Chamisa holds keys to economy: Biti

FORMER Finance minister and opposition MDC Alliance co-principal, Tendai Biti yesterday called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to swallow his pride and engage his rival Nelson Chamisa for dialogue to resolve the country’s runaway economic crisis.


Speaking to NewsDay soon after being sworn-in as Harare South MP alongside 349 other legislators, Biti bragged that Chamisa held the keys to economic stabilisation.

“I hope wisdom can prevail, this country needs a dialogue, and Emmerson has to talk to Chamisa because Nelson holds the keys and that is fact,” he said.

“We are not talking about the government of national unity its nothing close to that, they must be discussions around the issues on legitimacy, there has to be discussions about state departure on militarization issue, issues on national healing reconciliation and inclusivity because we hold the keys we simply hold the keys. Emmerson must find it in his wisdom to talk to Chamisa because Nelson holds the key.”

But Zanu PF MP and former Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi rubbished Biti’s claims saying the ruling party had the pedigree to run the economy without support from the opposition.

“The people of Zimbabwe hold the keys to their own economic development not an individual, the people of Zimbabwe gave a mandate to those that they want to lead them for the next five years, so it’s not an individual who holds the key to economic development,” said Ziyambi.

Meanwhile, the swearing-in ceremony was punctuated with drama as rival party supporters from both Zanu PF and MDC Alliance openly traded barbs outside the Parliament building, denouncing each other through song and party slogans.

Zanu PF supporters, mostly from Harare South, the only constituency won by the ruling party in Harare, said they hoped President Emmerson Mnangagwa would turn around the economy while those in the MDC Alliance camp alleged it was all doom and gloom under the current leadership.

“Mnangagwa is God-chosen, these MDC people are losers, and they lost and will always be in the opposition,” said Mary Jawet from Harare South.

But the opposition supporters shouted that the slogan “ED Pfee” slogan which is synonymous with Mnangagwa’s recent election campaign, meant poverty.

Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda presided over the ceremony.

The lawmakers now will have to wait for the first sitting which is set for next Tuesday to elect the Speaker of the National Assembly and Senate president.


  1. What crisis you run to the Americas to create a domestic crisis then you come back and you go on top of the mountain and you try to tell everyone dumb that Chamisa is relevant, come on give us a break ED will find his way out minus your young idol and you continue doing what you know best skipping borders and seeking asylum for attention purposes thats what you will be remebered for and its a very very bad legacy you are leaving behind.

    1. Cant Rigg Economy

      Even ED eventually realised that threre is need to work with the west just after his first innauguration in november last year he visited the west What was he doing there,Chamisa has 2.1m followers in zimbababwe and ED has fictious 2.4m with a cooked difference of 300 000 this means the two needs each other That 2.1m acheivement means Chamisa has a stake and a role to play ,Lest not be so myopic in our analyisis,and end up making extemporanious and epigramatic statements.

      1. Winning an election requires 50% plus 1 vote. So whether Chamisa garnered 2,1 million votes is irrelevant because a President should be the winner and not the other way round. Chamisa lost, whether it was one vote or ten but he lost. Mahority voted for ED and he holds the key to the Zimbabwean economy.

        1. Cant Rigg Economy

          50% plus 1 Vote was the determining factor yes to come up with a winner ,but the bottom line is the base from which it is culculated,that.44.3% to a person who knows what figures mean,will agree with me. Chamisa lost a rigged election,yes but considering the time frame he started preparing for election as a opposition leader especially in a chronic culture of rigging,to me he actually wone.
          in a company set up some one with 44.3% shares becomes an active director within that copnany.This is where my point is

        2. Cant Rigg Economy

          Wezhira you are right to say 50 plus 1 vote wins election,but to say he has the keys to the Zimbabwean econony is just an elology,its yet to be seen within this comming 5 years,

      2. ED must accept the fact that we are all Zimbabwean we deserve to be happy so lets join our hands together for the betterment of our country.Together we conquer

      3. idze dzinenge wasu chete. extemporanious and epigramatic wat wat. chirungu

  2. Biti is right. ZANU PF lacks the vision and pedigree to run a modern economy. All the ruling ZANU PF thinks about is consumption- their own selfish consumption. They do not think about rebuilding the economy they have destroyed over the years. What Zimbabwe needs are institutional reforms, regulatory streamlining and incentivizing economic players in a sustainable and fair manner. That calls for good leadership that is inclusive in outlook. ZANU PF lacks that, terribly.

    1. MDC also lack the experience of running an economy, we don’t want learners and dreamer.

      1. really? look what happened from 2009-2013 coz of mdc after zanu realised that it cannot make the ends meet alone..if so, here is another shot let ed prove that he can run and built the economy..we are watching!

        1. imi mdc yaiva yega mu Gvt here.Since 1980 zanu pf have done a lot.
          nyangwe inflation payaisvika ma billions zanu pf was building universities ,ndeipi nyika yakapa education kudarika zanu pf.Mdc munoipa mbiri yekuti yakaunza ma juice card.
          kana mdc yakachenjera se political party why are they begging for money.Chi Harvest house is crumbling no decent paint ,or furniture,moreso they are failing to pay their workers

  3. Zanu pf we be known for spending 5million on importing isuzu twin cab trucks on useless rural chiefs when there is typhod in Masvingo and medical drug shortages as well as firing nurses for demanding their pay….

    1. That attitude of saying useless rural chiefs will keep you playing second fiddle in running this country. Until a point you show respect to the rural vote you wont rile this country

  4. what nonesense mbiti you r talking yu campagned for sunctions and we know it now its isnt suprising you r saying chamisa holds key to economy. you think God is a fool you will pay for all this one day. unfortunately for you you will soon be out of that alliance, watch the space


  5. Wena Biti, those are the things you should be telling that boy. It is camisa who has to swallow his pride and accept that he lost, period. What legitimacy issues are there to discuss when the highest court of the land and all observers legitimised the electoral process after that boy went to the mountain top and yelled ‘wolf, wolf” where there was none? All the world powers recognise Mnangagwa as the president of this country and so there is no legitimacy crisis to talk about. Only a few people in this country whose overestimated their popularity and thus importance only to be brought down to earth through the ballot are refusing to accept the simple truth staring them in their eyes. Camisa needs Mnangagwa more than Mnangagwa needs him as he will not be relevant for the next five years if he insists on stupid demands. Zimbabwe is bigger than your small camisa whether you want to believe it or not and the sooner he gets that through his thick skull, the better for all.

  6. Never ZANU PF will never fix this economy gentlemen. The issue here is not given the mandate to rule but the issue here the economy after all ED did not win the election , he was just endorsed by ZEC and the con-court.There is nothing new with zanupf. JUST watch and see.

  7. Zanupf is a party of the past, grasping the essentials of modern day civilisation & economics is well beyond its capabilities

  8. I don’t understand this guy! He pretends to have people’s interests at heart but admits holding the country’s economy, and thus people’s lively woods to ransom for personal gain. What a monster!!!

  9. Biti you promised bus loads of cash, just show us a wheelbarrow load of cash to prove you can turn things around. If you can’t, then go and bury yourself alive.

    1. their statements were conditioned on their winning of elections to control the central gvt. Of course they won. Now that they were rigged, how can you still expect them to deliver without controlling the central gvt. Wake up and stop dreaming. So leave him alone and sip the poison you voted. (ZPF)

  10. Clearly he had skipped his meds, But you didnt ask him the obvious questio, why was he getting sworn in from results of a stolen election ??

  11. Samuel, if you believed Mbiti’s “truckloads of cash” nonsense, then we must moan you! Biti or Mbiti is hopelessly mentally sick. He or his “loser -friend” have neither key nor lock! They are just primitive losers! Nyika ino haitongwi netsvina yakadaro.

  12. Nyararai kuchema mose zvenyu muone. Mudhara achauya uye kana auya akangogadza cabinet yake mose muchasekerera. Zvemakeys anonzi ana Nelson , izvo hatingapikisi asi yeukai kuti kunenzvimbo dzakawanda dzakasianasiana dzinemakeys. Most probly the keys that Nelson holds are the ones to hell.

    1. ask tht from mnangagwa u can only ask biti wen he is in power.mati mnozvigonaka saka itrai mega we dont need any coalition wth zanu

  13. The foreign investors wont invest in such a dangerous sh!t hole nation like Zim. White farmers had productive farms and you chased them telling them to leave everything except travelling documents. So, you are expecting an investor to pour money in such a dangerous country? The only pple whom you should engage are the Chinese. They dont set up their permanent structures becoz they know, you would grab their businesses. The Chinese are colonising you in day broad light becoz they know that you are useless, greedy, murderers, lazy and myopic.


  15. The people of Zimbabwe hold the keys to their own economic development not an individual, the people of Zimbabwe gave a mandate to those that they want to lead them for the next five years, so it’s not an individual who holds the key to economic development,” said Ziyambi

    Nxaaaaa why talikng nonsense for how many years Zimbabweans suffering iwe kana uchiguta kumba kwako usafunge kuti tese Ziyambi ndarwadziwa apa l cant raise fees yevana vexul zvinhu zvakaoma makambani arikuvhara zuva nezuva magraduates akangogara tinawo mudzimba nxaa mhani ndasvotwa ini kana tisina zvekutaura ngatinyararei unozivei Ziyambi iwe uchigara mu comfort yeBorrowdale nyarai mhani coz venyu vana vagere vachidya vachiguta vachidzidza abroad puu..u should know why 2 million Zimbabweans voted opposition taneta nenhamo mhani

  16. Biti must be insane, whether his key is golden or platinum let him keep it or use it to open the legs of his wife, we are not going to vote for a cruel person like this again i made this mistake once and for good, i have learnt the hard way. We are suffering because of these Mbitis worse they say it. Its deliberate, these shortages are affecting both of use the poor nomatter Zanu or MDC, Im tired of this type of politics, why dont they compete on reviving the economy so that we choose the better one than destroying the economy so that we vote for him. I am now very sick and tired of this MDC’s tricks since 2000 vanhu vachingodaidzira masanctions kuti vanhu vakaure vagovavhotera this was my last vote to MDC. i will support ED he is trying.

  17. Wataura hama vamwe vanongoomoka forgetting kuti those who voted for Chamisa maZimbo and varikubatirwa tax vanoziva kurwadza kuri kuita nyika ino moreso that 2.1 million cant be ignored coz that diffrerence of 300 000 vanhu ivavo havangatonzi resounding victory shame..makwikwi aya ipapa people tend to ignore even the President vanhu ivava mean a lot zvikanzi vane 2million and above simukai Chamisa anotosimukawo pabatei ipapo

    1. Zvikanzi vakadyiwa, Chamisa anosimuka futi!!!

    2. Zvikanzi vakadyiwa, Chamisa anosimuka futi.

  18. Makore mangani Zanu ichitonga chabuda hapanai suffer pfee nyaraiwo kani..where are the 2million jobs u promised n ma graduates busy kutengesa airtime nekuita mahwindi shame on u

    1. Kana uri munhu anifunga surely you cannot expect 2 million jobs in one week or month.

      1. Unotorwara asi dzakataurwa nezuro 2 million jobs dzacho unogarepiko iwe shame zvaunofunga watadza kuziva when the 2 million jobs were promised shame on u

      2. 2million jobs dzakataurwa 2013 but look at us now tiri magraduates but no jobs kwana mhani iwewe kasi uri weku uzumba here

  19. The people of Zim will continue to suffer as long we have this arrogant zanu pf. They have been in power for the past 38 years, Chii chakabuda.ED was part of this problem.He was the right hand man of Bob.They Zanu are only interested in power not development. Zim was far ahead of SA in infrastructure in the 90s and people would afford to go for holiday .Now professionals like nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers are all over the world not by choice but the ruinous zanu pf policies which ED was part.We are retrogressing. Its not easy staying in a foreign land but what do you do when your own gvt is the main reason for your suffering.Soon and very soon people shall rise with soldiers pointing guns to unarmed, unemployed youths.

  20. Comment…On this one biti u are corect 2008 mdc put a stop to bearer printing 2013 to 2018 zanu ikatadza kumaintainer $ bonds notes came chasing all the $ away vumai Zanu is clueless .Kutadza ku aplaya zvaiitwa naBiti

  21. We are sick and tired of legitimacy legitimacy . Please leave Zanu to do the economic business and the opposition to oppose . Hold on to your keys if you think they are keys . Zanu PF has the master key .

    1. Cant Rigg Economy

      Zanu Has the master key for destruction,zanu pfe is the reason why our economy is bleeding profusley like this
      Zanu pfe has milked this economy to the point of bleeding for the past 38years What else can they do anew which they failed to do in the past 3 and half decades. shame on those who expect miracle from an old man which he failed to perfome at his tender age to like it or hate it is a constitutional right but the botton line is we will all suffer unless you are a direct beneficiary of this cult that has such an insatiable appetite to corruption.

  22. Given the current trend and ZanuPf history, chasing away Banana for sodomy, Mugabe for bedroom coup and missing damond revenue, Mnangagwa for Harare 1 August killings and rigging election ZanuPf will selfdestruct just you wait given the confussion

  23. Mbiti is insane and a day dreamer, its better to ignore his rantings and focus on the job on hand ie Economic revival of our great country

  24. In short WHO IS CHAMISA?, Zimbabwe is stronger and greater than any one individual. Zimbabwe can Never be held hostage by any single individual, RGM tried look at where Mugabe is now. MDC trying to create a crisis where non exist, their strategy to remain relevant after loosing elections and concourt case. Zimbabwe is in bad situation we all know that, ED inherited a mess and will do all He can to fix it, that is why He was elected. He is the president of Zimbabwe for the next five years that is a fact. International community will continue opening and warming up to Zim and ED, international people are not political they work with the government of the day. Investment go where there are profits and less risk, in Zim RGM was the risk, now he is gone our risk levels have gone with him. Investors will come for our Gold and other minerals resources and other capital, they Care less about our politics as long as it is manageable like it is and not a war zone like eastern countries, even those still get investment because the have oil as we have our Gold.

    1. shame on you apa uri rovha uchiotomoka zvisina basa

    2. Command evrything

      Zim is too risky to invest. Too many soldiers in the gvnt institutions. Mutemo unochinjwa overnyt vanhu vakadzigwa basa vese. Mari inotorwa kibank ukasara usina kana cent. That’s y Indians never bank with us, asi ndivo vane mari nemabuildings akawanda muHre. Mune clue nezveku’investa zvamataura here kana kuti? Dai mangoti zvenyu “ED pfee”

  25. Yes. Zanu PF has the master keys to poverty which it has efficiently used since 1980.

  26. Biti. What do you mean when you say Chamisa holds the key to the economy. So are you telling us that one man is holding Zimbabwe’s economy at randsom unless he gets the Presidency,and you are proud of that .Shame on you. You keep repeating this statement. We heard you loud and clear. Let him keep it.

  27. kkkkkk this is laughable

  28. when he failed to fund raise for election campaign funding tibvirei apa

  29. Biti is misguided. Chamisa is not God and does not hold the keys to the success of Zimbabwe. ED extended his hand to Chamisa who thought otherwise because of his pride and advisors like Biti. The one to swallow his pride is Chamisa. Legitimacy is in the minds of Biti and Chamisa and their cronies. We all know that Chamisa wants relevance in the period before the next elections and this is what he wants. Let us not forget that Chamisa lost to Mwonzora during the MDC-T elections thus he is bound to lose to another MDC Alliance candidate considering that he is outside parliament. Biti is lying as usual because he wants to demise Chamisa and become the leader. Biti you funnies that Paul Pogba of Man United would give Zimbabwe money, is that the money that will revive the economy. Be serious Biti.

  30. Useless ED busy blowing our taxes dishing out vehicles to chiefs who cant even drive a wire car or been on a bicycle

  31. How does one know whether Chamisa lost the election really if Zec admitted in Concourt their habbit of changing election results whenever a complaint arises. The arithmetic sum of non-elastic genuine figures remains the same each time complaint arises.

  32. ndini mambo mwari wako usave nemumwa waumoti mwari kunze kwangu ini, wotoona vamwe vanhu vachinamata chamisa oh my God have mercy, anochinja zvinhu ndiyaniko ndiyani ane key dze economy kunze kwaivo mwari handifungi kuti dai chamisa ari pastor wevokwadi angabvume kuti ndiye aneyese i voted for chamisa but handisviki papoint yekuit my life is on chamisa hands nooo this economy kana mwari vada zvavo kuchinja its just a second iye chamisa akangobata ake ma key

  33. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    The responsibility of fixing this economy does not lie with Zanu PF or with MDC. The real solutions is with the people becoming productive and investing in their own country. Yes we need FDI, but its not the solution because we need locals to start the process through investing in their own country. FDI follows local investment. I am amazed that we think politicians will create jobs. They don’t!! Zimbabweans need a total mindset shift. You don’t need an MDC or Zanu-PF government to build a successful business. You can become successful regardless of whoever is in power.

    Don’t celebrate that things are getting difficult and prices are going up etc…. Its stupid because the people that suffer are us ordinary people. By the time these politicians feel a thing you will be dying. Rather look for opportunities to be the answer to the many problems in our country. Do your part, and when all do that then the economy will be better.



  36. it’s over , time to get down to grafting , Rome wasn’t built in a day

  37. Only GOD holds the key of the economy.

  38. Pfee muTyphoid, Pfee muCholera,

  39. Only God holds the key for Zimbabwe economy not human being or certain can get there and fail to deliver without God so we need God the more

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