Mnangagwa looks beyond Chamisa challenge

PRESIDENT-ELECT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday appeared unfazed by opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s Constitutional Court (ConCourt) petition challenging the results of last month’s presidential election.


In his speech at the burial of national heroine and former Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs minister Thokozile Mathuthu, the Zanu PF leader dwelt on his vision for the “Second Republic” effectively belittling this week’s ConCourt hearing that could nullify his slim victory.

Mnangagwa was declared winner of the July 30 presidential election with a slim 50,8% margin beating youthful Chamisa who garnered 44.3% of the vote.

Chamisa has since approached the ConCourt demanding that the result be nullified, arguing that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission announced “fake results”.

But Mnangagwa, whose Zanu PF party swept to a surprise crushing two-thirds majority in legislative elections said the vote was a people’s affirmation of the former liberation movement’s connection with ordinary Zimbabweans.

“The more than two-thirds majority (from the elections) is a loud show of support and confidence from the people. Drawing inspiration from the collective hope and dreams of our people, we will as government work tirelessly in the 2nd Republic to improve the lives of all our citizens, in every part of the country,” Mnangagwa said.

Chamisa has brought in lawyers from across the continent and seems confident the courts will rule in his favour but Mnangagwa’s speech betrayed his confidence the slim margin will hold.

The President-Elect came to power in November last year on the back of a military intervention that forced then President Robert Mugabe into dramatic resignation.

Mnangagwa, who had been forced into temporary exile as the Zanu PF power struggles turned ugly, made a triumphant return to take power before calling for elections in which his controversially scrapped through.

Amid claims hawks in Zanu PF were angling for a repeal of the Constitution to remove sections that speak to devolution, Mnangagwa allowed the election of provincial authorities and yesterday cemented this arguing the thrust was meant to benefit women and youths.

“Principally my government has taken a decision to implement the constitutional requirements of devolving and decentralising the running of our national affairs.

“This is one of the strategies to rebuild our economy, through modernisation and industrialisation, the creation of decent jobs as well as ensuring broad-based empowerment in line with our vision 2030,” the President-elect said.

“In this vision, we have a special place for the country’s youths who deserve a better life and increased opportunities. They must therefore take this programme of devolved economic development as specifically for them.”


  1. Farai Johnson Nhire

    I am afraid that this business of bringing foreigners with high sounding qualifications and experience to interfer in our purely domestic isue will not help Chamisa. This behaviour has a potential to infuriate the chief justice instead. Remember Chief Justice Luke Malaba is the one who once refused to recognise a ruling in favour of white comercial farmers by a certain Sadc court saying the court had no jurisdiction over a zimbabwean domestic case and I believe he was correct. Foreigners should respect our sovereignty and our right to self determination. Furthermore, foreigners are not well versed with our laws on the basis of which our courts operate and this could spell disaster for Chamisa.

    1. idzi! idzi! dzorwara idzi!

  2. It is Chamisa’s democratic right to hire lawyers even from planet Mars if he so wishes, just like ED prefers to get hospital treatment in SA rather than Parirenyatwa

  3. Anything foreign is superior for Chamisa . He does not even believe in himself .

    1. am sure he is better than ED who does not believe in our local health which they claim to be providing quality health care although we surprisingly see them rush to other nation for medical attention.Its A shame our leaders rush to hospitals constructed by other leaders as they run down and destroy our economy

  4. Comment… If you believe that foreigners shouldn’t intervene in any of our local businesses then you are totally wrong.This is why Zanu pf says they don’t mind having business with Western countries but at the end of the day they cry about sanctions?Why so, if they are good on their own?Nothing wrong about having foreign (minds) /support.

  5. for sure #GodIsInIt but what chamisa fails to understand is that Mwari ndewemunhu wese and he rewards those who put in the work and ED and ZANU PF did more to deserve this win before the election than his MDC Alliance.

    1. The question is did ED win or not ??? That is the question before the courts so dont preempt if you dont have any evidence

  6. Comment…Viva Chamisa chete!

  7. lets leave everything in Gods hands

  8. vafana hamuzive zvamunotaura. why cant you keep quite kana musina zvamunoziva.E.D kana akahwina ngaanyarare tomirira zvichabva mudare uyuwo Chamisa anekodzero yekutsvaka waanooda kumumiririra mudare . let them exercise their democratic rights.

  9. Farai, you are aprimitive Ediot, a devil with intend.Down with you and your Zanu pf evil masters.

  10. Her foreign chakati… Wageza nesipo yakagadzigwepi? 80% of goods in supermarkets dzobvepi. Approximately 4million of your brothers and sisters vanogarepi. Ndikuhwe uchiti foreign futi.

    1. Kkk…spot on wavagona wezhira, wezhara, wepapazhirwa….

  11. The real tragedy here is that neither Chamisa nor Mnangagwa winning will offer the nation a way out of this mess!This is just the usual madness! There are two possible outcomes of this court challenge:

    1) Chamisa to be declared the winner and we end up with a government comprising President Chamisa and a 2/3 Zanu PF parliament and senate.

    2) Mnangagwa is declared the winner and the corrupt and tyrannical rule continues.

    So either outcome will be a total disaster for the nation because neither government will accomplish anything of value. Worse still in five years we will be in the same mess we are in right now of yet another rigged elections because neither regime will implement any reforms.

    These elections should have never taken place with no reforms in place, these elections were not free, fair and credible and, since the Con-Court will only address one aspect of the election results it is per se ineffective remedy since that will not change the bottom line. We will still have a failed government regardless who is president!

  12. ZIMBABWE I’s isolated mngagwa even went to Latvia for what kupererwa

  13. Comment…shame to young forks rights rights is all you think of is there a place In the world were you find rights even your children they do not have that rights you are talking about if they ask fishes you give them chicken if they ask for you car you lock it so were are the rights you are talking about do not ever think of the word rights in your life

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