Breaking: Mnangagwa announces cabinet

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda, flanked by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has announced the new cabinet at State House this afternoon.

The 20 cabinet Ministers are as follows:

1. Finance and Economic Development – Professor Mthuli Ncube

2. Defence and War Veterans – Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri

3. Local Government, Public Works and National Housing – July Moyo

4. Foreign Affairs and International Trade- SB Moyo

5. Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare – Sekesai Nzenza

6. Industry and Commerce – Mangaliso Ndlovu

7. Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage- Cain Mathema

8. Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development – Amon Murwira

9. Primary and Secondary Education – Paul Mavima

10. Lands, Agriculture, Water, Culture and Rural Resettlement – Perrance Shiri

11. Mines and Mining Development – Winston Chitando

12. Energy and Power Development – Joram Gumbo

13. Transport and Infrastructural Development – Joel Biggie Matiza

14. Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services- Monica Mutsvangwa

15. ICT and Courier Services- Kazembe Kazembe

16. Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry – Prisca Mupfumira

17. Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation – Kirsty Coventry

18. Health and Child Care- Obediah Moyo

19. Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs – Ziyambi Ziyambi

20. Women Affairs, Community, Small and Enterprises Development – Sithembiso Nyoni

Deputy Ministers:

Defence and War Veterans – Victor Matemadanda

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing – Jennifer Mhlanga

Public Service , Labour and Social Welfare – Lovemore Matuke

Industry and Commerce – Rajeshakumart Modi

Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage – Michael Madiro

Primary and Secondary Education – Edgar Moyo

Lands, Agriculture , Water, Culture and Rural Resettlement

  • Douglass Karoro
  • Vangelis Haritatos

Mines and Mining Development – Polite Kambamura

Energy and Power Development – Magna Mudyiwa

Transport and Infrastructural Development – Fortune Chasi

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services – Energy Mutodi

ICT and Courier Services – Jerifan Muswere

Sport, Arts and Recreation – Yeukai Simbanegavi

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  1. A progressive cabinet by any standard…..

    1. Hapana hapana

  2. at least somechanges it’s wonderful.. now these guys have to work and make change. Well tried ED.

  3. hapana zviripo

  4. Jesus is for the wise!

    Some hope in new cabinet

  5. A progressive cabinet from a President favouring positive reforms and civil liberties.

  6. THANKS ED. ED means change

  7. Kkkkkk hanzi hapana zviripo nemachinja….maida kuti ED abude offside muwane zvekuposta a twitter and facebook ka. This is an excellent cabinet by any standard and if they do their work properly Zimbabwe will surely rise…Keep it up ED apa magona mdara.

  8. Well done President ED on giving us a fresh cabinet. This step has made me believe in you, there is hope for us. I especially like Obadiah Moyo and Kirsty Coventry.As a health worker myself I hope Obadiah with his out of the box thinking can transform our health sector the way he did Chitungwiza hospital.

  9. Washie Mwanawashe

    This is one of the best cabinet setup in years for Zimbabwe, my favorites being Mthuli Ncube, and Kirsty Coventry. As a nation we should support our leadership to progress. I see great things happening for our nation. Vanoukura havashaikwe, ED thank you you have restored our hopes for a better Zimbabwe.

  10. At least it’s a better government

  11. Let, walk to change

  12. Joshua Masvokisi

    …Well done your Excellence. This cabinet is going to turnaround the ailing economy

  13. Wellington Nhando

    This cabinet on its own gives validity to a process marred by malcontent, bravo ED, BRAVO

  14. Hmm… I am almost lost for words.As an avid MDC supporter I was looking for something to criticize. There is nothing here ! (well with the exception of Gumbo 🙁

    This gives me a glimmer of hope. Well done ED !!!

  15. Zvaitwa Mrabwi magona

  16. Good mudhara watibvisira chembere at least Ana sorojena vashoma this time.

  17. well done president keep gives us fresh hope.zimbabwe is open for bussness you mean it

  18. PaHealth apo aiwa magona Dj Biscuit vanomirara mira.He ask Chitwn residents he is the man.

  19. This shuts the door right in the face of the opposition. Itai basa vakomana nevasikana tione kuti Neriseni achapinda nepapi.

  20. Thanks President ED a progressive cabinet.

  21. Nation is built through constructive criticism and not thru traditional falling head over heals praise. With regards what his Excellency public input needs and national needs, at least some material criticism on cabinet size and pessistance of our national need for deputy ministers IN OUR NATIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES. I personally mavelled others’ suggested full knowledge of ALL the ministers and deputy ministers. Otherwise several such glossing comments are suspicious and needless. However his Excellency’s good effort stll merits my personal acknowledgement.

  22. Welldone Garwe machinja hatina neremuromo. But pliz ED mosiyawo Mthuli aite basa rake kwete kumuvhiringa vhiringa, kana ati mari hapana hapana hatidi kuti akurumidze kurisigner mamutadzisa kuita basa rake

  23. Comment…thank you president for an efficient cabinet


  24. A good cabinet for the first tym in zim’s history.

  25. Comment…home affairs yadiiko APA

  26. Kudzora Gumbo ari tainted already.


  28. Why have so many ministers for such a poor country. No need for all those deputy ministers, just copying mentor Mugabe.

    1. very soon you will be eating your own words! Zimbabwe is not a poor country, you just wait and see

  29. Capitalistic Servant

    Real hopes ignited amongst Zimbabweans, the old ones who have been Ministers for over five years should mainly serve to ensure a smooth and gradual transformation to a higher middle income country. Excellent picks for Finance, Foreign Affairs, Sports, Arts and Youths, Higher Education, Health. Indeed Zimbabwe is open for business, as the people of Zimbabwe we are ready for business, together we will not only create employment for our youths and but also nurture youth entrepreneurship allowing them to be innovative and creative.

  30. Barbican bank rakawa na Ncube uyo, hobho nyaya dzake
    Dzoke dzoke motora state funds and splash henyu pama chartered flights
    Kubira varombo kare, lets hope ndoo kekupedzesera

  31. The President uses authority derived from the constitution to appoint ministers. However, it would have been good for a ‘listening president’ to also listen to the voice of those in the other politicl camp. So far he has perhaps listened to those in his own political stable. While there is nothing wrong about this, one would have expected him to match his words with his actions.

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