State gags shooting victim’s family

TOP army and police officials yesterday visited the family of one of the six people fatally shot in Wednesday’s demonstrations in Harare and allegedly ordered them not to entertain the media to avoid “politicising” the matter.


Sylvia Matambo-Maphosa (52) of Waterfalls was fatally shot from the back while coming from work in the city centre as soldiers indiscriminately opened fire on MDC Alliance activists who were demonstrating against alleged electoral fraud by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec).

The late mother of two and her husband Robert Maphosa both grew up in Mbare before relocating to Waterfalls after they got married.

Yesterday, teams of army and plain clothes police officers visited the deceased’s family members in Mbare and Waterfalls and allegedly ordered them to “zip up” over the matter.

The deceased’s nephew, Fungai told NewsDay that they were left disturbed by the visit and gag order.

“But why come to our homes when they have already killed our relative. We were shocked to see them here while a helicopter was hovering in the sky. We are living in fear,” a distressed Fungai said.

“She lived here and never at any time did she get involved in politics. She was not in any party structure but died because of a reckless soldier. It’s bad and sad.”
The other family members in Waterfalls refused to be interviewed, saying they would issue a statement later.

But, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said she was unaware of the alleged gag order.

“I have not heard anything like that. I will need to find out with the Harare team if they dispatched anyone to do what they are alleging,” she said.
Wicklord Manyimwa, who claimed to have witnessed the shooting incident, said the deceased was gunned down when she was trying to explain to the soldier that she was not a protester, but a Zinwa employee doing part-time duties at Zec.

This came as President Emmerson Mnangagwa condoled the deceased’s families and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

“I wish to extend my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of yesterday’s violence. All human life is sacred, and their deaths are a tragedy, irrespective of the circumstances. I would also like to wish a speedy recovery to all those injured in yesterday’s events. They, alongside the families of the victims, are in my thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. The most important thing for us now is to move beyond yesterday’s tragic events, and to move forward, together,” Mnangagwa said in a statement.
He also called for an independent investigation into the matter.

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  1. Same old same old, killing people and then asking to move forward. At Harare now knows what Gukurahundi is! Madizola

  2. They kill people then later say “…let by-gones be by-gones…”. Gukurahundi coming to Harare

  3. Crocodile tears, mbada kana ikageza nesipo yakadii mavara haaperi

  4. I am not shocked with the level of evil of zanu pf. Guys the worst is yet to come. These guys in leadership were the evil people behind Mugabe and now they are now exposing their evil. How can a normal person instruct soldiers to open fire to civilians who are not armed and order tankers in the street. Its a matter of time just wait no sin goes unpunished. We used to Have mugabe with his grandchild as his wife and now we have now have another fool with a daughter as his wife, what a shame.

  5. Am now beginning to believe this Gukurahundi story. You send your cowards to kill innocent unarmed civilians and truly speaking, the povo is very angry. Torai twumasoja twenyu mutwu endese kuma barracks otherwise twuchafambira mudenga.

  6. Masoja mese satany%ko dzana mai venyu. Sh!t!

    1. Wezhira Wezhara

      Willard Mubvumbi alias Nacido Rico my friend, remain a loyal Caps United fan only you are venturing kunonyudza. Uchapfeka juzi reku kumbira ruregero manje manje kkkkkkk

      1. Usatyityidzira vanhu shamwari, the Junta is full of sh*t period, rega kuuya pano uchinyepera kudzungaira

  7. My condolence to deceased family……… we are with you.

  8. So so sorry to the Matambo and Maposa Families. Mwari vakunyaradzei. Your loving Sister from the Ghetto.

  9. Nematambudziko ,Mwari ngaatipe simba panguva yakaooma kudai

  10. On my way to Harare from Murehwa kunovig
    a mukomana wandaishanda naye akangopfuurwawo on his way home from work. I wonder what type of leaders are rulling us.

  11. Comment…where are the CIOs who always defend Zanu even when it’s not necessary am sho they are shocked at their partys evil nature.

  12. Mhondi tongai tione

    Zimbabweans are waking up to the fact that November demos last year were mistaken as support by those who are now in power through violence and murder and not by popularity.
    Facts take time to sink in sometimes. There are no celebrations except the dozen or so retards that appeared on eNCA yesterday – only murderers and their relatives celebrate death.

  13. The same soldiers whom people celebrated the ouster of Robert Mugabe. with tankers people taking selfies with them. Now those same soldiers are back killing you now. I just saw a video a taxi being beaten by soldiers. Mugabe never sent soldiers to open fire on civilians. Mugabe was clever he knew what the law says. Not this idiotic called Emmerson. The devil will remain as the devil it wont change at all. So fuck them Emmerson, Chiwenga. Innocent lives have been lost due to power hungry.

  14. Concerned Ctizen

    Zimbabwe has jumped from the frying pan, straight into the fire!. There is no rule of law, this military regime which stole the election will butcher us all. I am a victim of whipping by the army for no apparent reason but simply because Zanu was thoroughly beaten in my constituency.

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