Zanu PF lawyers in embarrassing boob

Zanu PF legal secretary Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana

ZANU PF lawyers yesterday made an embarrassing boob when they made a beeline to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) to file their response to opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s presidential challenge, only to find that the courts were closed for the public holidays.


Zanu PF legal secretary Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana

Party secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana was caught on camera as he led a team of lawyers to the ConCourt only to be stopped by locked gates as they moved to file their opposing papers.

Mangwana said he had expected the courts to be open because of the urgency of the matter, but found the gates closed and will now only file the papers tomorrow.

“Because of the urgency of this matter, I expected the courts to be open, but unfortunately the court was closed and I understand that because of the holiday. I understand they are just opening on Wednesday morning. So we will file our papers on Wednesday morning,” Mangwana said.

Zanu PF has three days within which to respond to Chamisa’s petition after being served with the court papers last Friday. Chamisa is seeking nullification of President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s victory.

“This exposes the Zanu PF legal team to an embarrassing interpretation that they can read the law, they have been making arguments that Chamisa filed his papers out of time because seven days had lapsed, now that they went to court and found the gates locked, I am sure they now know which days the court counts,” said a top lawyer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Zanu PF said it has hired a team of 12 lawyers to defend Mnangagwa’s contested victory.


  1. So apparently Newsday you are the only ones who did not catch that the whole thing was a stunt,, or did you?

    1. Apparently Newsday did not not catch the stunt.Put me on the list as well.

    2. Newsday’s job is to report the news as it happened not to speculate whether or not it was a stunt.

  2. Comment…Oh really? What stunt ? please do enlighten us lesser mortals.

    1. Showing their independence from the constitutional court i.e if they dont even know the time the court operates then how can they be accused of collusion with court

    2. showing their independence from the court i.e how can they be accused of collusion if they don’t even know the time at which the court operates

      1. Collusion happens outside the courts.

  3. So you expect a country to move forward with pple like these? Shame. They dont even know what a public holiday mean. Whether you bring a leader from the moon or the ocean, as long as he is under Zanu, nothing meaningful will come out. Zanu ndeye mhondi, mbavha, varoyi ne mbwa.

    1. Wamba dia Wamba

      ndiko kushanda vanhu makadhakwa,

  4. If I had daft lawyers such as these representing me in a case I would start preparing myself for prison even before the trial begins coz there’d be no hope of winning anything kkkkk. Paul Mangwana reportedly drinks too much whisky & was probably drunk as usual

  5. Zanu= mbavha, mhondi, varoyi, imbwa.

  6. They’ll simply blame it on mdc alliance.

  7. Comment…Courts sometimes sit outside standard hours if the matter(s) is/are are urgent or of national importance, eg the nomination court operates from 10:00 to 16:00 but will remain open until all candidates have been served, sometimes after midnight. I am not sure if the concourt operates like the ordinary courts which hear cases every working day. I am not a lawyer but just a layman

  8. Zvana Mangwana ndezve mbanje izvi. Lawyer unotadza kuziva kuti Courts dont open on Public Holidays. Kuda kushoresa ZANU ne mbanje dzenyu pano apa

  9. Sure imi 12-member team itai mushe. hatidi kuitirwa kunge makaputa mbanje usiku hwese pano apa. Public holiday sure ConCourt yovhura?????

  10. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Vana vadiki munonetsa. You already see Chamisa at state house through courts! If wishes were horses, beggers would ride. Mnangagwa munhu MUKURU kuna Chamisa in every sense of the word. Be patient, wait and see for yourself. How can Chamisa accuse Zec of taking sides with Mnangagwa and at the same time boast that they themselves have loyalists within Zec, supplying them with the so called evidence? Who is getting favours from zec here? What else have they been doing with their g4o Zec loyalists? Only time shall tell!

    1. sure only time can tell ,even if Mnangagwa grabs power he wont last a year in office ,already there is a rift in his party .You think Mangwana is so dump to that extent its a clear signal to Mnangagwa that they are no longer interested in his leadership .

  11. @Chimuti
    Normination court remaining open till everyone is served is the norm everywhere. Even in a supermarket, once you’re in, they cant kick you out when closing time ticks. You’ll have to be served but they won’t remain open for someone who is at home. On courts operation the concourt is different from criminal court. Criminal court may operate weekends so they dont have a backlog of petty criminals eating remand prison sadza all weekend waiting to be bailed out by the magistrate on Monday

  12. Vana Farai munorarama muhapwa dzemhondi nevaroyi,ndimi muchapengesa mhuri dzenyu nemweya yevafi varikushungurudzika mweya yavo vakafa vachitamburira kusunungukira nyika yose,imi moti zanu ndiyo chete yakarwira nyika. Imi ka imi,muchatambura zvikuru nekuti zvamuri kuita nhasi mangwana hazvifanani.

  13. Kkkkkkkkkk mbavha,varoyi nemhondi dziye dzave confused

  14. Comment…moyo chirandu, When a court is sitting, it can adjourn to a date advised to continue with the case. The constitution sets the time period within which the case must be concluded, ie the agrieved party must file its case within seven days of the annnouncing the results of the presidential elections, 3rd August 2018 and no later than 10th August 2018 which means weekends are included in the seven days. My little legal knowledge tells me that there is no difference between weekend(Saturday and Sunday) and public holiday as both are non working but I recall general elections being held on a Saturday, meaning that courts actually opened on that Saturday for the purpose of elections. This was reasoning when Mangwana and co approached the concourt on a public holiday. Its unfortunate that reporters want to masters of trades but are not and end up reporting fiction just to sell the newspapers.

    1. chimuti sei musoro wako wakaoma kunge chimuti iwe. chirandu has clearly explained it kt concourt doesnt sit on weekednds lyk what criminal courts does check with the constitution. asi waive pamwe namangwana hre

      1. hahahahahahah Daamniit

  15. ZANU pf lawyers perfoming acrobatics.We are ready for the spectacular show. Paul Mangwana hapana chinozivikanwa apa,Has he won a single case before,I wonder!He cannot even count seven working day,kkkkkkkkkk.

  16. Comment…iii

  17. Comment…Vanhuwe itayi doro shoma nguvadzose. Vamwe vedu munodzoka mowanza mupeta. Ummmmmm! zvakaoma, kukunda kuwoma. Doro ukariwanza unodakuita FAST PLUS DZUNGU. Kana pakuchaira motokari chaipo.

  18. like temba mliswa would say the concourt was whipped to open on monday
    but this time Chigumba stood her ground thumps up to her now we wait to hear
    their line of arguemennt now that on technicality they scored an on goal

  19. Look critically in terms of hours from the time Zec announces the presidential results which was in the early hours of the day to the submission of the court papers me thinks Chamisa indeed was later in submitting them

  20. kikiki Briefcase Lawyers who don’t know that Courts are generally closed on public holidays. All they know is pfee pfee! I bet they will miss the court day and turn up on Sunday Kikiki

  21. Briefcase Lawyers who don’t know that Courts are generally closed on public holidays. All they know is pfee pfee! I bet they will miss the court day and turn up on Sunday Kikiki

  22. Zvimwe mungataura zvenyu asi chinorwadza zvakanyanya ngechekuti Freedom yakafira magamba chaiwo kwete mamwe arikutinyepera aya . Hapana Freedom apa.
    Ngatitauriranei chokwadi se vana vemunhu umwe(Zimbabweans)

  23. ED appears to be weak when he is in fact strong ,watch the space.

  24. MDC Alliance again being misled and lulled into false sense of optimism by media embedded to it which tells it what it wants to hear. It cannot be more incestuous than that.

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