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Youths condemn post-poll violence


THE Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) has denounced last week’s episodes of political violence that rocked Harare and urged all youths to shun being led into acts of violence which might place them in harm’s way.


Addressing journalists in the capital yesterday, ZYC youth programming and public relations assistant director, Tanzikwa Guranungo, said despite having contrasting political views, it was important for youths to avoid resorting to violence as a means of expressing their views.

“Recently, young people were being incited by political parties to demonstrate and cause violence in the city and, as Zimbabwe Youth Council, we encourage them not to be used as at the end of the day they will be victims and they are the ones who are going to be affected and arrested,” Guranungo said.

“During the harmonised elections, we noted that the young people came in their numbers to vote. There was no violence, but afterwards there was violence and as ZYC we condemn that and we are against what other political parties have done to young people.”

Last Wednesday, suspected members of the main opposition MDC Alliance took to the streets of Harare and violently protested against alleged electoral fraud by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Members of the military were later deployed to thwart the demonstrations and, in the process, they indiscriminately shot at the protesters using live ammunition, killing at least seven people and injuring several others.

Meanwhile, ZYC has announced that on August 12, which is International Youth Day, youths from various walks of life will engage in a massive clean-up campaign in the capital to remove all election posters.

“In commemorating this [International Youth Day], we are going to launch a massive clean-up campaign in Harare to remove these posters, and after the launch, we are going to cascade to provincial and district levels,” Guranungo said.

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  1. Wasn’t the ZYC the birthplace of the Green Bombers? if so isnt this the pot calling the kettle black?

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