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Mnangagwa mumbles over army shootings


PRESIDENT-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday sought to exonerate the military from the fatal shooting of seven civilians which occurred in Harare two weeks ago, when live rounds were fired on unarmed civilians, and, instead, blamed the opposition MDC Alliance for causing the bloodbath.


President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa

Speaking during Defence Forces Day commemorations at the National Sports Stadium, Mnangagwa could not hold the military responsible for the shooting of the seven civilians, despite overwhelming video evidence that soldiers opened fire on protesters in the capital’s central business district, causing mayhem.

“I am, however, deeply concerned with the incidents of violence that rocked the streets of Harare at the instigation of some members of the MDC Alliance leadership, which subsequently resulted in the regrettable loss of lives, injury to persons and damage to property,” he said.

“On behalf of government, and, indeed, on my own behalf, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the bereaved families and relatives of the victims of the politically-motivated violence. We strongly condemn these barbaric acts of violence. Let me once again state that violence and intolerance have no place in the new Zimbabwe, in our Second Republic,” he said.

But MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube immediately shot back at Mnangagwa, accusing the Zanu PF leader of uttering “nonsense” and failing to publicly apologise for his soldiers’ excesses.

“Even in war-torn countries like Syria or Israel, nothing like that happens. How does he blame the MDC Alliance when we did not kill anyone? Did we shoot at anyone? Do we have an army to kill? He is being irresponsible and untruthful. It is utter nonsense. Even in war countries like Syria, that does not happen. We expected him to apologise at least and do so unreservedly,” Ncube said.

The incident has also been widely condemned by the international community amid calls for Mnangagwa to bring the culprits to book and compensate the victims.

Mnangagwa said the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), which facilitated his ascendancy to power in November last year, had remained a source of inspiration locally and abroad since the country’s independence 38 years ago.

He said the ZDF had a constitutional obligation to protect the country and offer support to other arms of State security such as the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said national conscience should rise above petty political party idiosyncrasies.

“Whenever there is violence, from a national healing and reconciliation point of view, it’s not much about who is responsible for that matter, but how best such acts can be avoided going forward,” Rusero said.

“A country in desperate need of healing cannot waste time trading insults on who is to blame, but rather, how best we can heal as a nation going forward.

“As such, it is neither the wisest of the idea for the opposition to blame Zanu PF on the violence, neither is it the best of an idea for Zanu PF to emulate and trade the blame game.”

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  1. No matter WHAT ED or the minister of foreign affairs says people are not fools and will not be swayed from the truth. Zimbabwe is on an international spot light we have Kate`s tweet showing UK parliament against the structure and role occupied by the VC and shows they know the army did it ,The president of Botswana using circumlocution and deductive reason to a specific of the case in Zimbabwe were African leaders do not want to leave offices after their terms have lapsed.Trump renewed the Zidera showing USA view on the current government and their failure to honour human rights. I say again people are not fools

      • YOU re the one who doesn’t reason. When there is commotion the police use teargas and water canons and make arrests .Those water canons and tear gas cost the state a wealth to purchase. No one should be shot at by our own army. Why is the government of ED not pointing out who gave the order to shoot and who pulled the trigger if the shooting was something to boast of?Army is for defending the country from real enemies not peaceful angry Zimbabweans. Police is for maintaining law and order.

  2. my heartb still bleeds for children orphaned by the barbaric acts of our military,we seem to be shifting our attention really from the national loss which we incurred because of these killings,i refer to our social cohersion,phycosocial health status of our peoples,national goodwill and the tactical disruption of the gains of a protracted democratic revolution founded by the MDC and other well meaning peoples of this nation,whom to me are the heroes of today,with much love to those who indeed gave their lives during the liberation struggle ,for us to see a peacefull Zimbabwe which regrettably today is now hostage to a greedy few who care less about anyone else.They must go.

  3. What Mnangagwa’s comments on the depraved events of August 1st instruct us, is that for now, he remains firmly attached and beholden to the military elements that put him in power in November 2017.

  4. If it is very clear as to who is to blame for the violence and subsequent shooting,then why set out a board of inquiry.It sounds like someone is contradicting himself.

  5. His blame on the opposition shows that he actually had something to do with what transpired on the 1st of August. Surely, he and his cronies must go!!

  6. Ed will never apologize for anything .take the gukurahundi case ,up to date no apology to eh people of Matebeleland shame on your and your army .May God punish you for your sins in a big way i pray Amen

  7. Where is the board of inquiry that was promised and where are the results? Im sure those were pure lies. Why not ask the soldiers who did the killing about who instructed them to kill..finish and clar

  8. the commission to investigate what transpired will tell us its findings so it was going to be unfair for the President to point a finger to the army when there are also other people equally accused.

    People were happy when Mugabe was removed from office. The pple who took over from Mugabe are USELESS. Haitongeke nyika ino mirai muone.

  10. Investors should be very careful. Zanu govt is enticing them to come and set their businesses in Zim. After some years, Zanu looters will start grabbing those businesses like what they did to white farms. Today ex white farmers are still crying after years of investing on their farms. ZANU GOVT IS FULL OF THIEVES, MURDERERS AND IDIOTS.

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