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Clemence Hanyana and his family of Nemutenzi village in Chimanimani West ponder their next move after their house was torched by suspected Zanu PF activists recently

REPORTS that cases of post-election violence have erupted countrywide in which MDC Alliance supporters are being targeted by suspected Zanu PF zealots are unfortunate, regrettable and unacceptable in a new Zimbabwe.


In fact, such acts do not in any way help take the country forward now that elections are over.

The events unfolding speak to the need to stop the culture of impunity, where even the State security apparatuses decide to punish the victim (whenever they are deemed to be opposition) and let the perpetrator go scot-free.

We believe that post-election violence dovetails with the unfortunate incident in which seven civilians were shot dead in a callous, heavy-handed approach by the military during a protest march against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). Yet, most opposition demonstrations prior to that fateful day had been largely peaceful.

Clearly, if the Zanu PF first secretary and President Emmerson Mnangagwa does not call his party’s apparatchiks to order, then this is recipe for disaster. It is things like this that ignite genocides, especially when the targeted ones decide to fight back.

It is hoped that Mnangagwa and his government will not abate the intimidation, maiming or even killing of civilians simply because they voted for or publicly supported opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

We did not support State-sanctioned violence under former President Robert Mugabe, especially when Zanu PF activists terrorised the opposition then, while State security apparatuses looked aside, and we will not do that today under Mnangagwa.

Hence, the country’s leadership should inculcate a new culture where politics becomes a game of mind, and not use of violence as is being done by these suspected Zanu PF goons in the countryside. Police must be forced to arrest the culprits whether they like it or not.

The world is watching unfolding events in the country in the aftermath of the deadly shooting of fleeing civilians and the post-election violence only helps to confirm that all that is gone is Mugabe, but the “old regime’s” system is still in tact. What a blemish!

Zimbabweans are aware that Zanu PF has become synonymous with violence over the years. Therefore, it is not enough for party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo to try to urge the victims to report to the police when the police have ignored their cries for help in the past. Zanu PF must first rein in its wayward supporters who are using violence to settle scores with the opposition.

What is happening in Mashonaland East and Central provinces is tragic and unacceptable for Zanu PF activists to hunt down opposition supporters, for what really? What crime did they commit — supporting Chamisa? We believe this is the time Zanu PF must be pro-active and clear its name.

Citizens are tired of the violent nature of Zimbabwean politics. They want to go about their business in peace. It is still a mammoth task for the majority to eke out an honest living, yet others take pleasure in political violence in the name of their party leadership.

We are being dragged back to that unfortunate and regrettable time of the 2008 presidential run-off campaign when thousands of opposition party supporters lost their lives and limbs as well as their homes and property in an orgy of violence.

We believe violence is counter-development and Mnangagwa must be seen to be doing something about it, rather than paying lip service.

We are aware how difficult it was for the President to take responsibility for the August 1 shooting. We know it will be difficult for him to call those responsible to order.
But we demand that he acts to save lives, because he is in that position as leader of all Zimbabweans — even those against him.

Action, in such cases, speaks louder than words. Political leaders must preach against political retribution because it is unnecessary and counter-progressive.


  1. Whilst the few cases which have been reported and investigated have proved to be FALSE and some CASES are not linked politically for as long as there is no EVIDENCE and accompanying POLICE reports the nation will take these reports to be SUSPICIOUS and smacks of a hidden agenda, i believe the journos must back up their reports and were cases are not reported to law enforcement agents its then investigated why the victims are deciding to channel this through their POLITICAL PARTIES, there are serious credibility issues with sources of these reports and we need to be AWARE of Tabloids publishing these reports without corroborrating evidence we suspect all sorts of connivance with the losing candidates Who want to drive a point home of ANARCHY in the country which is non-existEnt and one wonders why a wining party would want to revenge on a losing candidate, FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

  2. The Adv.Mpofu syndrome of raising issues without hard evidence or proof is now spreading and catching fast in this country and some newspapers have latched on to it hook line and sinker which is unfortunate , we must be wary of this practice no wonder why we have what is called investigative journalisim so that we do not rush to print issues without cross checking for reputational purporses.

  3. Gentlemen you must be sober when commending on issues like these. The police are also fearing to attend to such cases because of fear of risking their own lives. This has been happening comrades. You might seek the prove from police but you can not get it but not getting the proof does not mean there is no truth.

    1. Amalinze. Find time to read logic. Why cant you just provide the evidence instead of appealing to us to believe your hallucinations.Just tell us whose house was burnt where and when so that we can find time to go there and verify on our own. Zimbabwe is a very small country

    2. Absolutely 100% correct.

  4. Amalinze. Find time to read logic. Why cant you just provide the evidence instead of appealing to us to believe your hallucinations.Just tell us whose house was burnt where and when so that we can find time to go there and verify on our own. Zimbabwe is a very small country

  5. Maitiro ako ayoo

    The 01 August 2018 demonstration was anything but peaceful. Surely, the arsonry, vandalism and quasi-terrorism by the hooligans masquerading as protestors cannot escape any unbiased Editor. Unfortunately,the Newsday editorial is becoming more and more rumbustious and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the Editor has been captured by the Harvest House!

    1. I wouldn`t be surprised to hear that the Editor has been captured by ….

  6. Give us evidence to back your childish allegations

    1. These allegations are anything but childish.

  7. Sorry gentlemen and ladies. These ZANU PF gangsters can never stop their madness because they are mad. We must all take comfort in the knowledge that in the fullness of time the junta members will bomb each other out of existence. Very soon the idiots will be butchering each other.

  8. The comments section here has been captured just ignore it.

  9. I think this country needs to move forward for sure. All Zimbos must start looking ahead and show patriotism. We all love our country together. No one can claim more patriotism than another. ZANU PF and MDC supporters are all Zimbos. Let us learn to live in our country together even when holding different political views; and the different views can only make our country richer by sharing perspectives and learning from our own mistakes. If Zim pretends to be a democracy, then the ruling party is better off having political contestation from a strong opposition party, and vice versa. To move forward, we need to respect each other’s different view-points. What use is a ruling party that believes in a one-party state and always subjugates opposition voices? That is a recipe for unbridled corruption, and no country can ever prosper with such corruption. The opposition should not oppose just for the sake of opposition but should help the ruling party by keeping it on its toes to run the country for everyone’s benefit. Unbridled corruption is what has gotten us here because ZANU PF believes in a one-party state ideology. In Shona there’s a saying that goes:”Gudo guru peta mwise kuti madiki akuremekedze”. ZANU PF should be magnanimous in victory and not retributive to losers. Even if provoked by a loser, why lose your dignity as a winner by meting out punishment on one who’s already lost? Let ZANU PF please celebrate their resounding victory without rubbing salt into the wounds of the losers. The world is watching and they may think ZANU PF did not win after all that’s why they still punish losers. Let us all play our part and build a country bent on claiming proper legitimacy through the ruling party always playing fair to opposition. Respect and legitimacy are earned, not forced upon any group of people. And until ZANU PF learns that, the world will always look at them as illegitimate winners. That can only lead to Zim’s self-destruction.

  10. This is a shameless article by Newsday

  11. Newsday kana musina nyaya garai pasi munyarare. This editorial is rubbish and nonsensical. You failed to cite just one incident that can be proved. Do you think everyone is stupid?

  12. Toropito pauchakiiwa iwe kana baba vako varikumusha uko ndopauchaziva kuti Newsday haisi stupid as you want to believe. 2008 zvairambwa wani asi vanhu havana kufa here, itai mushe, chasara kudzorera fire with fire ndokuti muzobvume.

  13. Am I missing something here? Which part of Zimbabwe othet than the Harare incident are people being punished for voting the opposition? Which spread lies about your own country? With over two thirds of the votes I don’t see Zanu PF taking note of anyone voting for the opposition. Why be sour losers? If people don’t want to lose, they shouldn’t contest. MDC Alliance is becoming a nuisance. Why seek sympathy for losing? Instead of reviewing their performance they go around inflicting pain on themselves and turn around pointing at others. What a shameful political party MDC Alliance has become? Give examples of those claims. Nxa mani. Khulani musani ukuzenza izilima.

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