nyika yakaremerwa yozova nevatevedzeri vemutungamiri vatatu. VaChamisa itayi zvinoratidza kuti munepfungwa dzekuti nyika ibudirire. Zvino imi kana matanga nekuisa vatungamiri vana vanobhadharwa neHurumende pawoma. VaJacob Mafume vavekutotaura kuti vashandi vekanzuru vapamhidzirwe mari mari apa guta rine cholera, sewage irikuyera, mvura ikubuda mupombi iri nhema nhema. Marara atitaure, migero inofamba nemvura yakafushirika. Vanhu avana pekugara. Mari yekuti vashandi vekanzuru vapamhidzirwe mari dzekutambira inobvepi. Izvi zvirikundiratidza kuti vaMafume vane pfungwa dzekuti
    mitero yedzimba ikwire. VaMafume ngavataure kuti mari yekupa vashandi inobvepi.

  6. What a shame this part must stop claiming that it is the Movement of Democratic Change. There is no democracy in this party any more. Since the dearth of the founder leader we are now witnessing dictatorship at its worst. Mugabe was a dictator but Nelson is worse than Mugabe I used to love this party but now I am changing. At his age he is demonstrating that if given the power to run this country we will be worse off than what Mugabe was. I knew it from the time he wrestled power that he will be someone if given the power he will be just like Iddi Amin. Wake up people.

  7. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Ndabatwa nenyaya yevatevedzeri vatatu. Apa ndaiti yavaMngagwa yaita vakawanda, kuzoti yake yatanga nevatatu. Mari yose yenyika yotoperera mukubhadha hutungarika. Ukuwo Jakopo arikuti anoda kuti vashandi vekanzuru vapamhidzirwe mari. Apa nyika iripa ZERO. Kukama chete pasina kuendesa kuti imbofurawo. Zvinotoda Jehovah Samatenga chete kwete wenyama.

  8. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Vatevedzeri vatatu, regai tichiwonaka cabinet yake. Powonekwa kuti yayiburitsa mariyi dayi iriyo iripanyanga. Izvi zvichaita kuti vanhu tizive zvekuita na2023.

  9. i am glad that the people of zimbabwe have seen for themselves that MDC is not about kuti vanhu veruzhinji vagute asi kuti ivo vana Chamisa vagute Be advised.

  10. Comment…typically dictatator, Zimbabwe deserves better opposition than this
    What’the logic ye three vice presidents and all men! . those who said this boy is a sexist are right, no respect for women at all . Now that Biti used to froth on the mouth shouting chamisa chete chete will he do the same after being checkmated like this.

  11. Zimbabweans are so gullible, even all of you here are so uneducated. The language you use shows a vast absence of intellect which is quite amusing actually…

    1. Kutaura shona hazvireve kuti hatina kudzidza shamwari.

  12. Dictatorship tendencies, one man`s decision throughout.

  13. 3 vice presidentsfor what?Thats absurdy

  14. Comment.This is news item of interest ONLY to people keen to see a stronger MDC of tomorrow. Otherwise the rest of wawaring machaya nyokas need find better past-time activity this year.

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