Chamisa consults grassroots on way forward

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa will this weekend date his Chitungwiza grassroots supporters in an ongoing consultation exercise to map the way forward following the disputed July 30 harmonised elections.


The MDC-T’s national council resolved to embark on a whirlwind consultation exercise in order to come up with a collective way forward in the aftermath of the Constitutional Court ruling that dismissed Chamisa’s petition to overturn President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory.

Chamisa was supposed to address his supporters in Kwekwe last week, but was blocked by the police who cited public health concerns.

His spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said although they failed in Kwekwe, the consultations went on well in other places and they would be in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

“The president gave an instruction last Thursday for these consultations to be carried out over the last weekend and we are informed that all his emissaries covered the whole country over the weekend and only Masvingo is the outstanding province which will be finished this week,” Sibanda said.

“The president himself will be travelling to Chitungwiza this weekend carrying out those consultations and we hope that this will continue.

“As you know, we are having problems with police clearance, but we have taken specific action to ensure that everyone is consulted at the structures are all levels and provide a report to him.”

“The president will be in Chitungwiza on August 8, this Saturday. As for other areas, he is receiving reports starting from today (Wednesday) and then based on those he will make a decision to map the way forward,” he said.

From its resolution, the MDC Alliance said it would consult Zimbabweans across the country and thereafter, embark on a national programme of action resulting from the outreach.


  1. Nelson needs to be warned that Ed will not continue treating him with kid gloves indefinitely. Unles the so called consultations have nothing to do with planning lawless activities, a can foresee Nelson and other opposition hotheads in jail. Vana vezim musafurirwa. Munokuvarira Mahara, kana kufa chaiko. Citizens of our nation need to adhere to the rule of law. Ko nhai iwe nelson, ko dai wanga wakanzi nezec ndiwe wakakunda musarudzo, Ed nezanu pf vobva vatanga kuita zvamurikuita izvi waizonzwa sei?

  2. there is no way forward apart from preparing for 2023 if your age falls within the revised presidential bracket

  3. The sole agenda remaining is to heal the broken people and build the nation and entails the winners and the losers coming to a collective agreement.
    What are we going to seek from the the people who have already defined their destiny?
    Let us overcome this denial, drop our egos and live to fight for another day.
    The 2018 election is done and dusted and the national agenda supersedes our selfish interests.

  4. Since when did Chamisa start consulting when he has been running the party all by himself . He is the only one with a position in the party . No vice presidents , no chairperson , no secretary . How do you intend to consult people at a rally ? He is so obsessed with the love for power that he could go
    insane any time .

  5. does these consultations solve the current declining economic situation or is going to identify his supporters and avail basic commodities at cheaper prices.

  6. A clever person would accept defeat, pause and sit down look at the clip and see what went wrong and have a good PR. You are only 40. This korkness and one man horse will lead to another disaster come 2023.

  7. The zimbabwe problem has much less to do with the just ended national elections, than with established political culture. Solution lies not in just moving ahead, as a nation. Time for radical departure from suicidal traditions is now. Time for necessary rest of useless and expired popular politicians is Now. Time for optimum harnesment of nation’s most creative and resourceful minds is Now.

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