Minister denies opposition crackdown reports

Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo

Government has dismissed reports that members of the security forces, who include soldiers and police, had gone on the rampage in Harare, beating up citizens and clamping down on opposition political activists.


Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo

Addressing diplomats and foreign observer missions in Harare yesterday, Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo said government investigations had proved that reports of the clampdown were false.

“Reports and allegations of abductions, rapes and beatings allegedly of people by members of the security services which are coming out in the media, we have heard that soldiers have beaten up people in Chitungwiza, Kuwadzana and Dzivarasekwa and we have investigated this and the head of Chitungwiza Central Hospital has informed us that there were never any people who were formally detained at the hospital,” Moyo said.

Some senior MDC Alliance members have gone into hiding alleging that members of their families have been abducted, beaten up and dumped in the dead of the night as soldiers allegedly cracked down on the opposition.

Moyo said there could be imposters going around and denting the image of the country, distancing the military and police from the reports.

“Government is not aware of any victims of the beatings or abductions. So far, there is a lot of disinformation coming from social media … the military in this country is generally a well-trained force, it is a well-disciplined force which has operated for a period of three months and at one stage it took over the responsibility of policing,” he said.

German ambassador to Zimbabwe Thorsten Hutter said his country was concerned over the events which unfolded last Wednesday when seven people were shot dead during a demonstration in the capital.

“The events of the recent days may be seen as a setback to that reform process and Germany encourages the government to see to it that this will not be so. That will include from our perspective and I am sure others will share this view to see to it that there will be calm in the country, that there will be political dialogue between the parties so that the country returns to normalcy as soon as possible,” he said.


  1. Thank you SB for setting the record we are tired of hearing and reading about these uncorroborated reports from an aggrieved section of a defeated party which is now calling for hard times to revisit Zimbabweans all in the name of wanting to grab power.

    1. concernedcitizen

      @Eliasha you are so blind folded. You mean you did not see soldiers killing civilians. Where on earth a person is killed even if what he is doing is illegal does that require killings before trial. you are so blind that you did not see queues in banks, you are so blind that you don’t see nurses being victimised by Chiwenga for striking or else you are so dumb.

      1. kid marongorongo

        thats not the story being talked about everyone knows that people were killed yes the minister is talking about social media propaganda that is aimed at tarnishing the image of the winning party,zvakusvota kuramba vanhu vachinyeperwa we want to move forward MDC Alliance was beaten period, the government is urging people daily to come forward if there is anyone being affected and noone is complaining except msgs that are being originated by disgruntled minority and a few people from the diaspora who ran away from the country because of their criminal records here,Zimbabwe is free of any of what is being circulated int he social media and more than 90% of what is being reported by these newspapers is a pure lie meant to distabilse the country. Foolish

      2. your response is out of touch with what the Minister was talking about and that’s why you are one of those who rushed to announce results of an election before it was held shame on your misplaced concerns and i hope you will not join the chorus of calling for sanctions like what the other leaders are doing who are after inflicting pain on ordinary zimbabweans

      3. your response is out of touch with what the Minister was talking about and that’s why you are one of those who rushed to announce results of an election before it was held shame on your misplaced concerns and i hope you will not join the chorus of calling for sanctions like what the other leaders are doing who are after inflicting pain on ordinary zimbabweans

  2. A government that survives on outright lies and denials will certainly never take us far, Zim needs prayers and no God can ever answer to or bless such chicanery

  3. eliasha hauzivi zvaunotaura wakabofomanzwa neZanu

  4. This SB Moyo is a disgust to our Nation. How can he deny beatings and abductions when in actual fact this is an order of the day since the announcement of the disputed election. Its not amazing that this government officials are denying these ongoing abductions, as they have also denied that no soldiers shot down demonstrating civilians claiming it was MDC Alliance people who did put on soldiers uniforms to tarnish Zimbabwe. So sad to have such leaders at the helm. Them putting on sheep skin when in actual fact the y are wolves. so sad and disheartening what this regime party is doing. But one day it will come to end, who new Mugabe will be part of history. IT will also happen to them one day

  5. Government should not try to deny what is real. Does this mean we now have terrorists or dissidents in high density suburbs who have stolen army trucks? If the government is serious that these people are not their men then they should send law enforcement agents to crack them down before we get international condemnation of being a pariah state.

  6. gazaland, machipisa, spacemen, chitungwiza people were beaten,
    nyeperanai henyu ONLY TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE

  7. Soldiers beating people in Zim did not start with these elections, it has been the modus operandi sine die, as for the denials, you must be accustomed to how they do their business, when they say no, the opposite is true, it is only that they do not learn from the past, they have tried it and failed so many a times. Each time they open their mouths nothing credible comes out because they are thieves, murderers.

  8. When a Zim politician starts speaking the trueth flies out through the window,a shame indeed.Keep on beating people soon you will have the appropriate respond.

  9. Those who fear God know these Bible verses Proverbs 28v28 and Proverbs 29v2

  10. How on earth can the Government refuse to accept the truth, innocent people being shot dead daylight and army moving around beating up innocent people. Anyhow God is watching one day it will be payback time.What goes around comes around.

  11. Those who fear God know these Bible verses Proverbs 28v28 and Proverbs 29v2. Please bear in mind that there is God in Heaven who knows the truth, the whole truth. That is why Jesus said what shall profit a man when he gains the whole world and loose his soul. Heaven is real and so is hell

  12. Do not bother waste your time on people who have sold their souls to the devil. Those spirit mediums they appease yearly controls them. They are no longer human beings. Remember this is the month of August they are due to go to their shrines. But let me warn you this year things can be different at the shrines. The chief demon lost its position to Christ check the spiritual season again.

  13. In one of his sermons Jesus told the people that,”…the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.” In another he said he referred to the devil as the father of lies.
    Its quite sad that these traits are all over in the gvt of Zanu pf. They kill, steal, destroy and lie.

  14. The only people zanupf can ever lead are children in creche or primary school, otherwise the rest of us are way too old for their broad daylight childish lies and deceit

  15. Farai Johnson Nhire

    There is no one being beaten. Election observer teams are still arround and no one of them has witnessed any of those beatings i wonder how blind they all are. And as for those commiting crimes in the name of demonstrations, you will surely face the music. But it is the police who deal with those ones not soldiers. I even hear the oposition hired a certain thug from Kenya to help them distabilise our nation like Odinga did in Kenya leading to more than a thousand kenyans losing their lives.

  16. What did people expect from SB Moyo one of the coup plotters? Anyway the international community is not stupid.

  17. The best advise that Eliasha can be offered is for him to pay a visit volunterrily to Ingutsheni mental hospital for a free treatment.
    It is sad that the whole liberation struggle is slowly but surely losing meaning.
    It is just sad.
    The sacrifices that sons and daughters of this beloved country who went to war to fight for the FREEDOM, the sacrifices that Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters offered under the cruel Smith are coming down to naught because of a few individuals.

    1. its coming to naught because of individuals like you who do not believe in a creature called democracy but preach violence and destruction of other peoples property and by the way in a a society were there is law and order you do that at a heavy price

  18. Coup leaders have never been HOLY!!!! and this a FACT.

  19. Zimbabweans are learned fools. They take what they heard as facts and toda kuti Zimbabwe itamburezve so that the opposition gets into power. may u name those that were beaten in the locations? Who among those commenting here was beaten or witnessed the beating. Why can the army start beating people now? That does not make sense. To me they are created stories to seek media attention for the destruction of Zimbabwe. ndokuisa ivhu musadza kwairehwa naChamisa uku.

  20. Vazhinji varikuchema ndivo vaizvitutumadza vachiti vanoda hondo kuti vagozoitao mawar vet. Aaaaaaaa,imika imi! Ed Pfeeeeeeeee.


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