Mugabe congratulates Mnangagwa

Bona Chikore (centre) and her husband Simba arrive at the National Sports Stadium for the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday

FORMER President Robert Mugabe yesterday swallowed his pride and heartily congratulated his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa, having de-campaigned him in the run-up to the July 30 polls.


Bona Chikore (centre) and her husband Simba arrive at the National Sports Stadium for the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday

In a message read out by Mnangagwa at his inauguration ceremony at the National Sports Stadium, Mugabe said ill-health had stopped him from attending the event.

The special message was delivered to Mnangagwa by Mugabe’s eldest daughter Bona and her husband, Simba Chikore.

“Your Excellency, thank you for your invitation to me and my wife to attend the inauguration ceremony. My wife is not well in Singapore and also I am not well so I am sending my daughter and her husband to represent us. Hearty congratulations,” part of Mugabe’s letter read.

Neatly dressed for the occasion and still looking popular within the Zanu PF hierarchy, Bona and husband were accommodated in the VVIP tent where Mnangagwa, his deputies and fellow leaders from the region were seated.

As they appeared on the big screen in the stadium, the couple received a thunderous welcome from the packed stadium.

Mugabe and Mnangagwa were scheduled to meet soon after his removal from power last November, but the highly-publicised meeting failed to take off, as both camps traded insults and showed contempt for each other.

Mugabe also snubbed Mnangagwa’s first inauguration last November following his military-aided ouster.


  1. Comment…Bona is the only daughter of RGM and is the oldest child. The events of 18 November 2017 were the change of guards after znau-pf realised they would not win the elections with RGM as its presidential candidate and people fell for it hook, line and sinker. Zanu chiwororo

  2. A tactica move by Mugabe to appease the War Vets hence try and stop them for campaigning to remove his name from International Airport but am not sure if this will succeed.

    • Do you really think that adds value to the nation?. Changing names of airport is a little unnecessary expense which will not put food on the table for the ordinary Zimbabwean. ED said he will put economics 1st so halt ur plans.

      • to nationalist these things are very close to their hearts and what matters to mugabe now is not what necessarily matters to ed, ed its economy first and mugabe pribe first and thats the way it is now.

        • We will look at those matters when we have large population employed and cash at banks. If they are really nationalist they should protest demanding jobs for youth, opening of industries, road construction and other things that directly benefit the society not this silly grudge/cold war with Mugabe.

  3. Double speaking Mugabe has realized that there are no two ways about it.
    If you can’t beat them, join them.

  4. And those of us who fell for the Mugabes and the Jonsos of this world will regret! Bona’s attendance is that they can mend their relations while we remain on the sidelines. We shall live to regret our romances in the alliance.

  5. Comment…The war vets are free to remove Mugabe’s name from their airport, streets and institutions and the ordinary Zimbabweans will not be bothered and their main worry is putting food on the table. War vets are free to rewrite history and pretend that Mugabe never existed but the ordinary Zimbabweans know that its the war vets who kept him in the state house. Pasi nejunta

  6. Comment…Mugabe must be buried in his beloved Zvimba next to his beloved mother vaBona and his clan. The war vets can keep their heroes acre. The dead will rot regardless of the place of burial. Pasi nejunta

  7. What Uncle Bob did clearly demonstrates the truth that in politics, there are only permanent interests. Welldone mudhara, ndo zvinoitwa. To Simba Chikore and famimily, that was wonderful. I am so proud of you. You are our fellow Zimbabweans. This is Zimbabwe, your motherland and you do very well to embrace the second republic. I wish you would encourage ambuya to follow suit when she comes back home.

  8. Victor Matemadanda and colleagues, while shouting silly things about RGM their boss is busy inviting the same old man. To Cde Taxi driver Victor please run with the winners in cabinent and not the likes of Douglas Mahiya, Mutswanga ect, you are now Honourable Vikie MATANDA

  9. Mugabe send Bona to ensure that his ill-gotten wealth is safeguarded. Mugabe used to rig the elections but , he is failing to rig his health inspite of the billions of dollars he stole.

  10. What RG Mugabe did is what we call political maturity. It doesn’t matter who he voted for, When a winner has been elected, a former president has to congratulate the new president.

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