Police are MDC: Mukupe

Outgoing Finance deputy minister Terrence Mukupe has hit out at police, accusing them of being sympathetic to the opposition MDC Alliance.


The outspoken former Zanu PF legislator also claimed that soldiers were roped in to quell political disturbances in Harare on Wednesday after police refused to arrest the MDC Alliance protesters.

In a social media post, Mukupe who lost the Harare East constituency to MDC Alliance principal, Tendai Biti said the Police Support Unit resident in his constituency had voted against President Emmerson Mnangagwa and could, therefore, not be trusted.

“How do we send the ZRP Support Unit that voted against the President to contain the stupid demo by Biti and his MDC buffoons! It is time for the army to move in and restore order!” he posted.

His posts came hours after soldiers and tanks rolled onto the streets to contain a demonstration against the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s alleged electoral fraud.

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, however, had a different version, saying he had invited the army to help after his troops were overwhelmed by the demonstrators.

Mukupe once told Zanu PF supporters that the army did not just grab power from former President Robert Mugabe to hand it over to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

The former MP, who suffered a heavy defeat at polling stations around Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, vented his anger over the loss, claiming the police were “sellouts”.

Attempts to get clarification from Mukupe on his posts hit a brickwall after he became abusive.

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  1. And the army is sympathetic to Zanu pf, what a shame. is this what we need as a country. if these 2 institutions are this biased, whose fault is it anyway.

    1. @Mukupe,6 unarmed civilians lost lives so you are happy?God doesn’t sleep or slumber one day uchazviona

  2. thats why u lost mukupe.

  3. It seems elections in most African countries are a waste of time and resources. Its a shame. Our brothers and sisters who died during the war did it for nothing. Cry my beloved comrades, makafira for a few cronies not the generality of us. These guys should simply say we are not going to conduct elections period.

  4. Farai Johnson Nhire

    I understand that Mukupe has been a victim of slander before. If this one is not one of those cases, then Mukupe should be advised to learn to unite people of Zimbabwe rather than dividing them. The Police can vote for whoever is their choice but are not allowed to be partsan when carrying out their national duties. So the question of who a member of ZRP votes for is not important and needs no attention. His excellency has always sincirely expressed his desire to make the elections free, fair and credible so let’s all try to make his dream come true.

    1. What dream you stupid accomplice of murderers? Do you eat bullets for breakfast?

  5. Mukupe stupid

  6. ziva zvedebts reschool fees

  7. Comment…Thank God Mukupe lost that’s a blessing for all of us,you’re always busy dividing the people instead of uniting them,wat a shame

  8. tendai chaminuka

    Mkoma Terence waste ur energy on removing your expensive posters rather than attack the police force.You as their MP what did you do for them that would have made them support you.Ask yourself when was the last time they were issued with new uniforms,how are they carrying out their duties if police stations do not have vehicles to attend to scenes.Did you ever sit down with them and hear their matambudziko kana kuti you were busy entertaining college students.You were not a good representative of the President in ur constituency.Period

  9. Mukupe,do you think you and zanu pf owns the people and zimbabwe?

  10. Ana Mukupe. Saka waka rohwa mupfanha. You are a drudge.

  11. Because police were discharging their duties peacefully they are MDCA

  12. Fuck you mukupe

    Thief ediot saskamu wakamama ende uchamama. Mark my words

  13. Hate speech indeed. So sad comments. If that is the way you think it should work then how would you feel if someone said since the urbanites mostly voted for Chamisa then they should have him as their president rather than have the rural to decide their fate. I don’t what the president feels about your attitude.

  14. Mukupe please just go and settle fees for your kids. If you can’t even take care of your kids how do we entrust you with our constituncy.

  15. Wawacha waifunga kuti Bit ungamukunde pamaElections

  16. Wawacha Mukupe waifunga kuti bITI Ungamudye iwee

  17. Let them lead and we will see what they will bring on the table. I understand the most learned and industrious people are in towns and they rejected ZANUPF. Due to this it shall be difficult for ZANUPF to lure foreign investors as he will be trying to fool them into doing business with those who rejected him and I don’t think they will be that foolish. Without the support of the elite Mnangagwa is fooling himself the war is still on and he and his ZANUPF will go nowhere. Let them use their guns and we shall use our brains. The war is on and has started.

    1. Good comment fellow citizen.Quite responsible.

  18. This guy’s qualifications should be thoroughly investigated.he is arrogant and dump as hell

  19. jobless R99 wezhira

    Mukhupe dai wambosiya zvekugerwa zuda ukati hausi kuveura pfungwa

  20. What can u really expect from a ZANU PF thug. A party of the daft; Led by the daft. They cant do math. No remorse at all. Power hungry. And the other one who bleaches claims MDC are the ones who killed the 3 people recently. Mukupe shares his brain with the stray KHUPE

    1. the Bleacher – vamai vakatyi vanmoda husband akatsvukazve. vangadii nhai nhai? ndivo next 1st lady in line. kikikikiki

  21. Fool.Support Unit and Chikurubi are camps housing thousands of police dependents, wives, relatives and even workers.
    These can vote any party they wish.
    After all isn’t this a democratic right?

  22. They are MDC so WHAT? It’s their democratic right to vote for a candidate of their choice not yours, saka kunyarara mazuva ese aya waifunga kuti ndeveZANU? You throw a stone in any direction in Harare you are highly likely to hit an MDC supporter,saka ndivo vadii? ZANU or MDC, they only need to execute their duties in a non-partisan manner, kwete zvauri kutaura izvo.

  23. Why should they support Zany when they are paid in the streets at a 35% commission.
    Even soldiers support MDC.

  24. Whre is Bright Matonga to tell Mukupe he is a bad loser LOL

  25. Mukupe is very correct he is not stupid.

  26. Mukupe akati akakwana chaizvo chaizvo,ndoobenzi rekupedzisira kuZanu iri

  27. Mukupe’s hate speech and being a government Minister, and a Zanu PF losing candidate, has just perfectly squared himself into one of the Chikurubi cells in a few weeks or months. This is very inciting for violence…and his public statements and brazen violence that is on record perfectly puts him in a very sad outcome for HIMSELF.

  28. Mukhupe mapenzi manganites pamufananidzo wemunhu?

  29. General Wamambo

    This man Kupe is not educated and I don’t really where Mr ED got him from.He has no leadership qualities.He is always provocative.Mr ED must Chase him away as he pollutes his party

  30. Could the guys ve environment please take this ex Minister away anoraswa ku POMONA CHAIKO Please ndapota he messed up the rest of Harare east with his posters shame on you ,,,,,,,,,,,

  31. Selfish power hungry zanu pf member.ndosaka irikudyiwa u fools like these dont quality to be MPs.Does the police force work for Zanu pf?

  32. Zanu yawora

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