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Trump renews Zim sanctions


UNITED States President Donald Trump yesterday signed the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018 (S 2779) into law, effectively tightening the noose on President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government and dampening hopes of reengagement to jumpstart the country’s free-falling economy.


President Donald J. Trump

The new law, which amends the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001, effectively extends US sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Its signing follows the passing of Zidera by the US senate and Congress last month ahead of Zimbabwe’s July 30 polls.

The announcement was made by the White House in a statement yesterday which flies into Mnangagwa’s hopes of re-engagement to end the country’s international pariah status.

“On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, the President signed into law: S 2779, the ‘Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Amendment Act of 2018,’ which amends the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001,” the statement read.

Zimbabwe has been under US sanctions since 2001 when the world economic giant imposed measures to punish former President Robert Mugabe’s government for gross human rights abuses and following the chaotic land reform programme.

Mnangagwa, who took over from Mugabe on the back of a military operation last November, had been desperate for international re-engagement to lure investors and revive the economy.

The US had indicated it would evaluate its foreign policy on Zimbabwe after the holding of free, fair and credible elections.

However, Mnangagwa’s pledge for free and fair poll has been marred by post-electoral violence that claimed seven lives after soldiers opened fire in Harare’s crowded streets last week.

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  1. They must cut fuel supply from all angles into zimbabwe , and these goons from zanu pf will see that they are not clever. This country will go on abrupt halt .

    • The zanu pf goons have looted enough wealth to survive the abrupt halt, the ordinary citizens will suffer because of the sanctions.

      • @Distressed. This Tongai is the type of person who will cut off his nostrils just to spite his own face. That is one problem I have with these opposition parties and their blind followers; they celebrate things that will bring hardships on the entire nation simply to spite the ruling party and its government. Little do they know that the chefs (both in government and in opposition leadership) do not even suffer but we the poor will do.

    • You are the worst idiot on this earth. You think the sanctions will affect ZANU PF only? Iko zvino zvakusina mabasa saka weZANU PF chete ndiwo vasiri kushanda then you must be happy if that is the case. If this country comes to an abrupt hold where will you be? Unokundwa nedhongi kufunga rinootomira motor ichiuya kuziva kuti inotomira chete. Shame on you.

    • This is a non event. Zimbabwe did not expect anything different. Trump was fulfilling his constitutional duty. The decision was taken early this year and the congress approved even before elections and Trump is just fulfilling that process. This move has nothing to do with the current situation in Zimbabwe. It is naive for anyone to link it with the current developments. Even without the latest development Trump was still going to sign and any review of the USA policy was not expected in the short to medium term given that administration’s bias towards supporting Regime Change in Zimbabwe. The USA’s Agenda which it is pursuing through the MDC is to do away with revolutionary movements and their target is not only Zimbabwe but everywhere else where liberation movements are still in power. In this regard, their stance does not come as a surprise. Be that as it may Zimbabwe remains open for business to all those who want to do business with the country.

      • Aiwa kani uri balance. Democracy is not buying votes by misusing govt institutions. Govt initiatives like command agriculture should not be rolled out through party programs. Until that kind of culture disappears these conditions wont go away

    • Ko Amai nehama dzako dzinorarama sei Nyika ikawedzera kuoma? Sanction should be targeted to only individuals not the whole nation.


  2. The sanctions will hurt the ordinary man on the street and strengthen our resolve in fighting and against neocolonialism.

  3. Thats a stupid comment and suggestion. Do you honestly think Zanu Pf will suffer if your suggestions are implemented? Its general populace that suffers you stupid!

  4. No one benefits from these sanctions. All Zimbabweans will suffer for sure! Political affiliation doesn’t matter. America should remove them.

  5. we never survived from trump since they imposed sanctions, America does not have fuel deposits mind you they plunder it from Kuwait, America is the best producer of US dollars only. Zimbabwe has its on surviving skills natural and African not American, anyone who thinks Biti who recently called for sanctions is a hero is fooling him/herself,Zimbabweans chose a leader they want no the one expected by America and the majority said they want ED so we are going to rally behind him with or without sanctions.

    • My man, do a fact check before you post some of these things…. The US produces most of its own fuel (Texas and other states, Gulf off shore rigs) now and imports mostly from Canada not Kuwait. Also, these sanctions are targeted so another incorrect statement. Lastly, Zimbabwe has fallen so far behind the rest of the world, i am not sure you realize the need for re-engagement is dire. Hence ED spent most of last year trying to woo investors back.

      I am Zimbabwean and do not like sanctions as well but that does not mean we should bash each other with lies and hatred. ZANU, MDC, we are all Zimbabweans and the true semblance of democracy is being able to listen and tolerate other peoples opinions and allowing others to lead!

      PS. America or the world doesn’t care about who is the leader if there is a functioning democratic govt.

  6. Yaa, gone are the days when we used to support these sanctions by the Americans. All we want is a Zimbabwe that is functioning, and the Americans are not doing anything to help the situation, actually they are worsening the situation for the general population. Its high time they find other solutions that works to our challenges and not these sanctions. Zimbos, lets all have one voice against these sanctions, they are not helping the situation, they are not helping us, they are making us suffer.
    Anyway we are not on God sanctions and the Lord will take us out one day. While the government may be wrong, we can’t support the actions of the Americans either. (Two wrongs will never make it right).

  7. President Mnangagwa must not be scared and blackmailed by a paper tiger. The world order is changing very fast and America is surely no longer the only game in town. Organise with president Xi Jinping to have the Yuan circulate locally while we are developing our industry and finaly restore our own currency. He should also work towards the prospect of Zimbabwe joining the BRICS and AIIB , the Asia Infrustructure Investment Bank. The fact that Trump is now trying to bully China economicaly provides us with a very good oportunity to cement our economic ties with China and the rest of the BRICS nations.

  8. i am deeply disappointed with Trump administration on taking that stupid and heartless stance on innocent zimbos. they are not killing the elite zanu pf but the general populace of zimbabwe. it’s high time those calling for sanctions on zimbabwe be chucked out of the country.

  9. yu only talk and talk Zimbos. wait and see where that talk will lead you. time to stand up and act………..!

  10. Trump is 100% correct, these thugs misuse our wealth to buy cars & election campaign materials instead of investing in the welfare of everyone. No country must ever do business with such evil & selfish crooks

  11. In the end, facts must prevail.Up to election day, Chamisa cried about foul play in the ballot box. In fact the battle started way back in 2013 after MDC lost that election. Mr Tsvangirayi made noise of aligning electoral laws to the constitution. He was ignored and infamous politicians like Saviour Kasukuwere flatly refused saying they would not selfishly hand over power to MDC by aligning those laws. The boycot of parliamentary seat contests then started, after the likes of Biti and company had left the movement. The playing field was not level.
    Tsvangirayi was robbed of his life, leaving young Nelson, who cried about the chaos in the ballot house and Zec up to this day. How then can we say the playfield was level.

    The now President elect was also reluctant to push his Parliament to realign the laws after overtaking Mr Mugabe on the historic 24th November 2017. Time was there this should have been done. If the new administration was serious on a new dispensation, these laws should have been realigned to create a level play field. This could have been his biggest achievement and he would have been a big hero. Now there is chaos over the election result. One can’t be forced to accept results where he is not satisfied.

    Also notable is the fact that a quasi atmosphere was created, giving the impression that the proces was free, fair and credible. But the main problem was in the ballot house/comand centre and that is what spoiled a seemingly good process. Lets adopt a new culture of transparency if our country is to move forward. We should shun pretences and be frank on whatever we do. This will be the beginning of a truly new culture and new dispensation.
    The whole world is watching and look at Zidera already.

  12. Revolutionary movements in Africa must go. We are sick and tired of Zanu. A party full of murderous, crooks, liars. Those sanctions must come fast and furious. Zanu govt, is killing the economy, zanu national army killed defenceless civilians, zec, has been rigging for the past yrs.

  13. people must understand that this decision has nothing to do with the recent election ,or ED winning or Zanu Pf winning. it has to do with the mind set of Zimbabweans , with the recent result , Zimbabweans said no thank you to your pocket change that you promise us in the banks , we will vote for our land. so Zimbabwe once again is being punished for not giving in to the west. we are made to suffer so that the rest of Africa see what will happen if they dare do the land reform period. you can say a free and fair election is the one in which the oppositions wins, trump him self is in power through a controversial ballot and tricks that include involvement of Russians to rig his presidency. look at Rwanda , its doing well because Kagame gave in , but check the history of kagame , its not about human rights , its not about gukurahundi, its nothing to do with that, look at Gaddafi , he had the most developed economy in Africa his people where well fed , and rich but look what they did to him, why because he had said if you what oil you need to buy it in pure gold, not your printed paper and you say its world currency…wake up Zimbos

  14. Only fools in the opposition are celebrating this cruelty by Trump. At this rate the whole world will be under sanctions. In 2018 alone, Trump’s America has sanctioned Russia, China, North Korea, Canada, Iran and many other countries. Its now time to have a coalition of the sanctioned, with 2 world super powers. With China, the world’s 2nd largest economy on our side, we can carry on with our lives without this American bigotry. ED covered this probability in his campaign. So Zimbabwe will continue its recovery under ED. The only mistake ED can make is to abuse sanctions in the manner that Mugabe did.

    I feel pity for our bros & sisters in the opposition who still do not see the big picture and still expect murungu kuti auye kuzovapa mabasa. Whatever ED does, he will NEVER please America. These sanctions have been renewed because of developments down south. South Africa is about to implement land redistribution without compensation, so they have to be strongly warned against that move. And with Cyril Ramaphosa wanting to cement his Presidence in the 2019 elections, South Africans are up to a rude awakening. Watch this space.

    • True! Trump is not a Saint! Why hero worshipping him. The USA elections were marred in controversy and they are still investigating them as of now.

  15. You Cant Subvert The Will Of The People And Get Away With It. Beside Zidera Those You Killed Are Haunting You

  16. Its a shame to note that some people cant even smell the coffee. Sanctions will always hate the ordinary men.

    And also note that the Trump is no Saint. His own elections were marred by controversy even till today, with investigations still on

  17. Zimbos are educated but still need to pray for wisdom …how can a normal person celebrate sanctions?zimbos we destroying ourselves on our own

    • zimbos my fellow brothers and sisters we need to come as one and stand in prayer for our nation, i agree trump chinhu here he is not the saviour of the world nor the god of Zimbabwe. MDC leaders will be leaving lavishly while you and i the coommon man and citizen suffer they will have their lives going while you and suffer with our families. think twice before celebrating this unearthical stance pulled by trump

  18. hey Zimbos dai taifunga zvimwechete MDC yaisafanira kuwana even a single vote bcoz how can they dare us kt inovhoterwa after that nokuti varuza that stupid leader anoenda to that stupid Trump wokumbira sanction…..MDC itself havadi kutungamira mhuri yeZimbabwe asi vanoda kutibira bcoz shungu dzacho dzakanyanyisa

    thanks GOD bless Zimbos

  19. Comment…tichamama mazimba nekufunga zvakasiyana izvezvi akuchisina fuel mota dzamaipiwa dzinofamba ne weti

  20. Yes now innocent people are v suffering yet the okologu chamisa himself is enjoying asking for sanctions.hatisati tati kusvika tati

    • if u see that in your tomato basket there is a rotten tomato, remove if it ASAP. Sanctions are being imposed over certain individuals and if u are somehow connected to those people why not cutting them loose. All those companies who can not do international business it’s because they are somehow related to the people vakapiwa ma sanction. Just becoz iwe urikudya ipapo does not mean zviri bhoo. those top guys are the ones whos are causing the suffering of us

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