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Tobacco deliveries hit 249 million kg


CUMULATIVE tobacco deliveries at the country’s three auction floors yesterday hit 249,1 million kilogrammes on day 100 of the sales period, with revenue reaching $728,75 million during mop-up sales.

By Garikai Tunhira

In the comparable period last year, 184,8 million kilogrammes of the golden leaf worth $548,7 million had gone under the hammer.

The bulk of the deliveries came from contracted growers who contributed 213,5 million kilogrammes, valued at $631,2 million at a contract average price of $2,96 per kilogramme.

Deliveries are highest at Tobacco Sales Floor, where 23,5 million kilogrammes worth $65,6 million have been sold, followed by Premier Tobacco Auction Floors (PTF), which has recently overtaken Boka Tobacco Auction Floors (BTF).

Golden leaf farmers have so far delivered 6,1 million kILOGRAMMES valued at $15,99 million at PTF, while at BTF, deliveries have reached six million kilogrammes worth $15,96 million.

The percentage of rejections at the floors is lower this year at 4,99% compared to last year’s 5,89%.

New black farmers, most of them beneficiaries of the land reform programme of the early 2000s, accounted for the bulk of the tobacco deliveries.

This season, which opened on March 21 and closed on July 30, saw 29 buyers and 23 contractors doing business.

During the 2018 season, 122 520 farmers were registered to sell the golden leaf, up from 84 221 last season.

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