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Political grandstanding will not sanitise ED legitimacy


IT’S rather bizarre that President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa has chosen to profess ignorance over who ordered soldiers to use live ammunition on civilian protesters in Harare on August 1, killing seven on the spot.


His remarks, as captured in a recent interview with foreign media, create a gloomy picture of where we are going as a country and who is in charge of government business.

Mnangagwa, who is the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander-in-Chief, is quoted as claiming that none of his lieutenants ordered the shootings that claimed seven lives — the majority, we are told, were breadwinners caught up in the crossfire while trying to eke a living through street vending.

Mnangagwa should be reminded that as the country’s first citizen, he is the only person constitutionally mandated to deploy soldiers and therefore the buck stops with him.
Political grandstanding over such a sensitive matter before an international audience is good Mr President, but will not help your quest for legitimacy.

The deceased’s families are looking for closure of the matter from you and the blame-game will not help, but add salt to their wounds. A real leader stands up to anything, whether good or bad, and should be accountable.

If Mnangagwa did not deploy the soldiers, then the people of Zimbabwe and the international community deserve an explanation on who really is calling the shots in Zimbabwe.

The social media was awash with pictures of the soldiers firing live ammunition at civilians and Mnangagwa opts to say he has not seen the pictures. It only shows the President either doesn’t care about what is happening in the country as long as it suits him or is being mean with the truth.

The soldiers are obviously known and action should have been taken by now, but what we see is a President who appears to be isolated from issues and the people he is supposed to shepherd over.

There is no need to engage foreigners to probe the incident because evidence is there for all to see. Why waste money on bringing in foreigners and consultants to come in and tell us what we already know?

The government rushed to arrest multitudes of MDC Alliance supporters, accusing them of causing the death of the seven, but curiously ignored the soldiers who pulled the trigger.

Mnangagwa should respect the people of Zimbabwe and avoid political grandstanding, especially when it involves lives of his people. His claims show that he wants international recognition at the expense of the lives of his own people.

Life is a God-given gift that should be respected. As a President, his duty is to protect Zimbabweans and not preside over dead bodies while misrepresenting to the international community that all is well in the country.

Time will harshly judge those who don’t respect the sanctity of human life.

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  1. This peice of crap is supposed to come from some learned editor who choses to take sides with a political grouping instead of giving an objective analysis of the issue at hand. Mr editor, the zimbabwean situation now needs the cooparation of all of us in order for the nation to go forward, yourself included. Zimbabwe is currently politicaly divided and it’s either an individual is inclined towards Chamisa or Mnangagwa. So it is up to the leaders themselves to controll their supporters by preaching peace to them and I am proud of Ed when it comes to this aspect. Mnangagwa has been emphasising peace, love and hamorny since he asumed the leadership of our nation and is still preaching the same gospel today. Mnangagwa taught Chamisa the same gospel but the young politician cannot read between the lines. He clearly told Chamisa that he also had a very important role in the future of our nation and that is exactly what he was refering to but Chamisa misinterpreted the statement thinking of being primeminister.

    • ED is very dengerous he alters love peace and homorny…… but in real life he gives you opposite of everything he says

  2. On the other hand, Chamisa has been in the forefront of preaching hatred, inciting his followers to committing acts of violence, which eventualy resulted in the shootings. Even though, it’s not clear who ordered the shooting if anybody did. This paper is on record publishing Chamisa bragging that he has loyalists in zimbabwe national army covertly working against their commander in chief! So tells us, how do we know the opposisition is not involved in the incident?

  3. On the other hand, Chamisa has been in the forefront of preaching hatred, inciting his followers to committing acts of violence, which eventualy resulted in the shootings. Even though, it’s not clear who ordered the shooting if anybody did. This paper is on record publishing Chamisa bragging that he has loyalists in zimbabwe national army covertly working against their commander in chief! So tells us, how do we know the opposisition is not involved in the incident? As far as those pictures are concerned, the pictures do not prove anything as their source and authenticity cannot be established. Electronic technology is capable of doing all kinds of funny things these days.

  4. There is nothing bizzare in EDs utterance and do not forget that not so long ago the whole current zanoids cream almost got wiped by a bomb in Byo of which investigations are currently underway so strange things have been happening with certain sections of the security forces some of whom allegiance is still questionable hence the decision to engage an independent team to look into the Sept 1 disturbances and come up with unbiased findings for the whole world to see ranging from the perpetrators to the regrettable shooting incidents, lets not preempt the exercise what are we afraid of.

  5. Come on, you should blame those who organised the demo. People like Biti and others are largely to blame for what happened. We expect objectivity, not one-sided diatribes.

  6. Farai you are even trying to convince yourself by sending numerous contributions.Very sad that deliberately or not you fail to get the jist of this article.Further it is you who is clearly taking a side.The President is for us all and whatever the case can not justify stones vs guns approach and the President is the commander in chief and where then did the order to shoot come from

  7. In all other normal countries across the world violent protesters of any sort simply get arrested, but in Zim they get shot to death with live bullets from the army. And to imagine we have readers who submit up to 3 articles in a row in support of such insanity is just unbelievable

  8. The security forces are divided and some are working on behalf of chamisa against Ed and Chamisa said it with his own mouth. He even said that there were arrangements with those soldiers to finanaly help in his takeover of the office of the president. You must be insane to blaming me for pointing out what your prefered candidate told the whole world. The opposition has been celebrating Uncle Bob’s backing whom they proudly said had a lot of influence within the army. So prove to us that your loyalists in the army are not the ones who shot those people to taint Ed’s immage.

    • Guess it is difficult for you to see simple sense.This is not even about the opposition we are talking about the heavy handedness of the army fullstop. And where on earth did you get this conspiracy that part of the army is working with. identify the so called loyalists first.You have a weird sense of argument

  9. Varume soldiers vaka shuta vanhu Helicopter ichitenderera mudenga uye ma army tanks aka mhanya mhanya town yose apa hapana zvinga vanzike apo whos the comand in chief saka moti havazive zvaiitika sorry guys. Iyi haidi kuudzirwa kune ane pfungwa dzakazara .Kutonga kudzvinyirira uye kutungamirira kufamba na vanhu

  10. Both the army and those who called for the demo are to blame. This was unnecessary and it costed some people their lives. We want peaceful ways of resolving issues.Zimbabwe is for us all whether ZANU or MDC. If it sinks, the whole nation sinks, if it prospers, we all prosper.

  11. nxaa.. Zimbabweans are overrated when it comes to their ability to reason.. look Chamisa deliberately ignored the due processes of a peaceful and legal demonstration because aida kuti murohwe nemasoja so that he can gain some political mileage.. he just got what he wanted by sacrificing people’s lives.. before elections chamisa presided over several demonstrations and he was there with you and he would start by applying for clearance from the police because he is a lawyer he knows the procedures.. on 1 august did not seek political clearence and he was not there because aiziva kuti his objective was to make people to be beaten up.. it was even in his favor dai kwakafa vanhu 100 because it is a political score on his part.. at times mazimba so .. so ukufunga kuti chamisa is very bitter nekufa kwakaita vanhu.. shame.. he actually wishes kuti dai kwakatofa vakawanda because this would put him in a better position to get a political office

  12. The 1st of August, 2018 is the day the mask fell off – for those who had genuinely been fooled. The “New Dispensation” showed itself to be “The Same Old Disposition.” In the days ahead, we will continue to be reminded that a snake may shed its skin but it remains a snake.

    • imbwa idzi mazanu pf ,munangagwa naChiwenga imhondi . Zvinhu zvakaonekwa pasi rese. netechnology iyi yati pfa pfa pfa tingatadza kuziva zvinhu zvaitika muharare .

  13. ngaatochewe ataure kuti Dzamara aripi. Masoja akauraya vanhu ngaarege kuramba zvasingazivi. imhondii iyi akauraya vnanhu kumandebele . ngaataure shuwa

  14. Mnangagwa akakaviswa bhora resimbi. This was all well planned by Chamisa and Biti. May the blood of the dead be upon their own heads. Opposition is celebrating the death while Zanu Pf is wailing the loss of life and the loss of legitimacy. Wake up voters tirikutambiswa naChamisa uyu. He is a wolf in sheep skin.

  15. The truth has been said by the journalist. The president of a country is responsible for deployment of troops in any situation it can not be done without his knowledge or authority. Otherwise if ED does not know someone in the army is the president who authorised troops to leave barracks. We can comment as much as we can but the truth has nothing to dodo with Chamisa but ED

  16. Nhai varume who gave the orders to the army for the then commander in chief to be removed from power in November 2017? Did the order came from the commander in Chief? Chamisa said it that he has some backing from the army. The probability that Nero gave the orders to shoot the protesters may be very high so that the image of Zanoids and ED in particular may be tainted. Food for thought…..

  17. The fact is we have Ed as the most well positioned individual to hold our fragile security system together after the departure of one very long serving head of state. This is a very complicated and trying time the nation is going through and Ed is trying his best to keep things together but people just do not understand. Listen, Nelson can do many things well and he has his very many good attributes but as far as holding this fractured society together at this juncture, it’s simply a nighmare. If it gives a heardache to Ed, can Chamisa manage it? How realistic is that. Isu kwedu kana mwana mucheche achichemera kutamba nebanga rakapinza hatimupi banga racho. Asi kana achichemera toy car tinomutengera.

  18. Mnangagwa pets Zimbabweans in the back with one hand and stabs them in the back with the other hand while they are not watching true Mugabe style this time the world is watching….

  19. Zimbabweans. This is called freedom of speech which you were crying under Mugabe. Let people say what they think and feel. We don’t have to agree and people are allowed to post partisan comments be it Zanu or Mdc. Just give you views and don’t take it personal. We all love Zimbabwe. I don’t have a party but I can say what I want to any party.

  20. Haiwavo tibvirei apa maPrivate newspapers we all know that you are instructed to write bad things about Zanu PF by your sponsors failure to tow the line you wont receive a cent. Only six people were killed in that demonstration so what. In SA how many people were killed @ Marikana and where was America. In other parts of the world people get shot in large numbers but these Yankees dont raise a finger.Zimbabweans dont be fooled by these private media and MDC people we all know who their pay master is. ED has no time to give orders on an incident that breaks out within seconds of happening and no one except God would have seen what was going to happen within seconds. Who had send these guys to destroy property and loot? If the demonstration was against ZEC why were they busy destroying Offices owned by Zanu PF?Why did Biti not join the demo since he was the instigator? This whole scenario was pre planned by Yankees but its Zimbos who got the bullets.In future Zimbos should refuse to be used by enemies of state we know them.

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