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Mugabe behind Harare mayhem: War vets


FORMER President Robert Mugabe could have had a hand in the violence that rocked Harare on Wednesday, where soldiers allegedly opened fire on opposition protestors and killed six and injuring several others, war veterans have claimed.


Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) spokesperson Douglas Mahiya claimed yesterday that Mugabe could have funded the protests to cause anarchy in the country.

“We note that during the campaign the MDC Alliance presidential candidate Advocate Nelson Chamisa already indicated that he would organise mass action if he lost. We wonder why he thought he would not lose elections against a party that had done its homework. Zanu PF had done its homework,” Mahiya said.

“The alliance forged between bitter Advocate Chamisa and bitter former President Robert Mugabe is worrying as we feel it is a recipe for violence,” he said.

“We cannot rule out the involvement of Selous Scouts in the protests. Up until Mugabe’s latest emergence on the political scene, there was no violence. It seems to us that the objective is to reverse the gains of the new dispensation and block any other candidate other than Chamisa who would advance the Mugabe agenda.”

While Mahiya emotionally denied war veterans have in the past been involved in violence, former Education minister Fay Chung admitted that the former fighters were in some instances involved in political skirmishes.

“War veterans were used to attack political rivals through violence and killing. I think we need to have accountability around that,” Chung, a liberation war fighter, said.
Mahiya said Mugabe had squandered his legacy and should not be considered for national hero status.

“There was need for this nation to continue to respect the former President, but surely with what we he has done, he will not go to the National Heroes Acre because he has destroyed his legacy. He has deceived the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.

He, however, condemned the military’s use of live ammunition to disperse the protesters.

“It is unfortunate that someone initiated an exercise that ended up with people dying. We are not justifying anything. They will be dealt with, it will be investigated. Killing people is wrong,” Mahiya said.

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  1. Comment…Mahiya is an ediot, RGM remains a national hero even if buried in Zvimba next to his parents and family. Pasi nejunta.

    • A hero is defined as “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities”. After 37 years of plunder and tyranny, in the process reducing the economy to rubble, Mugabe does not fit definition of a Hero. Strictly speaking he should not be roaming Zimbabwe a free person

  2. Please fellow zimbabweans, let us do the right things at the right time. I sincirely feel this is the time to unite the whole of our country and create a peaceful invironment and therefore perfectly open our Zimbabwe for business. So lets avoid all forms of inflamatory language that can often lead to violence. This business of continualy accusing others of this and that serves no meaningful purpose if it’s not acompanied by what you think is the solution to someone’s purpoted complicity in some wrong doing.

    • Time for uniting is for conducting elections in a fair manner. I am tired of this, this junta steals elections and people now say unite. Open for what business? Rigging?

  3. Whore vets! What a load of rubbish. Mugabe did not order soldiers to kill people. That was ED. Six innocent people are now dead.

  4. ED murdred people during gukurahundi,he murdered people in 2008 he continues to murder people now.only God knows when he will stop

  5. Time for uniting is for conducting elections in a fair manner. I am tired of this, this junta steals elections and people now say unite. Open for what business? Rigging?

  6. Let’s talk about development and not elections and gukurahundi. Chamisa will lose a re-run especially now. Let’s support ED. Being angry or not will not remove him from power. He is our President full stop.

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