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Police disrupt Chamisa briefing


POLICE yesterday made an embarrassing boob when they pounced on a Harare hotel in an attempt to disrupt a media briefing by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, which was attended by hordes of local and foreign journalists as well as observers.


The raid came hours after Chamisa rejected the presidential poll results released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) that handed President Emmerson Mnangagwa an outright victory.

The media briefing at Bronte Hotel proceeded after almost an hour of heckling between police and the journalists who wanted to know why they were being kicked out from the event.

It took acting Information minister Simon Khaya Moyo’s intervention for Chamisa to hold his briefing, but again, not without drama, with the MDC Alliance officials demanding to know on whose instructions he was operating.

“Can you leave this place,” Khaya-Moyo ordered the police, who took time to follow the instruction.

Pestered by the journalists and MDC Alliance officials on why he came, Khaya Moyo said: “I have come to deliver a message.”

He was at pains to disclose the source of his message as journalists and alliance officials kept on mobbing him.
“You can go ahead with the Press conference if you wish to, if you no longer want to, you can go,” Khaya Moyo told Chamisa’s lawyer Advocate Thabani Mpofu, who was among the restive journalists demanding answers from the Information minister and the police.

The four police trucks, including a water cannon eventually left the hotel where police Assistant Commissioner Simon Mwatsikesimbe leading the troops had a torrid time from journalists, who demanded answers on why police was attempting to block the Press conference.

The police boss remained stone quite as a forest of microphones flew in his face, with the journalists trailing him as he tried to make his way off the chaotic scene.

Mnangagwa later took to Twitter, claiming the dispersing of journalists was regrettable and “has no place in our society” and the “freedom of speech was indispensable’ in the “new Zimbabwe”.

The police also later apologised for their conduct, claiming it was only an isolated incident that should not be misconstrued to mean that the police were heavy-handed. In a statement, the police said given the Wednesday chaos, they have a mandate to ensure law and order existed in the country.

But Chamisa in his address attacked Mnangagwa over the chaotic scenes: “This is unacceptable; this is unnecessary. This cannot be the behaviour of people who have won; it can only be the behaviour of those who have lost.

“It is for this reason that we want to underscore that as the MDC Alliance partner, that for the past three days we have been subjected to all forms of harassment, persecution, intimidation and in fact, just yesterday, our offices were invaded, we don’t know for what reason, but because they wanted to take some information,” he said.

Chamisa said his party was not a military organisation, and it did not believe in violence and the use of weapons of war against anybody.

He said he had been informed that one of Wednesday’s shooting victim he visited at Parirenyatwa Hospital had died and alleged there were reports of the military beating up residents in Chitungwiza on Thursday night.

Chamisa said he would take up the matter of abuse of power by the military to the international fora.

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  1. Every right thinking zimbabwean knows that chamisa won the presidential election. results were pasted at polling stations and we just added ourselves, not to wait for this fraudlent zec organisation.anywhere ED was declared winner, but it shall be difficult for him to rule over people who rejected him.All these actions of trying to disrupt a press conference, killing innocent civillians on wednesday,shows zanu pf is in panic mode because they know they lost the elections.ED cannot turn around this economy as evidenced by what he has achieved since last year: no meaningful development, cash crisis (remember morgan tsvangirai solved cash crisis within a week of entering government but ED has struggled for months). Handei tione ED!!!

    • Chenjerai, you counted them yourself? Really? Show us what you counted, constituency by constituency. ED and ZEC may have rigged but they probably did won legitimately. Unless you have the evidence that you can show us then please stop making proclamations about what you do not know.

  2. Hauna kuchenjera Chenjerai. You are understandably still in denial; accept the legit outcome and get on with your flipping life!!

    • You cannot resolve anything because muri madofo, your zec can’t even do basic arithmetic. They told the whole world that they had 5.6 million registered voters and that elections had achieved high turn out of 72%. Simple calculation shows total votes cast should therefore be no more than 4.03 million. But your Zec stupidly or desperately & certainly unashamedly went on to again tell the same world that Chamisa polled 2.15 million votes and your Mnangagwa polled 2.46 million votes…what a grandstand boob on international platform. Your Chigumba should have warned you against this and only your Chinese friends will turn a blind eye to this. Surely Godisinit!!!

      • Fools and fools idols!!!! what a shame that you call my motherland your native land!!! Justice Chigumba rightfully gave her turnout report relating to turnout as at 1800HRS on the polling date. It was “on average” 75%! she was right. MDC Shit guys are fighting for their careers. The number of unemployed is going to increase by MDC Executive guys who failed to make it to parliament. Chamisa knows very well that he doesnt have evidence to corrobrate his naked lies!!!! He faile, was overconfident and overambitious. He was 6% below the threshhold. he could not win against ED. ED Pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Vanovukura, vukurai isu tichingotonga, tichingotonga!!

    • Itaka zvekupihwa maBrnco pa Harvest house uchifunga kuti vanokuregera uchikanganisira nyika? Those are very professional institutions without them mdc wants this country to be worse than Somalia nekuda kungotengesa nyika chete. Its only you don’t know kuti who are the owners of mdc. chanyiswa is just an employee he reports to his paymasters who are now getting tired of continuing sponsoring a project that doesn’t bring about their desired results. So Police Army are professionals unless you are talking of those sure idiots among their ranks who vote for mdc.

  3. By rigging so unashamedly and by murdering innocents in broad daylight, these guys have destroyed whatever little goodwill they had won from removing Mugabe. We have now been graphically reminded that the events of November represented an internal Zanu PF power struggle over personalities. Not yet Uhuru – the real struggle continues.

    The MDC should check to ensure that the invasion of their offices was not to grab information but a cover for installing listening devices.

  4. There are no celebrations anywhere except from a few relatives of murderers because the real winners outnumber the official winners whose tenure is on borrowed time. What a grand shame. Real winners do not celebrate on top of graves.

    • My friend from 1980 we have been celebrating and its now like eating sadza becoz its an every day thing. Ko iwe unorwadziva nekusa celebrator kwedu unodeyi pazviri. Uchafa neBP haifi yakahwina mdc yako iyoyo ichatoparara mark my words. Ticha celebrator musi wa 18 April combined because muvengi ngeumwe chete kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky Pfeeee pfeeeeeee pfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Zvimbwasungata zvichingovukura.

  5. Hey madofo imi! Chamisa knows very well that he lost . He phoned & told me yesterday. He says he is just taking advantage of his mindless supporters stupidity to say otherwise & remain relevant. Biti , the headmaster of idiots, has a stone age mind. In his primitive mind, votes migrate & only an opposition win is fair. Rest in Peace Chamisa’s ambition .

  6. Even though i hate Mugabe, its quite apparent that, his removal was questionable. Rigging is one thing i loathe most. Zanu is a party of crooks, murderers, greedy, fools etc.
    MDC, should refuse to accept any ex- or current member of Zanu in the party. I heard Mugabe and Grace were interested in joining MDC. It will be very dangerous.
    How can investors pour money in a country like this? SHAME TO YOU ALL ZANU PPLE.


    • Even mdc is ZANU PF because it is under ZANU PF munyika yeZANU PF because ndiyo chete Party yemuno munyika zvimwe zvese zvima regime change projects izvi.

  8. Results don’t change my life, what I don’t agree with is why someone will ignore an agreement or lawful deadline to announce their own results? If you have a timeline which you agreed to before the votes why violet it? If for any reason you think you know something you wait for the timeline to expire and present your evidence, you don’t just incite other idiots to sacrifice themselves for your stupidity. If tactics like that worked in your personal party it doesn’t mean they are effective elsewhere, I doubt if there is any leadership qualities and responsibilities in such behaviour.

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