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SA man arrested over unlicensed gun possession


POLICE in Beitbridge have arrested a 39-year-old South African national who entered the country with an unlicensed gun which he did not even bother to declare.


Cuku Zuku, of 5660 Mutimurefu Street, Mfuleni Extension 6, Cape Town, also had 37 9mm live rounds of ammunition tucked away in a satchel.

He even had the cheek to wear the gun in its holster inside the Beitbridge Border Post.

Acting on a tip-off, police deployed in the Customs and Excise yard searched Zuku and recovered a Norinco pistol and the live bullets.

He failed to explain why he did not declare his firearm and neither did he produce a licence for it.

He pleaded guilty of contravening the Fire Arms Act before provincial magistrate Godswill Mavenge.

Zuku will be sentenced today.

Misheck Gwanda prosecuted.

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