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MRP fights in Chamisa’s corner


SESSESSIONIST Mthwakazi Republic Party has rallied behind opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s rejection of the results of the just-ended harmonised elections, saying there was massive evidence to prove that the polls were rigged in favour of Zanu PF.


MRP president Mqondisi Moyo told Southern Eye that his party noted several disparities, including alleged tampering with presidential results.

“In Matobo North constituency, where I was contesting, I witnessed that in ward 16, Zanu PF imported a number of people from a farm in ward 23 and voted. The figures announced by Zimbabwe Election Commission showed a lot of disparities from the voters’ roll. MDC is correct to say elections were rigged. Why the delay that took place in the announcement of the results?” Moyo asked.

He also claimed that there were a number of factors which contributed to their loss, among them the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec)’s lack of transparency and questionable bias in favour of Zanu PF and unfair coverage by the media.

He said Zanu PF-aligned war veterans and traditional leaders were still holding the electorate to ransom.

Moyo said Zanu PF’s use of government resources to buy votes also contributed and influenced the voting pattern as people ended up voting for food, instead of their future.

Moyo also said ballot papers were too dark, resulting in their party logo not being visible.

Zanu PF won 145 parliamentary seats, while MDC Alliance won 63 as National Patriotic Front and an independent candidate shared one seat apiece.

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  1. Kkkkkkkk this MRP party which campaigns for Bulawayo to be a country is just nonsense. The ndebele people in Bulawayo and whole of Matebeleland dont even support it and if you go to Byo and ask people they tell you MRP is rubbish. Chamisa seems to create friendships with the wrong people. Mugabe first and now these MRP directionless thugs. Hameno regai tione.

  2. Its not Chamisa who is creating friends ,it is these people who are directly and indirectly courtin Chamisa. But a million dollar question is on the input of this MRP’s arguement. Is it reasonable? Is it sensible? Is it reasonable? Is it valid?

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk anything that supports chamisa to you is reasonable, sensible and valid. So just take it as you wish. But mrp is just a grouping of thugs like mdc

      • What about your murderous party? Apparently 20,000 in Matabelelend is not enough and they’ve moved now to Harare with 7 more. I wish such victims would be related to you and then we’d see what song you sing then. Vampire – drink your blood quietly.

  3. I dont think its valid because they dont have much support and noone takes them seriously. Personally i think Chamisa made a mistake of undermning Zanu PF and he was convinced that noone liked Zanu PF but turns out there are some people who bought into ED’s rhetoric and Chamisa is having a hard time accepting that. Isnt it weird that soon after elections none of these parties complained about these things till Zanu PF won and if the ballot paper was too dark how did ED and Chamisa get all those votes? Some losers dont know how to accept defeat gracefully. Chamisa has spoken about being rigged but till he presents credible evidence he will just be a bitter loser. Evidence yacho ngaibude

  4. The days when opposition unity was purposeful are over and you opted to part ways.
    Prevention is better than cure!
    I wonder what this new found and belated unity is going to achieve now the election is done and dusted.

    Opposition contradictions my foot!

  5. Elections will come and go and now is the time to remember kuti we are all Zimbabweans lets work together as one people to rebuild our motherland Zimbabwe. lets not politics divide us but our country should unite us

    • I used to believe in such rubbish. Now I know better. 6 innocent people, some on their way from home were gunned down last week. Unity, rebuilding, working together etc are just words mister. Action speaks louder than words. The action being the murder of 6 people, could’ve easily been me, my friend, workmate, neighbour or relative.
      It doesn’t help when you go back to the war which apparently gave birth to this country. people had ears and lips cut, pregnant women had bellies slashed, little children were killed in cruelty and limbs chopped off not so long ago.
      Those at the forefront of such activities now occupy the highest posts in the land.
      Be afraid, be very afraid.

  6. Chamisa has a big problem on his hands; How will he be able to prove that ED stole more than 300 000 votes! Tall order by any standards.

  7. at least MDC alliance needs to get its story straight
    chamisa said MDC alliance got 56% and ED got 44% if thats true that means the rest of the parties got 0%
    then biti today says MDC alliance got 61 which is the truth and which is not. Personally i want to believe that Zanu pf rigged the election but at the moment havent seen a single factual point to support yhat story. all i have heard are incompatible stories

  8. Its because you only produce your eveidence when in front of the judge you fool.Who wants to strenthen the defence of his nemesis beforehand? This way, ED and company will be kept guessing ans unfortunately you too blockhead.

  9. it’s quite alright to produce evidence before the judge, but why call for supporters to demonstrate and destroy property thus putting their lives at risk.
    some of those who died were innpocent, but some of those who survived are guilty

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