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MDC Alliance, Zanu PF urged to unite


OUTSPOKEN Mutare-based war veteran Ivan Mbengo has started lobbying for the setting up of a government of national unity to address the deepening political impasse between the country’s two major political parties, Zanu PF and MDC Alliance.


This came as the MDC Alliance accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission of rigging the just-ended elections in favour of Zanu PF and is set to challenge the poll result in court.

Mbengo told NewsDay yesterday that Zimbabweans needed to live in harmony and rebuild the country’s troubled economy.

“As war veterans of this county, we want to leave a legacy of a united party, united country, peaceful, prosperous well-governed country, governance begins with elections,” he said.

“So, as such, when we have irregularities and anomalies, let’s come together as people and reconcile those petty differences, forge unity of purpose, pursue justice and, in this case, rule of law must prevail. We should leave peacefully and harmoniously among ourselves,” he said.

“In a nutshell, the current situation we are in, there are no two ways about it. As Zimbabweans, we must join our hands together and form a national team that can move our government forward, today and tomorrow,” he said.

“I am one of the authors of the previous Government of National Unity (GNU) and I am thinking this should happen again so that we can move as a country economically,” he said.

Former President Robert Mugabe and the now late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2009 formed a GNU after the contested 2008 elections.

This came after the economy took a nosedive, with inflation reaching unprecedented levels in 2008, forcing Mugabe to join hands with Tsvangirai, who was then appointed Prime Minister.

Tsvangirai, who commanded respect from Western countries, helped the country to adopt a multi-currency system rejuvenating the economy.

Mbengo also slammed the shooting of innocent civilians by soldiers during opposition protests in Harare.

“The shooting of six people last week is very unfortunate and very regrettable. If you see a war veteran like me carrying a big gun and shooting my people, it means that there is something wrong with me,’’ he said

Mbengo is Manicaland former provincial war veterans’ political commissar.

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  1. Comrade Mbengo should not rush to talk about irregularities and anomalies which have not been proved. Zec has published tent based results in both electronic and print form and i have added the numbers and found the totals to be correct. It is up to those who are complaining to bring forward their v11 forms signed by all parties with diferent but correct figures. I also want to caution president Mnangagwa on the risks of going for a coalition pact with Mdc Alliance owing to their dishonest, violent and distructive tendencies.Their presence in the system can only serve to slow down your good plans.

  2. Comment…VaMbengo zvamataura zvakanaka chaizvo. Asi chinonetsa mashindiro muHurumende yemubatanidzwa. Kudhonzerana nekukakatirana nguva zhnji. Zvakanaka zvose boka iri
    rinenge richiti ngazvinzi zvaitwa neravo boka. MaKurukota ndiyo anenge achingo dhonzerana nekuwisirana pasi nguva zhinji. Unonzwa Gurukota richiti mari dzepundutso nebudiriro dzerikupiwa mayererano nebato rauri. Uye pamwe pacho tinenge toti CHIHURUMENDE CHEMUBATANIDZWA ICHI CHISINGASHANDE chine MADFO. Hezvo, tozvitukazve. Izvi zvikagadziriskwa, handiwone paine chakaipa. Nekuti nyika ino ahisi yevatsigiri veZANU PF kana MDC chete. Asi kuti Zimbabwe neye vene vose veZimbabwe. Touya, chinongodiwa munyika chikuru RUNYARARO. Nekuti, RUGARE rwunouya munzvimbo ine RUNYARARO. Zvorwadza
    kuti mudunhu reSouthern Zimbabwe ndiyo yakasaririra mayererano
    nezvehupfumi kana zvivakwa. Chokwadi ndirikuwona vana vedu vachizosvipira pamakuva edu. Nechikonzero chekuti tinenge tavasiyira nhamo nematambudziko, vopona neNHOKO DZEZVIRONDA. Tosiya mbiri yemutowo iwoyo. Zvakawoma asi.

  3. Divine solution is all that the nation has always needed. The nation has paid outrageous price for alternative solutions, as history will. Both the oppressed and alleged oppressors always need to GENUINELY seek the face of God at each and every juncture; and that is not is not achievable by unforgiving heart. Otherwise history repeats itself. We as nation would be foolhardy to seek NEW future without change of heart. The existing serious mistrust between MDC and Zanu PF was never conducive to the holding of free and fair elections. Until aggressive approach is made maybe thru GGNU, Genuine Govt of National Unity, to fully address and put to rest the causes of the 2 political parties’ serious mutual mistrust and focus exclusively on nation building, with markedly reduced rhetoric and increased positive action. The Head of state in particular and the whole nation at large trivially needs pray hard for Head of State’s Divine inspired national political team building. Otherwise the nation is still far from viability of winner take all political solution. Again history’s lessons of the GNU’s glimpse of national hope are still fresh in every one’s ming. The nation will need be patient if winner take all solution might need a good 10 more years before it is viable for our nation.

  4. Comment…ini maonero angu vanhu ava ngavabatane kudhonzerana kungaveko hako asi nyaya huru ndeyekuti toda rugare munyika. ini ndiri pano nditori student zvinhu zvakaoma pauniversity sadza rava kuita 4 dollars asi tichiti muzimbabwe tinorima.

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