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Police, army launch violence probe


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), have jointly launched a probe into cases of violence which have rocked the country since last Wednesday.


In a joint statement yesterday police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba and her ZDF counterpart Overson Mugwisi said they were currently seized with matters brought before them with a view to arrest the offenders.

“The ZDF and ZRP wish to inform the nation that we have noted with concern media messages or footage detailing alleged assaults by soldiers. We wish to categorically state that we condemn all forms of violence and assure the nation that any such cases which have been brought to the attention of the police will be investigated without fear or favour. Investigations are underway as we continue to monitor the situation,” the statement read.

The police and army have come under fire from the international community for allegedly leading a clampdown on opposition leaders and supporters following last Wednesday’s deadly protests.

“We confirm that only three cases have been reported to the police, one at Machipisa, Chitungwiza and Mabvuku police stations respectively. The first case was perpetrated by unknown assailants who were driving a white pick-up and wearing civilian attire, who stormed a house and beat up the occupants,” the statement read.

In the other two cases, the State security agencies said soldiers were the ones who were attacked while at their homes by unknown assailants.

“Some individuals might be criminals masquerading as soldiers. We assure the nation that we are ready to protect them through efficient discharge of our duties.”

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  1. Imi Nyarai pasi rese murege kunyeba zviripachena Masoilders enyu akurova vanhu
    Statement iri rakanyorwa nedofo zvinova izvo zvinouraya nyika yedu
    Hakuna Investor ingaverenga Tsvina Idzi ikada kuuya kuZimbabwe

  2. Remember that Chamisa openly claims to have loyalists in the army who are covertly working against Ed. Even his lawyer Mpofu once said he had made some arrangements with some in the army to transfer power to Chamisa but would not devulge any details, so who knows what? Possibly the culprits are Chamisa’s loyalists trying to soil Ed’s image or may be attempting to provoke military intervention from the western world. So please, avoid being too simplistic when looking at these maters.

  3. thats professional of the security forces to make a probe on what is happening otherwise the information is biased and also meant to soil the outcome of the election. official reports say soldiers are the ones being attacked and what do you expect if they are attacked for no apparent reason. we stay with soldiers in locations and they are a good part of the society, a lot of these complaints come from those who are outside the country then you wonder if the soldiers fly to SA, States or Britain at night beat them and come back.

  4. Vanhu ava varipo pamavideos, vanhu vakavatuma vanozivikanwa, ingotorai vanhu chete vaende kujeri and dont waste our resources establishing a probe team

  5. Don’t be so careless when talking about security issues. Okay that you saw them on video, can you tell us their names then? Izvozvi pane breaking news yekuti Biti abatwa while trying to flee the counry, kana chiri chokwadi arikutizei asina mhosva?

  6. Aitora videos wacho ndiani? Musoja here or witnesses? If musoja akatora ndokuposta is not doing that for good but for Chamisa and for negating Zimbabwe. If they are witnesses, seyi vaisatya masoja acho uye sei ivo vasinaa kurohwa? Ndiani anogona kutora videos usiku uye aine chinangwa cheyi? i now doubt the stories dzekurohwa kwevanhu. Dzondifungisa nyaya dzemabhinya akamboita mukurumbira zvikangorova zvakadaro. We are our worst enemies. We are busy calling for the isolation of Zimbabwe which will affect us all. Dont ever think that MDC will win elections riding on people’s suffering.

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