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No one ordered fatal shootings: ED


PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa has sensationally claimed that none of his lieutenants gave orders for the fatal shooting of seven civilians, where soldiers opened fired into groups of protesters in Harare on August 1 to quell protests by opposition MDC Alliance activists.

Independent Foreign Service/ Staff Reporter

The picture of a soldier in kneeling position while shooting at fleeing civilians, while a colleague rushes to stop him during MDC Alliance protests that turned violent in the capital on August 1

In a recent interview with Independent Foreign Service, Mnangagwa said he regretted the killings, but insisted that no one among his lieutenants gave soldiers the order to shoot indiscriminately into the crowded city streets, killing seven people and injuring at least 14 others.

“No one gave orders … there is this perception and it is disjointed. I explained, the army has a strict command structure, I am the commander-in-chief and matters are handled according to the process,” he said.

“I consulted the commissioner-general of police (Godwin Matanga) and he indicated to me that in terms of the law, the commissioner of police can contact his counterpart who commands the local unit to give him immediate support while the process is ongoing,” Mnangagwa told Independent Foreign Service journalist Peta Thorncroft.

“The entire country was in a jovial mood. No one expected the violence that happened so suddenly. The police were taken by surprise. They were deployed countrywide, covering the election process. So suddenly, the small unit (left in Harare) could not control what was happening: In terms of the law, police are allowed to summon assistance to bring order.”

The matter has received international condemnation with human rights groups and victims’ families calling for trial of the killer soldiers and their commanders.

The Zanu PF leader, whose recent electoral victory is being challenged at the Constitutional Court by his rival MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, said he had identified British and South African experts to help investigate the shooting incident.

“We regret what happened thereafter and since then. This should not happen again. We are instituting a commission of inquiry and to give it more flavour and transparency we are bringing people in from abroad,” he said.

“I have one name from South Africa, one from the United Kingdom to consider with three names to join us to look at the matter. The inquiry will begin immediately after the inauguration.”

Mnangagwa claimed he had not yet seen a photograph shown in the media of a soldier shooting at fleeing protesters in kneeling position and another stepping forward to stop him on August 1.

“I have not seen that picture. Orders have been given about all those people who took the law into their own hands, whether it was police or others who take the law into their own hands. I also don’t want to pre-empt the outcomes of the commission I am instituting.”

The Zanu PF leader dismissed reports of opposition activists brutally assaulted by ‘rogue soldiers’ in post-election retributive attacks.

“Let me assure you, the best thing to do is get the list of 150 cases and pass it onto us. This is fake news and it’s flying left, right and centre. We were told (of these cases) by Philippe van Damme, the EU ambassador here, and we took him to task and said let’s go around all the hospitals in Harare and see if there is any record of people in hospitals. He had to later apologise as this was not true,” he said.

“Be wary of Zimbabwe human rights groups. They have an agenda. They have always been against the government. They have not changed their minds, they have not shifted their mindset to become democratic but that will take time. We must deal with facts and not any speculation. Whatever you hear try to check and I think the police will be able to assist you in checking.”

Mnangagwa also dismissed reports that citizens were now afraid of the military and police following the post-election crackdown on opposition leaders and their supporters.

“I have not received information from my party or from the general public or from any citizen saying I am fearful. Never, never. You will see the police walking in uniform. It is legitimate, it’s allowed by the law. You will see soldiers in their trucks. They are not on a mission to intimidate,” he said.

“Our police and our army they are very friendly, we have defence forces week, where they go around building clinics, building schools to show the army and the public are in good relations. So this fake news about our people … that they are afraid of the army.”

He also disclosed that former President Robert Mugabe would be stripped of all his farms and left with one.

“It’s not a question of voluntary giving up, but about complying with the policy. I am still receiving evidence of what the (former) First Family had. When that process is complete they will select one farm and the rest will be given elsewhere,” Mnangagwa said.

“We have the land commission, and this is one of the matters they are seized with attending to. It’s not on the basis of the family, (one family, one farm). It is on the basis of government policy. There are so many others families who have more than one farm. It must all be governed by the size of the farm,” he said.

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  1. It is unfortunate that ED is kilometers away from reality, whether it is by default or by design its regrettable.

    • ED is very close to reality i would like to say. We try to make him reason with us in fake news and praise him!!! No. he wont stoop that low! he has values to protect. Peddle falsewoods but one day history will catch up with you. He is not a saint he may have a chequred history, we may judge him emmotionaly, he may seemingly belong to a chequered syste but trust me, that man is on a mission. those few who agree with him, if the courts uphold the july 30 plebscite, you shall see how he will prove his enemies wrong.

  2. typical of ngwena he will pretend to be very innocent and deny everythng and never apologise.he has always been like that only that some pppl didnt know.he is the one who gave orders to the soldiers

  3. the killings could have been spontaneous by soldiers reacting to a situation but somewhere along the lines a call was made not necessarily from ED to rope in the services of the zna and thats the truth and an independent commission will reveal what transpired

    • If he knows what happened what will be the purpose of an inquiry . Why waste the much needed resources if the truth is already known that no one will be held accountable.

      • They know exactly what happened during Gukurahundi; Murambatsvina; and all elections violence, rigging, abductions and killings of MDC supporters. But still they have set up some phoney National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC). So, the setting up some Commission by Mnangagwa once again, after killing Zim citizens and adding to his 38-year toll of bloodletting is very much in keeping with his deceptive character – nothing new here. Exactly who are being reconciled here, we dont know; Peace, what for? we are not even aware of any war ragging in Zim; so we dont know what peace they are talking about. All we know is that the Gukurahundi party is the one which has always deployed Soldiers on the quiet and peaceful citizens of Zimbabwe who are never armed.

        • The Gukurahundi issue now rest more with people who raise the subject than inhabitants of Mutabeleland North and South as results of the just ended watershed elections indicated a total different picture were people of the affected areas voted resoundingly for ED ,not sure if you have been following political events in this country very very very closely.

      • its for the whole world to know given the fact that an independent team will have done the digging of who were the architecture of the mayhem and how the army got involved and the magnitude of blameworthy of the uniformed guys in circumstances which took place that unforgettable and regrettable day.

      • To cover his tracks, at first they said soldiers did shot anyone, saying those who died was a result of injuries they sustain when the fall down as they running away from the police and soldiers, if it wasn’t for that video where as soldier is seen firing in to the crowd, they would have still maintained that statement, so let look at it this way, the way i see it they are trying to cover their tracks.

  4. Hahaha what a waste..why look for foreign people to find out who shot when we have the video and picture of the men who did it?. ED is such an EDIOT. He is taking Zimbos for a ride. If none of the Leutents gve orders then ask the soldiers.

  5. Hahaha ED is taking us for a ride, you don’t need a Commission to find out who fired the shots when we have the video and pictures of the men who did it. Its either the soldiers fired from their own discretion(guilty)or someone(guilty) ordered them to do so. Case solved.

  6. The questions that need to be answered are; Was the deployment of the army necessary? If it was necessary to help the police deal with crowd trouble, then what was the army told to do, and what were they told not to do during that operation? I understand every deployment has clear instructions on what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. Was that followed? If the leader of that group gave the order for the shooting, he/she should explain that in a court of law. If he/she didn’t give the order to shoot, then the ones who pulled the triggers should be brought before the courts. The point here is, if a lost through violence, even through a road accident, there will be consequences. That is the best way to protect citizens.

  7. Cosmo ndiwe dofo. I know unofunga kuti Chiwenga is shallow-minded because he sometimes mispronounces “l”. Chiwenga is far more intelligent than you, chamitiswa & Biti put together. PhD yake is not honorary , he earned it. His strategy to remove Mugabe & his patriotism speaks of an immensely intelligent man. Chamitiswa & Biti ‘s invitation & celebration of sanctions against their country because of unbridled ambition tells of a irredeemably stupid cabal unfit to govern anywhere in the world. If you can’t see that, then you are equally stupid. The concourt will not subvert the people’s will so eloquently communicated on 30 July . Zimbabwe does not accepts & idiots for leaders.

  8. Cosmo ndiwe dofo. I know unofunga kuti Chiwenga is shallow-minded because he sometimes mispronounces “l”. Chiwenga is far more intelligent than you, chamitiswa & Biti put together. PhD yake is not honorary , he earned it. His strategy to remove Mugabe & his patriotism speaks of an immensely intelligent man. Chamitiswa & Biti ‘s invitation & celebration of sanctions against their country because of unbridled ambition tells of a irredeemably stupid cabal unfit to govern anywhere in the world. If you can’t see that, then you are equally stupid. The concourt will not subvert the people’s will so eloquently communicated on 30 July . Zimbabwe does not accept idiots for leaders.

  9. True Machakachaka. The person who ordered the killing of civilians must be brought to court. In the same vein , the people who incited people to burn cars & destroy shops & loot to shut down Harare must be brought to court & made to pay dearly.

  10. I thought Mugabe was just being a bitter loser when he recently described ED as being a dishonest character but now I see indeed with my own eyes that ED is useless

  11. The issue is about who ordered killings, simple. Killing unarmed civilians, what a shame? Musoni, do not try to hide your shame in the sand, who ordered the satanic killings? Even if your child misbehaves, do you cut his throat with a knife, Musoni answer me please?

  12. Shiri inemuririro wayo hairegi….. ED is so responsible of bring the person who order the killings of civilian” unarmed ,,,, civilians with no defense” truly ED is a human rights violator if he fails to bring that person in the arms of the law

  13. Stupidity is not a virtue Mr Musoni. Do not expose yourself on this public platform. If you zip your mouth people will give you the benefit of doubt.

  14. Guys, It does not surprise me when the President opens his mouth denying the truth. Even Gukurahundu issue he denies about it. Saka chinoshamisa hapana. Those people who where killed in town shooting and those who have died in the locations due to soldires beatings , to them they are COCROCHES, THEY ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGs, this is another GENOCIDE again like Rwanda. Right now who can open his mouth openly and say this is what happened Chiwenga akakutarisa. The reason of the soldiers going in the night beating people was to avoid social media pictures like what happened in town. We baried mwana wemwana watete vangu kumbudzi last week who died of injuries sustained from these beatings but the President has no remose of such dids. We dont need to be rocket scientists to undersatnd what is happening around us. We have been quiet for all these years and we cant keep on being suppressed like. Mr. President we have respect for you because muribaba but musataure zvinorwadza kudaro. As a father figure , inzwai zvirikutaura vana venyu and dont intimidate people, get people to be free to talk to you. If you were not part to the deployment of soldiers as you perport, listen to the people. Not your people who were busy kunyepera Mugabe all the time. Dont send Chiwenga, go Kuchitunwiza mwga and go ku Highfiled mega lek what Ramaphosa did last week. I may be wasting my time as well because you know the truth what happened but for as long you behave like this, you are going to have problems worse than Mugabe and this I tell you. We love you Cde President but we dont want what is happening in our society. Gadziriasi nyika. Tokungura murungu here kuti anga ari right??????? Haikonai kudaro murivanhu vakuru.

  15. Musoni wakasonera njere muchikabudura chawakapfeka.
    Unoti kuuraya vanhu varikuzvifambira zvawo kuwa intelligent ikoko.
    Zvakatongwara ngezvekuti Hakuna ma elections isu takutonga kwete kutungamirira. Zvopera zvakadaro zvitori nani nokuti hapana vanhu vanopedzerwa nguva yawo, hakuna mamiliion emari anoraswa muguru re mbiti muchiita ma elections amusngadi kunzwa zvtaurwa nevanhu vacho vavoter.

  16. Mr Musoni you have been brain washed beyond imagination, but why? Surely how can you seen to be supporting such an evil act where unsuspecting people who mainly had nothing to do with the demonstrations were gunned from behind while fleeing from the army they thot had been been brought in to protect them. Yes pictures are there and these are local guys living with us or staying in barracks. These killers know who send them and the orders given to them, Mr President (elect) you have no reason to put up a commission that include outside professionals, nyaya iri pachena such that even Sabhuku Kanyandura from Rushinga can easily preside over the matter and bring all culprits to book,

  17. What kind of a leader are you? You dont even know who send the Army to kill the civilians yet you are the Commander in chief. I doubt very much if you are a capable leader to lead Zim from the messy she is in. So, what action are you gonna take on those silly soldiers?

  18. There goes “the crocodile” eeh ka, kutonga kwaro garwe, kwataiimba sevana ve grade one muna November showing the whole world kupusa kwedu.

    Now that he’s killed more and denies it what next?

    Ku Midlands rimwe benzi rinozviti provincial minister raregedzera dzimwe mhondi muvanhu. Havaguti ropa ma vampire aya.
    I hate RGM and Zanu PF in entirety not just part of them – vese out. Mhondi.

    Achasekerera musoja gore rino anopenga.

  19. So Mister Prez-elect it has taken you over a week to come up with this lame excuse which exposes the prez guard solders as rogue? Well that makes it easy for the police to lock all of them up and charge them with murder. It makes one wonder why you talked about a commission of enquiry, or maybe you’ve forgotten already that you mentioned it? just like you’re trying to forget and make everyone else forget Gukurahundi…heh?

  20. I have a list of some facts that people should take into account before rushing into conclusions with regard to such complex and sensitive maters: 1. The video in question has not been proved to be an authentic video of local events. 2. Given the video is authentic, the person who was firing the gun cannot be identified facially and otherwise. 3. Given that the soldier’s Identity can be established, the vidieo just shows him firing the gun but does not reveal the final destination of the bullets. 4. The firing angle clearly shows the soldier was firing into the air. When the soldier kneels, he even increases the tilt angle skyward. So in that particular video clip, the gunman did not shoot anyone and if he did, the victims were probably at the bulcony of a multi-storey bulding or may be they were up in a tree. I cannot exhaust the points in one instalment so I will add some more points soon after.

  21. Let me carry on. 5. It is not clear what the other soldier communicated to him. The other soldier was most probably his senior who gave some instructions. He was probably asking him to move along with others. Or he was being warned against wasting the bullets for nothing as these were merely meant to be warning and scaring shorts. 6. If he realy short someone, its not clear and does not make sense to claim he was executing Mnangagwa’s instructions. 7. Do not forget that Chamisa also claims to have loyalists in the army who in this case may find this as an oportunity to taint our honourable president’s name on behalf of Chamisa. So , Zimbabweans, don’t try to be experts in everything, these are very complicated issues and just let the experts who will be appointed do their work without hinderence.

  22. The povo must unite and kill any soldier whom we come into contact with. Musoja wese, tyre mu petrol opfekedzwa.

  23. Clearly you are not in control; and if you are not in control, this means you are unable to discharge your Constitutional responsibilities as President of the Republic; you must therefore step down. You removed Mugabe for the same reason last year. That other people including his wife had taken over, and he was no longer discharging his Constitutional responsibilities. Same applies to you now!

  24. If Ed lacks control, who will have control, Chamisa? You must be literaly mad to bilieve Chamisa can manage the security system of this country. Ed is the best candidate to stabilise the system after the departure of the former head of state. I can confidently say this arrangement was put in place by the almighty himself.

  25. A caring leader would by now have seen those pictures and videos more times from different angles so as to have a clearer appreciation of whats going on, I think.

  26. Who ordered soldiers onto the streets in the first place. Whatever was the intention these soldiers were not sent to negotiate or play with anyone.

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