Mnangagwa opens doors for Chamisa

PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa, whose victory was upheld by the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) yesterday, has reached out to his nemesis MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa for dialogue and peace-building ahead of his five-year term.


Soon after a unanimous court decision confirming his victory in the electoral challenge by Chamisa, Mnangagwa took to his official Twitter page to call for peace and unity and subsequently invited Chamisa to work with him.

“I once again reiterate my call for peace and unity above all. Nelson Chamisa, my door is open and my arms are outstretched, we are one nation and we must put our nation first. Let us all now put our differences behind us. It’s time to move forward together,” he said.

Mnangagwa said he had expected the decision the court finally made given that even independent elections watchdog Zimbabwe Elections Support Network (Zesn) had confirmed the victory.

“We were not surprised by the court’s decision. The election results were firmly in line with all pre-election polling and entirely consistent with the final tally of Zesn, the largest body of local independent observers,” he said.

In a move to dispel allegations that the courts were biased and could have been arm-twisted to confirm his victory, the President-elect hailed the independence of the judiciary.

“We have independent courts and we promised to respect their decision. Just as with the insights received from international monitors, we will accept and implement all recommendations to further improve our democratic process,” Mnangagwa said.

The Zanu PF leader also commended Chamisa for submitting himself before the courts of law and condemned the violent protests which caused the loss of seven lives following Zec’s delayed announcement of presidential results on August 1.

“After the wholly unnecessary violent protests, we welcomed the legal route which the MDC eventually took to challenge the elections,” he said.

Chamisa, through his spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda, said he was in a meeting which was considering the way forward after the court ruling.

“We are in a meeting that is considering those things at the moment and can only give you our response after that meeting,” Sibanda said.

However, highly-placed sources said the MDC Alliance was unwilling to work with the Mnangagwa administration.

“I don’t think after what has happened in this country, president Chamisa will be willing to work with Mnangagwa. How can a democratic party work with a President who shot people in cold blood? Unarmed civilians? That will not happen,” the source said.

MDC director of communications Luke Tambarinyoka said the ConCourt ruling had saddened many Zimbabweans, but indicated Chamisa would respect the ruling and live to fight another day.

“Zimbabweans have just received with a heavy heart the Constitutional Court’s verdict that Emmerson Mnangagwa was legitimately elected President of Zimbabwe in the just-ended harmonised plebiscite,” Tamborinyoka said.

“For the record, president Nelson Chamisa and his legal team mounted a formidable case on behalf of the people of Zimbabwe, a case of chicanery and electoral pilferage that was vindicated by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s embarrassing revision of its own declared results for a record three times … ultimately, the people shall govern.”

Zanu PF politburo member Patrick Chinamasa said Mnangagwa’s inauguration would now take place tomorrow following the ConCourt ruling, with the opposition saying they would seek the political route to have their case addressed.

Addressing journalists yesterday at the ConCourt, Chinamasa accused the MDC Alliance of engaging in acts of banditry in a bid to reverse economic gains achieved by Mnangagwa in his campaign to woo international investors.

“We are very happy that the ConCourt has upheld the free will of the Zimbabwean people. I am also disappointed by the efforts by Chamisa, (MDC Alliance principal Tendai) Biti and company to ask for intensification and extension of sanctions against the economy, basically reversing the gains that President Mnangagwa had made in addressing the issue of re-engagement with the multilateral institutions. All that they sought was to undermine and reverse particularly through the acts of banditry and riots they instigated on August 1,” he said.

Chamisa’s lawyer, Advocate Thabani Mpofu, said despite the judgment going against his client, Zec still had egg on their face because they had failed to answer serious questions raised against their integrity, saying this also left Mnangagwa with serious legitimacy issues even after the court ruling.

“The 2,6 million people who voted for Chamisa have just been deprived of their opportunity to know the actual figures. You are well aware, for instance, that we had indicated in our papers that we would subpoena the Zec commissioners for purposes of confirming the 2,6 million and the registrar refused to issue that subpoena … we are happy on account of the matter that we brought to court, we are happy on account of the questions raised which in our view Zec failed to answer. Right now, we still do not know how many votes ED Mnangagwa managed to garner. Right now, the 16 000 votes admitted by Zec had still not gone away. Right now, the

40 000 discrepancy between presidential and parliamentary results has still not gone away. Right now, the 9 592 ghost polling station results have still not gone away,” he said.
MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said the party would pursue the political route for recourse after the court’s unfavourable ruling.

“We must accept that this is the final decision of the final court of the land and we must respect it. That does not mean that if we are not happy with anything, there are no remedies. There are still political remedies, but I want to reiterate that, as MDC, we are going to be acting within the law,” he said.

However, Zanu PF secretary for legal affairs Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana hailed the court ruling.

“There is no damage, because if the Constitution provides the rights to a losing candidate to challenge the election and that Constitution is applied, you are not damaging the integrity of Zimbabwe. In fact, our commitment to constitutionalism has been underscored by the manner in which the case has been handled by the judiciary. The court has endorsed the position that President Mnangagwa did win the election. They did not bring any evidence of any cheating. Let us focus on our economy. Let’s live together well,” he said.


  1. Thobela Nyandezulu

    Chamisa’s ascendancy to presidency of MDCT was through the backdoor.He similarly tried in vain by using the courts to land himself the presidency of the country.He never realised that dealing with the country’s highest court was not as easy as similarly dealing with his National Council which he bribed into endorsing him as leader of MDC while his predecessor was lying in the morgue. Supporters of MDC better go to the drawing board and search for a credible leader who can revive the fortunes of the organisation.

    1. I wonder who entered presidency through the front door.

  2. Yes Sir the young man is needed but first of all he must sever links with Bob and wife

  3. Mature comment from mwonzora….first lets get back to constituionalism at mdc and Mwonzora you have got my vote on that one

    1. so is it mawonzora for mdc president come congress as per war vets demands,what is going on comrades

  4. Mpofu new he would lose,all he wanted was money.the case was hopeless from the beginning.mdc had 48 hours to open the boxes now they say we don’t know to how many votes mnangagwa has. to me all these mdc lawyers and advocates are just dump. chamisa you were played by mpofu and all these other lawyers they wanted part of the 10 million you got from we know what mpofu is he is an opportunist.he should go back and represent the security guards that’s his speciality.

    1. Usataura semwana wowakaipa iwe. Zvaiva pachena zviya chero dai Chamisa akapiwa Lawyer naTrump uyu Mnangagwa achimirirwa naChinotiba chaiye, Chamisa aingodyiwa. Zanu PF ino controlla zvese baba wangu. The good thing is these guys veZanu PF were given a very short season chete. Saka chero vakavhaira hakuna kwazvinosvika shanduko is coming. Pachaita kupandukirana kukuru mukati mavo. zvekutobvisirana mabhachi. rambai makavatarisa chete muone kwazvinosvika. nekuti ungano yevakaipa haina rugare

      1. Are you dumb Mr Mangwiro

      2. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

        But you Mangwiro you are a disgrace to yourself. Why continuing with dirty politics which have no bearing to the improvement of the peoples’lives? Surely with all what happened in the Con-court you still allege that ZANU PF controls everthing? What are you saying? You mean the nine Learned Judges were not fair in their ruling? You mean they were told how to handle the case by ZANU PF? Be ashamed of yourself. Saka hapana chawakanzwa pane zvose zvaiitika mucourt? You were just waiting to hear that chamisa has won shame on you very retrogressive. Your dirty prayers for a division in ZANU PF will never bear anything instead the opposite is true with your party of convenience. You rightly said ungano yevakaipa haina rugare. Its true to your side. Shanduko haiuyi nesatanism never.

      3. Mike Mangwiro uri prophet wenhema enda kumba kwako.

      4. What ever happens pamberi apo will be something else, but election challenge pakatadzwa hapo. The boxes should have been opened no matter the case, the CJ was right and justified to grill Mpofu, yes we should have drunk from the poison chalice to prove allegations.

        Problem yedu maZimbabweans yekuti takadzidza stereki, and then we end complicating things which do not need to complicated. No wonder we were ruled by one person for 37 years and we had no clue, how to get rid of him.

    2. you are insagne

  5. Farai Johnson Nhire

    Congradulations to you president Ed Mnangagwa. Please, Your Excellency, make an effort to make the card with a list of your promises to zimbabweans widely available to the publick. If you would ask me your excellency, I would advise you that soon after your inaguration, you go to your rural home, organise a ceremony to ask your ancestors to aproach Musikavanhu on your behalf and make a solomonic request on your behalf to Musikavanhu. 1 Kings 3 verse 6 to verse 9. Verse 4 would correspond well with such a ceremony. Remember all the people, wether they support your party or other parties are now under you leadership and they belong to Musikavanhu who owns everything.

  6. Let us take heart. If nothing else, the events of the last two months have served to expose the “new dispensation” and its major protagonists for what they truly are, to us and to the international community. Let us see how they deal with the repercussions, the economy, and with their own intensified, internal contradictions. To the MDC Alliance, when your opponent is undoing and exposing himself, keep shining a bright light but give him enough time and space.

  7. Compare the noises the people made, the kind of celebrations and the joy witnessed in all parts of Zimbabwe when former President was ousted,with the silence that took place when Zec released the results and even when the court ruled out. This is a true indication of the voice of God expressed through His people. Common sense is telling us that there is something wrong…

    1. This is true

  8. Let us not give excuses. He lost the case because of lack of concrete evidence.The presentation was not great. You could see from Mpofu’s body language that he knew that his client’s case holds very little water.Well lawyers don’t say no to a case where there is cash.

  9. I have one question. Only one question. WHY DID NC LAUNCH A PETITION WITHOUT EVIDENCE??? Chamisa owes his supporters an explanation in the form of the truth. Right now his people still blame ED, ZEC and the Concourt for their predicament. For how long will we let Chamisa duck the truth. Only the truth will set his people free. Chamisa must be taken to task over this issue. If the MDC people think Chamisa can get away with this treasonous economy with the truth, they are mistaken. Chamisa has those V11 forms. The reason he hid them is because that they disproved his claims of rigging. If I am wrong then Chamisa must disprove me by availing those V11s that he didnt present to court.

    Yes the court battle has been lost, but this has left a trail of disaster among his supporters. Zimbabweans who are prepared to do anything to avenge their loss. This people are devastated. They had so much hope in Chamisa. They still have hope. They still trust Chamisa. BUT CHAMISA CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN TRUSTED. I saw Chamisa again posturing at a funeral that he won the election. This can not go on and should not go on. CHAMISA MUST STOP IT.

    I have 2 young children (who were both first time voters) who have been shattered by how things have turned out. Even though they followed the court proceedings and predicted the outcome, they still think that Chamisa is ok. But this is not so. CHAMISA LIED. HE LIED BIG TIME. CHAMISA CAN NOT JUST PLAY WITH PEOPLE’S EMOTIONS LIKE THAT! I wouldnt be surprised to hear that some people would rather die than accept this this outcome. Im sure that somewhere, somehow, there are provisions in our laws to hold Chamisa to account. CHAMISA MUST BE SUED. The MDC itself must hold an independent commission of enquiry to establish what exactly happened, if it serious about its political business.

    Mr. Chamisa must come clean on this. I can see that Chamisa continues leading people astray with his foolish statements that he won the election. He must stop it. Chamisa must tell the people what happened to those V11s. What happened to them? Where are they? Even Thabani Mpofu must be held to account. What happened to those V11s.

    UNLESS Chamisa comes clean on this, this country will never heel. People will continue to hold false. Chamisa said that he would leave politics if he lost to ED. Now that he has lost and the case has been closed can he please announce his resignation. He should do the honourable thing. Kana vekukereke kwaanoti ndi Pastor vari kutii. Ko hapana here mutemo unoti ma Lawyers haafanire kunyepa. Chamisa haana kunyepera vanhu here apa. Ko zvinomborevei kunzi lawyer ndi Advocate. Can the learned friends tell us please. Pasina izvozvo handidi futi kunzwa ma laywers emuno muchizviti ma learned friends. The only exceptions are Adv Uriri and Kanengoni and their teams. Vamwe vose garai pasi musone miromo yenyu.

    The Zimbabwe Law Society must also say something about this case. Kana makasataura you are disgrace to this country. This country has been on edge for over 20 years. This can not go on.

    1. Hakimula Mushudhu

      Hmmm. Toropito. Nyaya it yatopfuura. We have won, so there is no need to be excessively emotional. Ed Pfee. lets move forward

  10. The economy is going to do well under the leadership of industrious Ed. Mind you, zimbabwe has plenty of natural and human resources and there is nothing except laziness that can stop us from prospering.

  11. thabani mpofu shutup you were the one hallucinating in court instead of giving facts you are a sellout

  12. kid marongorongo

    The problem with most MDC alliance supporters is that you never gave yourselves tolerance in case you lose thats why you are bitter, you thought you had an outright victory not knowing the number of people in towns is less than those in rural areas and also that in urban areas not all of you support Chamisa, as for me i will never vote for that youngman and MDC even if you say you vote is a secret mine is public. Chamisa was beaten.

    1. Ndai marongorongo 44% – 50% pamwe pacho tendai Chamisa well tried man with all surport .Nhire ma minerals api aunotaura uye frm when to what hapana shanduko apa inhamo chete kwatiri izvozvi tiri kuvana mari mu street apo ma bank azere asina chinhu uku ndokunonzi vakuru vapinda ne back door ngatifarirei nhamo chete apo kwete rugare

  13. usavi magorimbo

    makorokoto shumba but you must dump the Chinamasas of this world for the counry to move forward .no Chinamasa in new cabinet akarambwa kare nevanhu.

  14. usavi magorimbo

    chinamasa wakadyiwa ed pfee

  15. The election is done and dusted and we cannot remain in the election mode indefinitely.
    Mnangagwa is already pragmatic to break from the traditional winner- take-all style of leadership by stretching a hand to his opponent to work together.
    Chamisa on the other hand has no option but to realize that election is over and there can be no power counterbalance. He has been mandated the role of the opposition chief and the next course of action is to heal the broken people.
    Last but not least, just as the ‘winners’ have the right to celebrate, the ‘ losers’ equally have the right to ‘mourn’ but no party has the right to offend the other. Your right begins where mine end.
    The nation has finally emerged unscathed despite meandering through the murky electoral waters.
    Let us combine forces to build a better Zimbabwe for posterity.

  16. I want to congratulate Chamisa. You fought a good fight,you should walk tall. My advice attend the tomorrow’so function with pride. You have a role to play in Zimbabwe. Usanete mapenzi ndiwo anokuseka. Urimurume panevamwe varume 2.1 million supporters in 4 months! !!!!.Respect the President of today your time is coming.

  17. You know this Mdc party has the weakest minds ive ever seen in a political environment. They are acts have benefited Zanu a lot instead of the opposite. Their ‘If we can’t win then everything else is wrong’ has exposed their weakness a lot. Blame Khupe, blame army, blame police, blame zanu, blame judges, blame constitution, blame zec, the list is endless, all this has left the majority of the Zimbabweans to view them as just ‘cry babies’ with nothing to offer. Moreover this MDC party is nearly if not 2 decades in existence, same strategy cry, cry

  18. 1st the dead bodies are with ZEC and ZEC did rig the elections

    2nd to open the boxes would have taken another court order and counting being done by ZEC and ZEC alone only ZEC is allowed to examine the so called evidence

    3rd no one knows the exact details of the voters roll except ZEC and ZEC alone which is so said to be protected by the constitution

    So they junta may have won but they actually exposed alot that is ammis about our laws

  19. Comment…We are one nation lets build our Zimbabwe with all parties involved.I appeal to our President to form a strong cabinet including MDC Alliance members lets do this for Zimbabwe, Mr President.

  20. For the good of us all Zimbabweans let us support ED for now as a way forward. We now have a serious problem some people talk bad about Chamisa and they don’t want criticism others they talk bad about ED they are angered when ED is criticised. Let’s bury politics now and move on as brothers and sisters. ED is very . clear he said he would like to work with the opposition which is a noble idea. He demonstrated political maturity.All we want now is to transform his words to action.

  21. Rosemary Muthumaa

    Can chamisa/mdc mugabe sponsored vehicle be humble and accept defeat, we as Zimbabweans are sick and tired of narcissistic, no evidence, rethoric chamisa, will forever empty promises. He has done well riding on tsangwirais legacy, tried to burn khupe, undivided loyalty from dzamara, bullet train lies, our president is Emmerson Mnangagwa the forever statesman. May we start believing in our country as we move forward! Please chamisa no more street marches that dont yield snything except violence, chamisa stop asking for unnecessary sanctions, squander that. Mdc Mdc Mdc mmmdc m

  22. For the good of us all Zimbabweans let us support ED for now as a way forward. We now have a serious problem some people talk bad about Chamisa and they don’t want criticism others they talk bad about ED they are angered when ED is criticised. Let’s bury politics now and move on as brothers and sisters. ED is very . clear he said he would like to work with the opposition which is a noble idea. He demonstrated political maturity.All we want now is to transform his words to action.lets preach the gospel of peace. Chinamasa should stop talking toxic words about MDC alliance we very well know that he has dismally failed to run the economy.

  23. Iya ,at last, 2018 elections are over. God ,we thank you To all Zimbabweans, I say Bravo, I salute you for going through this new phase in our election process. I think everyone came out a winner at the end of the day. I want you to look at the following firsts` which we scored:
    1. MDC (A) participated as an alliance with a group of other parties (this shows unity of purpose), it must be commended
    2.Our Electoral challenge was aired live for the whole world to see and the best Legal brains battled it out.
    3.Miminal if any cases of voter intimidation or violence took place during the campaign process.

    To Mr Chamisa (MDCA president), do not lose heart, age is still on your side there is still 2023 to go for it.(but I think you have a mountain to climb before you get there within your party structures.)

    To the winning candidate (ED), congratulations, please embrace the whole nation and move forward with everyone including opposition good brains. I think you have got enough wisdom to be able to separate good and bad.

    Also, we need to say Bravo and thank you to all our media houses for bringing us the news as it happens. We are always opinionated in our criticism on what you publish but we will always come back and read the papers because we know you will tell us what`s happening. Do not mind us, we are yours and we will always be with you.


  24. Artificial change.An illegitimate gvt must never b tolerated.Try all u want hee ED pfee hee kindinge kindinge the fact remains ED is illegitimate and is sitting on a stolen throne.EDiot knows this.More corruption under ED where those who steal millions of dollars get away with it and then ED and company hides behind sanctions.I will watch n see how it goes with this military government which will overthrow Ediot before the end of his term.I rest my case

  25. mr mnangagwa must find an influential position for chamisa for zimbabwe to take off

  26. @ Muchineripi , u a very spot on my bro ,mboko dze Zanu pf dzinofunga kuti kurigger maelections ndokugona manje economy yakamirira kugadzirisa mbavha nemhondi idzi and mira uone vachamukirana pachavo situation yavapisa ,hapana kwavari kuzosvika mira uone and vachamama chete mbavha idzi !!


  28. I think it is our justice system that needs improvement. The 9 judges were given the whole case fully documented and deliberated on the matter before hearing day. Better justice requires that the court was supposed to then advise applicant to then bring to court on hearing day the missing additional particular evidence to satisfy the court on credibility of Applicant’s complaint. The court was prior to hearing day fully aware of its key expectations from Applicant. Sound justice would thus have required no necessary ambush of complainant on the court’s expectations on hearing day.

  29. Regai vatonge tione

  30. how can he open doors for some one who is fighting hard, so that he does get into power. Chamisa and his team should not be involved into the government system, as they are western puppets.

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